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  1. BeZazz

    Client Inactive Status

    Moved to Feature Requests.
  2. BeZazz

    pop3 email imports

    What was the cause of the issue?
  3. Thanks for the information. Good to hear about the refund.
  4. I was wondering what is happening with this. Is it still being worked on? Did anyone ask for a refund and get the refund or not get the refund?
  5. BeZazz

    cron not automatic

    You could try running which php php -v from the command line to see what version you are running on the command line and its location.
  6. BeZazz

    Cron task lock

    Depending on control panel etc there are different ways to "fix" this. Google your control panel and open_basedir restriction in effect
  7. You need to look at the relevant log. There may be a specific mod_sec log or in your Apache etc log. In there it will list what caused mod_sec to kick in. There will be an ID of the mod_sec rule that caused the false positive. Disable that ID.
  8. BeZazz

    Blesta invalid email. How to fix?

    If they are providing fake information, you wont be able to say or ask anything of them. You will not be able to contact them.
  9. BeZazz

    Blesta invalid email. How to fix?

    This may help a bit Maybe your firewall is blocking DNS queries?
  10. BeZazz


    Yes I think they wanted to host everything in house and it did not go to plan. They also have closed down and redirected some sites. Like the Australian WHT and Free WHT.
  11. BeZazz


    It is not easy to get banned at WHT.
  12. php -i | grep php.ini This will show the php.ini in use.
  13. Easiest way would probably be WHM Home ┬╗Security Center ┬╗Password Strength Configuration
  14. BeZazz

    TcAdmin not working

    What was the issue?