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  1. Hi, I can't download it with the link. Can you advise where can I find this download on your page?
  2. Hi! We just got a lifetime license. Maybe your situation is same as us. We are getting the new platform on Blesta ready before moving over. But that will take time.
  3. Yes, we are looking for it to work with Blesta 5.1. Where can we get the official released version for this?
  4. Hi, Need to resolve this to move over from WHMCS. Currently, it is simple to integrate Kayako hosted with WHMCS. 1. Loginshare (sharing of database) between WHMCS & Kayako. 2. Using hook to change all existing WHMCS's Ticket/KB/Download's link to Kayako's. How do we do the same for Blesta? Or if not, what is the simplest way? The main purpose is customer can use the same account to login both to Kayako (for support) and Blesta.
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