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  1. alexistkd

    Client Id Design

    +1000 third option
  2. alexistkd

    Makeover For Blesta Client Theme?

    nice +1 should be the default theme for blesta
  3. alexistkd

    Check Image Upload On Record A Payment.

    +1 would be good, and not just checks, in my country Panama, when we do wire transfer via online banking or in the bank clients may send screenshots or attach a picture of the payment proof directly into the invoice, without having to write an email for us with the image attached.
  4. alexistkd

    Copy Whois Informations

  5. alexistkd

    Calendar Memo

  6. alexistkd

    Return Url For Order Form

  7. alexistkd

    Invoice Attached To Email

    same issue here