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  1. Hi cntshepo, If you would like this done ASAP, you would need to find a developer to do it for you.
  2. Are you sure you are allowed to sell this? I am pretty sure you can not resell Theme Forest themes.
  3. Thank you for the payment and all the best
  4. This license is still available.
  5. Hi, I am selling it as I am no longer a web host. It is from Blesta.
  6. I am selling a Blesta Owned Unbranded license for $150.00 USD (Total). It will come with one year of support and updates. Payment via PayPal.
  7. You might want to add a price and what payment method/s.
  8. BeZazz

    Refund issue

    Feel free to open a support ticket. When a topic is closed it does not mean create a new topic with the same content.
  9. While I have never looked at the code of that theme (it may not take many changes to fix). The bellow in your .htaccess file might/should fix your errors.
  10. What Blesta version and what PHP version?
  11. See if Blesta.Store will do you a deal. https://blesta.store/
  12. Good to hear you solved it When I said permissions I meant disabled functions in PHP ini 🙄 sorry.
  13. You might want to give more details. Possibly firewall, PHP permissions? What do your error logs say?
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