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    [Theme] Cloud

    Looks Great !!! I didn't checked it yet, rest of the contents are showing up ?
  2. Thanks Mike, will try to get in touch with them.
  3. Ohh.. Thank you for your response though. Hi Paul, I am not a reseller for TheSSLStore.
  4. How about that Order Status which didn't processed by the GGSSL sandbox even the fund was deducted from my account ? Did you get a chance to try it out for any order ?
  5. Thanks Mike. I think I've to start testing my PHP skill as well.
  6. Hello, In GoGetSSL Module I was having some issues(like the Telephone no. was required, the Country should be of two characters etc.) which was not indicated while ordering but I was able to fix after checking its log. Is there anyway using which I can have a required & dropdown for those ? Also, the order status is "Pending" at GoGetSSL but the user has received an email regarding the activation of the service. Is it correct ? Here is the error I'm getting in my Sandbox's "Manage Certificate" page : "Something is wrong, order is pending. Your order could not be processed now, there is some problem with it. Kindly contact our Support team to check it manually and to fix it. " I'm not sure whether the issue is just with the sandbox api or with the original one as well. Hope to get it resolved soon. Thanks! Abhineet
  7. I'm not sure if it can. I've a plan to get a lifetime license of DA for my Shared and Reseller clients so it'd be great to have that feature for DA as well.
  8. Sounds good, I think it should be for both cPanel and Direct Admin.
  9. If Google allow this, it's a good idea.
  10. Blesta doesn't have at the moment as what Mike said. Well, I didn't said that "I don't like this the way it is right now". I just said it'd be nice if we'll have this feature so affiliates can advertise on forums where affiliate links are not allowed. Affiliates can use coupon feature [even that's better than advertising their referral links]. I don't think everyone want 100% commission, if they'd like to grow they can allow some discounts by generating their own coupons and by this way they can track the signups they're getting. I'll love to see a reply from Paul if it can be implemented like this or not.
  11. Hi Guys, I think it's one of the most desirable Feature Request which we need in Blesta. I had been told by Paul that there is a plan to add this feature but not sure if it's added to Core yet. It'd be nice if affiliate will have features like : 1) They can generate their own coupons [which will give extra discount to the buyer] from their own earnings. 2) No promotional links like "aff.php?id=102" as mostly users don't want to join sites using affiliate links and also its not allowed in most money making forums. 3) I don't have in my mind yet so any suggestions which will boostup this are "Welcome". Thanks, Abhineet
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