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  1. Opening thread to hunt some ideal Hosting. But, let me do the honor to initiate 1 ideal planform I've found: Offer: 40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans Promo Code: BFCM2021 Validity: 23rd November 2021 till 1st December 2021 https://www.cloudways.com/en/promo-code.php
  2. This is a fantastic hosting theme. We use it with our WP hosting from Cloudways, and it's ideal for setting up a blog. Obviously, good hosting is also important.
  3. PHP extensions surely are acing into platform and are indeed a good source of support. I've been leveraging from php redis extension for a while while and its one of the best ways to make my site load faster. Thanks for sharing this thou! Keep it live
  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm quite new to the db platform of redis and eventually getting started. Does the configuration done through php redis extension takes some complexity as we installed it in manually?
  5. From drupal hosting to magento and joomla, there are tons of open-source web content management framework that are going trendy in the CMS marketplace. The main problem after the building and creation occurs of selecting the ideal managing hosting platform. I've been seeking for such hosting providers that go with the pricing plans in the most efficient way and found one that 'pay as you go' method. I would love to hear more stuff from this awesome community, thanks!
  6. I notice many customer management and support system for web hosting providers does not follow some security practices when it comes to session. Security standards are vital to the well-being of any website, large or small. That’s why site owners are often bombarded by warnings of security risks. Like for instance, after hours of surfing for why encryption is important for data protection in PHP, I got this php encode password which in-detail have shown how to secure data from hackers.
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