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  1. Thanks - I understand it's a server issue, but I have read that it's possible to hardcode your code to using specific versions of TLS/http for example, so just checking to be safe
  2. Is this the case for all Blesta version? We are still running 3.2.2. Thanks!
  3. I'm not sure if you need to have an "active" subscription (if there even is such a term) but we have purchased Blesta in the past and I can't remember the username/email we used for the Blesta client portal; on the lost password page it just asks for "Username" so it can send you your password; I don't know what that is, so I tried entering in a couple of different emails and even though it looked successful I didn't receive anything - I also can't create a ticket about this as I can't login lol Thanks!
  4. Do you know if this only works if the Paypal API credentials are correct? They SHOULD be correct, but when I tried to refund someone via Blesta once before and ticked the "Process this with the gateway" checkbox it failed for some reason.
  5. Where abouts? haha So they are only recorded but not processed/updated in the system?
  6. Just wondering, if someone pays for something via Blesta and then they are refunded via Paypal itself (not within Blesta) does that cause Paypal to send back notice to Blesta via the IPN or something so that they get refunded in the system? If not, does anything get sent back by Paypal at all - such as to logs of some kind?
  7. Hmmm ok...... not sure what the user is seeing then haha. In any case, I just told him to login to pay if he keeps having problems.
  8. Hello, I just got told by one of our users that every time they clicked the "Pay Now" link in the email they get when they are sent their invoice they get a "Page Not Found" error. I tried the link myself and it worked fine, so not sure why they may have experienced it.
  9. I prefer this spelling to the way the UK / Australia spell it as well haha
  10. LOL no biggie....... I'll just select North Yorkshire then.
  11. Well yeah lol...... when you click on York in that list it takes me to the Wikipedia page I was looking at before; that York page is for the city; which resides inside Yorkshire or North Yorkshire? lol I see Blesta has an entry for North Yorkshire though.
  12. Have just been correcting some state data when it failed to automatically be set for some users and noticed this problem. Shouldn't the state/province for the UK be "Yorkshire" and not "York"? York is a city within Yorkshire.
  13. Ok fair enough, but shouldn't there be an error if the user doesn't enter a html message in as well?
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