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  1. See, after payment, the gateway routes the website to webhook link.. and here, its empty. Gatway is PAYUMONEY. I've spoke to them and below is their reply. Webhook URL: 1. Webhook URL should be dynamic URL with status 200 2. Webhook URL should accept post data in json format 3. Webhook URL should be secured i.e. https:// Attached Screenshot
  2. Hi Guys, I've setup Non Merchant Payment Gateway in my account but not sure about the Web Hook settings. Now, after the payment, the gateway returns to a blank page and the Gateway guys advised me to share them the Web Hook details.. Does any one have idea about that?
  3. A small correction... its NON MERCHANT PAYMENT GATEWAY..
  4. Hi Guys, I'm not a pro-level coder and I require some help to sort out 2 issues with payment.. 1. When a customer select a package after configuration, Next button is clicked and User Sign In/Up options will be displayed. Then once entered, while showing final review page just before Check Out/Pay Now, I'm getting email that "We have received new order and so and so".. But the customer has not yet completed the order.. 2. After clicking Check Out/Pay Now button, the Non-merchant gateway page opens and customer could enter card details. Once payment is approved, then payment gateway redirects back to a blank page - "domain.com/blestadirectory/callback/gw/1/payumoney/11". Not the Success Page.. But if the customer logs into his portal, he could see the new service/invoice in their dashboard. Kindly advise. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys.. I made a mistake right now.. In the Settings/System/Staffs/editgroup1/.. it was Admin account.. By mistake I changed to staff account from the list and now I don't have access to Settings..!! Pls someone help me to restore it back..
  6. https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10482-external-domain-availability-check/
  7. HI Micheal, I figured out somehow.. Now it seems fine... Thank you!
  8. I have installed Logic boxes module and configured it properly. Created package group and order form as well. but when I click on that order group, it shows the list of domains with pricing. Like hosting plans. No domain checker. I need a domain availability checker on that page for the customer to search and order.
  9. renjith.vs

    Domain Checker

    Hi Guys.. I'm new to Blesta.. I would like to configure my domain checker to blesta as I've a reseller account with Enom. Tried almost all tweaks as per previous forum discussion but nothing good.. Appreciate your help to get it cleared.. Thanks
  10. Hi Ziaur.. I could not see ORDER folder inside Blesta directory.. I've added the link "mydomain/com/billing/order/config/preconfig/domain" in to submit button of domain checker in my website.. But when clicked, it shows general order page with all other options.. No domain availability checker.. I've added ENOM module and configured with my reseller account.. Kindly guide me..
  11. Hi Faysal Please could you guide me the way you did? I've a domain checker in my website and connected to link "mydomain.com/order/config/preconfig/domain" upon submission. But when clicked, I see general order page with all the package groups are shown. No domain checker and Not the keyword used in domain search bar in website
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