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  1. I'm trying to test the flow of a service lifetime. I created a client, ordered service. Approved the service. Paid by check. I'm waiting for the service to be provisioned. Currently the service is "pending". I have the cron job running. What is supposed to happen next? The only option I have is to schedule termination.
  2. OK, I think I see. To create all domains packages you must do it through the module interface, not the Packages interface on the main screen. At least I can restore my database and restart this the right way. It would be nice to indicate that somewhere during module installation or documented somewhere. One thing that would be nice is to change the package "name" and include the TLD in it so when you view the package list on the main Package interface you don't see a hundred "Domain Registration" packages. Or I guess that can also be a feature to discourage you from using that interfa
  3. In writing a new registrar module, I'm testing the behavior of the NameSilo module. What I didn't realize is that there's 2 ways to add domain packages. In keeping with one package per TLD, I went to Packages menu and added packages for .com and .net. I found which database entries created for those packages. I didn't notice it before, but in the NameSilo module and going into the "Manage Module" page, I see the button for "Manage Packages". When I click on it I'm brought to a new package screen like above, so I filled it out and added a .org package. I see all the packages on th
  4. I see there's both a Module and Plugin for TheSSLStore. What is the difference? Do you need them both? Is one a replacement for the other?
  5. I see, thanks. So a package per TLD (which can run into many packages since I will offer everything available and more gTLD's are on the way). You're potentially talking about hundreds to well over a thousand packages just for domain registration. That may make package management difficult. I did try that (package per TLD), but I was trying the domain only, so I used generic rather than domain+other, then had a ton of packages to choose from. I'll try the Domain and other, but what if there is no "other"? I get customers that just want to go in and by "my_domain" with TLD's .com, .ne
  6. I'm struggling to figure out how domain registration works in blesta. I've been writing an SRSPlus plugin and I also use eNom for some domains. I see how I can import my current services and connect them to the modules, mostly. But I can't see how it's documented as to how it all ties together. Currently with OBAS, I have a "Domain Registration" package for all registrations that I manage for my customers. I'm now just using 2 domain plugins (I had 3 but I've removed OpenSRS). Each TLD that I sell is associated with one active plugin for new registrations and transfers. Renewals
  7. Great, I was hoping for something like that. I really only care about the two for my purposes (billing and admin/primary). I'm assuming if there is only a primary contact that everything will go to that person, including billing, right?
  8. I'm coding a registration module like NameSilo or eNom but interfacing to srsplus. Its mostly a blatant copy of the module, just changing the method of communication, protocols, credentials. But I an't seem to find any documentation as to how domain registration modules are supposed to work within the Blesta framework. There's several required functions by all registrars such as register, transfer, domain-check, pricing, etc. Some are pretty clear what to do (but still don't see how/where/when they're called and to what validation is supported or done, and how to track the progress
  9. Yes, I ran into the same issue (but didn't know to look for it). It was broken in 5.0.0 (which was the first one I ever tried), and fixed in 5.0.2.
  10. If a client has multiple contacts, where do emails get sent? For example, do invoices get sent to billing contact(s) and suspension notices to primary contact? Or how is that handled or can that be configured? For example, if there's a technical or other contact, I don't want them to get any emails, but would like to assure the right person gets the right email. For example if the billing contact is away and misses paying an invoice, the 2nd/3rd suspension warnings go to the admin or primary contact before (and after) they get suspended.
  11. Is there a way to upgrade a trial license? It says there's no upgrade options. Or do I need to do a fresh install?
  12. I verified and tried it on demo.blesta.com and that seems to work. On my test install I've created orders, recorded payment but need to approve them on the billing->overview page. I tick the checkbox next to the order, but the items on the bottom with "Mark as:" and "Update Orders" doesn't appear. Also it is not possible to check the box in the title bar as in "select all" items. I tick the box and nothing happens. I can only check and uncheck the box next to the order, but that has no effect (button & field don't appear). I've change the order form to enable and uncheck i
  13. I figured I'd copy one of the other modules like enom to make srsplus. That's what I did on OBAS. Is there a set of field definitions for each item like services, transactions, invoices, etc. that I can use or do I just look at the database schema? What items are there that *can* be imported? I'd like to try to move over as much if not all of the old data if possible (so I don't have to keep the old system around for 10 years).
  14. I'm considering migrating from OBAS to Blesta. I'm about to update Plesk from Onyx to Obsidian (is that supported)? I saw a comment about domain registration with OpenSRS, but don't see any module for it. I used to use them. Now I actually need one for SRSPlus. But I can write it (like I did for OBAS). But I want to make sure there's an interface to handle registrar type of requests like in the other post. Another thing I need is to write something to export OBAS and import into Blesta. Probably nothing for that, but is there a guide or instructions as to what is required to
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