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  1. you may close this thread. *sigh* -.- i'll see if i can come up with an idea how to make this more intuitive...
  2. Using the "pay" action as admin for an invoice, fails to credit the account of the user, if the payment amount is larger than the invoice amount. Screenshots attached (from the blesta demo install)
  3. Sebastian

    tax inclusive

    I would like to note -> This is still done Incorrect! Furthermore Setting to TAX Inclusive provides creates invoices where the conventions for showing pricing info are violated. Calculation (again as mentioned above): how it should be shown on the invoice: Attached: Screenshots showing that both conventions are not fulfilled correctly. both times its a 100 euro service, only difference is the tax inclusive/exclusive setting
  4. Issue: Invoices are currently under some circumstances not showing the name of the tax being applied to taxable clients. This is incorrect behavior! (I have attached an invoice from the blesta demo install as proof) Impact: Tax authorities may reject Invoices (in audits as invalid/wrong). Fix: Print the name of the tax next to the percentage! 34(1).pdf
  5. Currently EVERY INVOICE generated to a VAT-Registered Client with (with regard to electronically provided services) in another .eu country that gets issued via blesta violates .eu Accounting/Invoicing rules/Directives! Background: In .EU there is a "place of supply" rule for electronic/digital provided services. For End-Users this is done via the VAT-MOSS scheme. Invoices between two .EU Businesses however use the "reverse charge" mechanism. This means that an invoice without VAT is being issued with a note that the recipient of the invoice is responsible for the ta
  6. Hi! Issue; Invoices generated for VAT-Exempt Customers show the tax as 0%. This is wrong from an an accounting and legal perspective! (Having no Taxation/an exemption is not the same as 0 %!) Customer Impact: It can lead to serious trouble with Tax Authorities! Including Fines.... Solution: => For vat exempt customes, hide/dont add the tax line to the invoice.
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