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  1. You need to make sure that all the pdt files in the default template folder are present in the kohost folder. There could be some differences because of the different versions.
  2. I'm on 5.1.2 and using cached invoices. I usually generate invoices on the admin area or modify existing ones. But but if I select to re-cache the invoice on save (when manually editing), they are cached in the admin's language and not in the client's language. That wasn't a problem when they were generated on the fly, but now when clients want to view or download their invoices, the wrong language cached versions are provided. Steps to reproduce: 1. Enable invoice caching 2. From the admin area, choose a client with different language settings than the admin's. 3. Edit something about an invoice and select to regenerate cached version. 4. View the invoice from the admin area and from the clients panel (both are in the admin's language not in the client's one). 5. Optional.. Change the admin's language and repeat the procedure. Now the invoice is cached in the new admin's language. I think it would be better that invoices are generated, cached and re-cached in the client's language when invoice caching is enabled.
  3. I'm on 5.1.2 A. Login Problems Admins can't login to the admin area when maintenance mode is enabled and the admin user has two factor authentication enabled. Steps: 1. Enable 2 factor authentication to the admin 2. Enable maintenance mode 3. Try to start a new session on a incognito window or something like that. It returns to the login page. If you disable 2 factor authentication, the admin can start session in maintenance mode. B. UI Problem When maintenance mode is enabled, the alert banner in mobile browser overflows. I tried in safari and chrome. Landscape mode has no issues.
  4. Luis M.

    tax inclusive

    I think all items need to show their full price (tax included) and the total (also tax included). The subtotal (pre-taxes) and tax breakdown could maybe be shown below that. But I imagine there are different requirements depending on the country or region.
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