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  1. Finally found it how to resolve after checking the code itself, phew! You to go to Billing Overview(each staff account), scroll all the way down to Orders, click the setting icon, and you see the Notifications setting! You can select always send for Email. If u want to see the code or db, the table to reference is order_staff_settings, you can search the code or db. But I also found some reply few yrs ago.. might be a good reference. Hope this helps someone!
  2. Same issue hit, anyone know how to resolve this? Since Mar, no replies from support?
  3. Hi, Keep getting the below error when using the cyberpanel default module. I tried hostname and also ip, i remove the SSL option to be sure. On the cyberpanel server, I also added the IP of my Blesta server to whitelist in firewall. What other problem can it be? Any logs able to see what might be the issue? A connection to the server could not be established. Please check to ensure that the Hostname and the Admin Password are correct. Thanks!!
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