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  1. Very quick and simple one. I had an issue with a TLD (.com) appearing twice in the list of TLDs though have discovered this was because the particular package for that domain was part of two membership groups rather than the default one (TLDs Pricing Packages). Wasn't really sure what the Group Membership does but either way it does seem "unintentional" that the TLD should show twice in the list when it has the same ID.
  2. No errors show in dev tools. Following up on this - crossposted from Discord; On a new installation of Blesta on a DirectAdmin server. I had been testing piping emails in to ensure it all works okay. They were working at one point but now I can't open tickets again (page just refreshes), this started after I had *only* done the following changes: - unticking "Allow only clients to open or reply to tickets" on existing department - changing between SendMail and SMTP in Mail Settings No relevant messages are displayed in the logs that I can find and enabling debug doesn't display any errors. Happy to provide full access to the VPS/Blesta control panel for troubleshooting if needed as it does appear to be a Blesta/Support Manager plugin issue rather than misconfiguration causing this. v5.0.4
  3. No cloudflare, everything else appears to be working correctly. Have run through the order form, created a customer account, ordered a package, payment works okay etc. It just appears to be an issue with tickets.
  4. I had a test environment set-up at BuyVM but have since created a new one on my own server and activated the 30 day trial before I go ahead and purchase. I imported the SQL and copied over the config.php file. Everything appeared to work okay. I've just tried to create a ticket for the first time and found that I cannot open the ticket from either Client or Staff control panel. Clicking the Ticket Number or clicking Reply / Close just refreshes the list of tickets. Any ideas? 🙂
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