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  1. I see there is an option in the Paypal Payments Standard module that says " Allow users to modify current and create new subscriptions ". I've never really messed with this, but I now have someone asking me if they can preapprove a paypal subscription for their domain renewal a year from now. I don't want to just generate the invoice and have it sitting unpaid for a year, is there a way to just create the paypal subscription for the renewal that is a year away, without messing any of the automatic payment tracking up? (I don't want to create the subscription in paypal directly and i
  2. Using the Logicboxes modules. Even if it doesn't actually send the information over to the registrar (didn't realize it didn't work), shouldn't it at least update the checkbox in Blesta? The client has paid in Blesta, the cron has run, but the checkbox is still unchecked (which means next year it won't bill for it to renew it).
  3. So I just actually had my first client purchase domains. After the purchase, they now want to add privacy protection (which I have set as a configurable option). I added the option via the admin panel to the service, it invoiced them, they paid the invoice....but in the service the config option is still unticked and it didn't send anything to the registrar to add it. Did I do something incorrectly? And what's the best way to get it added now that he paid for it. I can check the box again and manually add it at the registrar, but then it will invoice again.
  4. For me, I'd say just adding the "Date Received" field to the receipt would work. A receipt is a record of when the client pays you, not when you apply that payment to their account. So I think having both the Date Received and the Date Applied on the transaction receipts would work just fine (or some logic to only show one if they are the same date).
  5. I'd rather them spend their time working on the to-do list they already have instead of looking through tons of posts and plugins for things to add. I'd say if we don't have the time to request them, they don't have the time to implement them
  6. Feel free to submit those features into the feature request site :). https://requests.blesta.com/
  7. Well that is showing the Date Applied, not the Date Received, so that makes sense... I do agree though, having "Date Received" on the receipt seems like it would be the more logical choice for a receipt.
  8. The term is simply the period that is charged for. If you want them to be charged every week, just put "1" in the term box, and select "week" for the period. Simple as that.
  9. I agree, Blesta should be better at this, and as @paul mentioned in another thread they are working on implementing something for it I believe. I don't offer any free trials, but I would think you could do this using a coupon code set to only work during sign up ("Apply when service is added only" option). They sign up for your normal account, input the provided "free month" coupon...and there you go.
  10. just wanted to check before I do this, does this plugin allow you to show annoucement to specific clients, or will I need to get this one as well for that? (Just wasn't sure if that one ever got combined with this one)
  11. All of them would be fine, just to have them posted somewhere to see how to do it...then can edit from there as needed
  12. Luckily he could probably pretty easily get Phillips Data, Inc's written permission for it ;)...and since they technically own the copyright...they can give permission to Blesta Addons to fix it if they want
  13. The simplest way to do this is to edit the language file for the domain order screen. The code below is an example for English, if you need it done for other languages it would be the same process, you'd just have to select the correct language folder. In file: /plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/language/en_us/domain.php Replace: $lang['Domain.lookup.description'] = 'Start by searching for a domain, or skip this step by clicking "Order Other Items".'; with: $lang['Domain.lookup.description'] = 'Start by searching for a domain, or skip this step by clicking "Order Other
  14. Adding the notice would depend on which order form you are using. Which one?
  15. Daniel B


    Yeah, that's what I did as well (except I imported them all the the Comodo group since most are Comodo...and then just moved the ones that weren't Comodo). Even though it's not the best way to import it...it's still 100% than having to type it all ourselves though, awesome plugin! https://requests.blesta.com/topic/select-multiple-groups-for-thesslstore-package-import
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