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  1. The first thing I would Google is open_basedir restriction in effect DirectAdmin
  2. I do not like your chances. This thread is over three years old and the creator of the theme has not been on here for a year.
  3. Declined, generally means no money in account. Error, network issue etc They are completely different.
  4. If you would like some help you will need to post details about your VPS. Also OS, PHP version what you are using as a web server etc
  5. He is asking you about your license.
  6. While this is a question you should ask an accountant. I can no reason why it can not be claimed as a cost, directly related to doing business .
  7. Hi cntshepo, If you would like this done ASAP, you would need to find a developer to do it for you.
  8. Are you sure you are allowed to sell this? I am pretty sure you can not resell Theme Forest themes.
  9. Thank you for the payment and all the best
  10. This license is still available.
  11. Hi, I am selling it as I am no longer a web host. It is from Blesta.
  12. I am selling a Blesta Owned Unbranded license for $150.00 USD (Total). It will come with one year of support and updates. Payment via PayPal.
  13. You might want to add a price and what payment method/s.
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