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  1. @TheMaster Please accept this as my official apology. I did not mean any harm towards your business and your plugin works without any issue after fixing the permission issues. That was the first time I dealt with blesta and spend few hours as a beginner to figure things out. Usually , it should work once extracted since it did not i contacted you. Asking $20 made me think that the developer should help since it was first time installation. Anyway I'm really sorry about this and hope you resell and keep developing this plugin further and more plugins to come in future. Again, Sorry for the trouble caused. For @[email protected] Keep developing your awesome plugin. It will be more helpful if you can make a video kind of thing including installations for blesta beginners like me.
  2. Hi it was a folder permission issue in the module. The folders were in 700 and it should be 755. it was in 700 when we extract the module zip file as well. @TheMasterAsking $20 to check and fix an issue in your own module is unethical.
  3. Hey Guys, Anyone who purchased this module and have an issue with the console. For me console is not loading. Using the default .htaccess module. Other functions are working fine.
  4. Thank you. Unfortunately i'm using the latest version
  5. Hi Guys, I just purchased blesta and want to hide some widgets such as Transactions and Invoices from the Client Area Dashboard. The reason is I'm using an external app for invoicing. Just seeking for a way to hide it from front end (comment out front end codes/css codes) Services row should be there. Thank you!
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