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    changed password? or user?
  2. Hi i have added some more actions on thise default module its working great for now... I want to add in the future NO VNC Support and Notes i'm really new on blesta and i want if there is some docs to create or modify existing modules (like how to get data from database or create data, add on panel views and this things) Thx! If someone wants this little update DM me!
  3. is proxmox deprecated? i use the 6.4-12 version
  4. yes i know but in blesta when i simulate a payment on sandbox not have to automatically apear as paid?
  5. but when i use the sandbox, never apear paid? why it could be this?
  6. Hi, i'm new experiencing with blesta, i installed the paypal checkout system and ask for some info but in developer portal of paypal does not say this info API Username API Password API Signature And on Paypal says: Wich one goes where? Thanks. so much
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