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  1. In case anyone else runs into this, I figured I'd post the solution. There's a setting in currencies: Use Package Pricing for New Services Only that needs to be unchecked. There's also an issue with the admin interface and safari that doesn't show the currency checkbox(es) on the order form so no currency can be selected. So you cannot choose any currency on the order form while using safari. You need to use chrome or firefox as an administrator. There's an issue with CSS handling with safari.
  2. I'm at a loss here... I've been digging through the documentation for days and days... Is there some logic with the domain terms related to the plesk terms? What can make the domain terms not populate? Actually, this used to work in version 5.0.2 when I tested it, but I'm now working with 5.0.4 and I wondering if that may have something to do with it. I see name silo patches going into 5.0.5.
  3. I'm using NameSilo and Plesk. I've created 2 order forms, one domain only, and another domain and other. The domain only form works fine. The domain and other form allows you to check availability, returns the list/table, but doesn't fill in the "Term" field and returns to start if you submit it. Is there something special you need to get it to fill in the order form? What am I missing? The domains have annual terms, the plesk has an annual term too. But I would like to be able to do domains by year(s), and hosting by months or years.
  4. I have an Order Form for purchasing domains. The form worked fine until I add a Plugin to the packages (one per TLD) to enable DNS zone management. Now the plugin works, but the order form doesn't. The TLD's are removed from the form, and anything you try give the error "That domain name is not supported". Even if I remove the plugin from the package, the order form doesn't work. I need to go to the registrar module and re-create the packages (essentially just save packages), then the order form works again, but the plugin is removed. How can I have both domain registrati
  5. I'd like to make sure what I'm doing is supported. I would like to do a phased migration to a new domain registrar. So I wrote a plugin for SRSPlus/Register.com that works, does registrations, renewals, transfers, etc. I would like to be able to migrate one or more TLD from that to a new registrar. This should not affect any current services. I would create new packages and order form(s) for the new registrar and disable the old order forms and enable the new ones. This would change so new registrations and transfers to use the new registrar, however current services shou
  6. I did do the transfer, with a successful response, however it is set to pending in Blesta. So you're saying it should be active after a transfer initiated request? I checked the logs in the module (from processResponse()) and see the successful initiation. I also see in the cron logs that: The pending service #2 from client #5500 could not be made active. Where can I look to see why it could not be made active. This is where I assumed the cron job would go in, see if it succeeded or failed and set it to active or failed. I just don't see how/where to do so. But if its suppo
  7. I found that after you initiate a transfer that if you go in as admin, click on pending services and open it I see under "Basic Options" an Activate button. I see that when I click it, it tries to initiate the transfer again, which generates an error from the registrar. So I'm trying to find out how the service is supposed to poll the registrar and activate the service once the transfer is complete. Also what is that Activate button in the UI supposed to do?
  8. I'm almost done the the registrar module, but one thing I don't see/understand yet. When you initiate a transfer of a domain, the service is initially set to "pending". Per the registrar I'm to poll them to check the status to find if/when it succeeded or failed. I've created a module cron job and can poll them for the update and either mark it failed or activate the service. I don't see how to activate the service or mark it as failed. I looked at other domain modules like enom and namesilo but don't see how they're doing it either. I don't see any cron job. Am I doing this wron
  9. You will need to install a domain registrar module for the reseller account you have and it will fetch and build the grid for you.
  10. galaxy

    force domain renewal

    That's correct, domains are in years. I'm in settings: Invoice and Charge Options and trying to set the "Invoice Days Before Renewal" drop-down. The drop-down goes from same day to 60 days. So did you mean change "date renews" in the database? That just occurred to me that's probably what you meant... or is there a place in the GUI where I can adjust the renewal date?
  11. galaxy

    force domain renewal

    It looks like the largest # of days is 60, but its a year registration. How do I change that to 364 ? 60 just isn't enough to force a domain renewal... I like the idea of the "add years", assuming it creates a renewal invoice based on quantity of packages added (i.e. 3 years at the 1 year pkg price). It would also be nice to allow package upgrade/downgrade so they can go from a 1yr to a 5yr at the next renewal time. Those are both on my current billing system that clients use.
  12. I need to test a domain registration module "renew" functionality. How can I force Blesta to renew a domain? I'm OK with hacking the database to make it happen as I know its not yet supported from the GUI (which should be a priority anyway).
  13. galaxy

    NameSilo sandbox

    So one of my developers reset the database (so he could continue working, I get it), so I won't be able to get screenshots. The steps involved were: - add namesilo regular account - create packages - create order form - add namesilo sandbox account (note that it has the same username, different key) - try to delete regular account (can't, need to delete packages) - delete packages - now delete regular account - try to add packages for sandbox, nothing there So that was the use-case anyway. I'm assuming it has something to do with both accounts
  14. galaxy

    NameSilo sandbox

    I've contacted NameSilo and have both a production and sandbox API credentials. The production API key works fine, populates the available TLD's and I can create packages. With the Sandbox API key no packages are found or loaded. So there is no way to test. (I just read the "read first" and will get some screen shots, etc.)
  15. I'm trying to test the flow of a service lifetime. I created a client, ordered service. Approved the service. Paid by check. I'm waiting for the service to be provisioned. Currently the service is "pending". I have the cron job running. What is supposed to happen next? The only option I have is to schedule termination.
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