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  1. Domain management in Blesta works if your customers have one domain they've bought at the same time as their hosting or if they've transferred the few they own and don't care about maintaining them (leaving that ICANN responsibility to you). It fails when you have a dozen+, spread across different registrars and if you're selling more exotic domain names (with the registration restrictions). The biggest problem though is the lack of self-service option on the client side. It should be as good as what Enom or Logicboxes has to offer. Customers should be in control of their domains (contacts, DNSSEC, EPP, privacy protection, trustee service, etc.). Blesta should just sit one level above registrars, offering the huge benefit for customers of having only one system to use to manage all their domains.
  2. Search doesn't work when not logged in apparently... But looking at James' response I see that he's interested in getting information from Blesta into an external Cachet installation, but I'd like Cachet to be a page within Blesta so that customers can use their login to have access to the information.
  3. Cachet would be very useful to users and it's also easy to manage for admins Github page https://github.com/cachethq/Cachet Features List your services components Log incidents Markdown support for incident messages JSON API Translated into eleven languages Metrics Subscriber notifications via Email Two factor authentication, with Google Authenticator Demo AccountTo test out the demo, you may login to the Dashboard with the following: Username: [email protected] Password: test123
  4. Nice. One thing which would be great is to be able to import all domains when adding a customer. There must be a way to create a link using the email address as ID or if not using some logicboxes ID.
  5. Can't upgrade original with this one in 3.5 Module 'Logicboxes' does not exist. on line 29 in /components/modules/modules.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /app/models/module_manager.php(908): Modules::create('logicboxes') #1 /app/models/module_manager.php(356): ModuleManager->loadModule('logicboxes') #2 /app/controllers/admin_company_modules.php(133): ModuleManager->upgrade('1') #3 /lib/dispatcher.php(111): AdminCompanyModules->upgrade()
  6. I'm on the same boat. I've been pushing for the change to happen for 2 years and it's always been pushed back. I wasn't even disappointed that nothing had made it into 3.5, because I stopped waiting. Domain management is bad and makes us look bad, but it's what we have and we just have to do more work behind the scenes to help advanced customers. There are plenty of examples out there of what we need -> every big domain selling platforms which welcomes us as resellers (Enom, Logicboxes, OpenSRS, etc.. The only difference is that we're at one level above, pushing commands to different providers, depending on who we want to use to manage a specific extension.
  7. A reputable developer can start working on a Netim module so that we can finally start selling and managing ccTLDs at reseller prices (forget Enom) and manage them from Blesta. Before getting started, I want to see if anybody is interested in sharing the development cost. If so, we would need to discuss copyright, distribution, etc. Let me know ASAP. Netim reseller prices
  8. I thought the OVH API was horrible and to be avoided or is this module poll about their hosting services only?
  9. There is no need to add a card for future use if the service provider doesn't support that functionality. In the case of Blesta, it does support it, so it makes sense to show that option, even if the customer doesn't want to use it.
  10. World class PHP markdown parser: http://parsedown.org/
  11. Dynadot is actually worse when it comes to ccTLDs, but Hexonet must have one of the largest selection. There is no Blesta module though and it's expensive.
  12. Not enough choice at internetbs, although it's gotten better since they've been bought. Enom now has more ccTLDs, but it's usually overpriced for resellers, as in more expensive than buying retail elsewhere.
  13. Good points, especially the ones about package migration. I'm almost certain that Blesta would not detect if an extension was to change package and that could lead to renewal issues. That answers my question here: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3107-one-domain-package-per-extension-or-per-price/ but I really hope Blesta delivers an improved domain manager quickly as I'm not sure I want to manage hundreds of domain packages
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I've heard similar things about their SOAP API before, but thought things had improved when they introduced their HTTP API. It turns out it's incomplete and doesn't seem to support domain registration... That only leaves Netim as a viable, cheap option.
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