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  1. Hi I am currently working on Blesta Version 5.0.3 While working i have noticed a bug but i am not sure about it that it is the part of blesta functionality or really a bug. I am explaining with the example. Lets Assume i have created the Tax rules in the following way. 1. Create a rule where country is (India) and state is All. Tax type: Inclusive, Name: All, Amount: 40, Tax Level 1 2. Create a rule where country is (India) and state is Punjab. Tax type: Inclusive, Name: Punjab 1, Amount: 20, Tax Level 1 3. Create a rule where country is (India) and state is Punjab. Tax type: Inclusive, Name: Punjab 2, Amount: 20, Tax Level 2 Now according to me if rule for a specific country and state exist so it will be applied by default. Like if client is from state Punjab Rule name "Punjab 1" and "Punjab 2" will be applied but it is applying the Rule Name: "All" and "Punjab 2" because Rule "All" is created first in the table `taxes`. if I create the rule "All" in the last it picks the in the correct way "Punjab 1" and "Punjab 2" It is picking the first entry ascending to `id` column of table `taxes`. I am not sure i have explained clearly but tried the best to explain. If have any doubt please let me know.
  2. Hi @Paul Is there any way to get payment gateway information before payment?
  3. Hi @Paul Thanks for your support. No, I am not forcing the client to pay with a specific gateway. I just want the gateway information to be stored along with the invoice. Client can switch the gateway any time. I want to add some custom logic to calculate a discount or extra charge for a specific gateway. I can use "Invoices.add", "Invoices.edit" events for the purpose if payment gateway information exist in the invoice. I have found something relevant in the open issues just now. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2305 With this can we add both discount and charge for a specific gateway? Is there any way in blesta right now to determine the payment gateway before client actual pay?
  4. Hi In blesta, payment gateway information of a particular invoice is stored in the transactions table after transaction is done. but if we need to perform any operation before the transaction for any particular gateway there is a no such way to do it. can't we store the payment gateway information along with the invoice so we can determine which payment gateway the client is going to use for the transaction. I don't know it is a feature request or something that already exist in blesta but i does not find it. I have gone through the all order process but can't find anything.
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