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  1. Last known working version was Blesta v5.1.0 Usually this code: {% for invoice in invoices %} Invoice #: {invoice.id_code}{% endfor %} Would output this result: Invoice #: 1001 Invoice #: 1002 But in v5.1.3 the output repeats the first invoice id like this: Invoice #: 1001 Invoice #: 1001 The correct invoices are merged and attached to the email, just the generated text is incorrect. Based on the dates of my backup files I believe the problem started sometime after v5.1.0.
  2. Hello I am seeing this error for email settings, when I checked the gmail account from the website it seems there are no sent emails for more than two weeks. So all this time Blesta was not sending any emails and yet the front page status monitor says "The system is in good health and appears to be operating normally". I'm yet to determine the cause of this error but I suspect it is Cpanel probably did some new draconian nonsense in their latest update. I know for sure I didn't make any changes with Blesta during that time so I doubt that it's a fault of Blesta software. However I want to recommend that this type of error should affect the status monitor widget in some way so that people are aware of an issue. I'm on v4.12.3.
  3. Hello, is there any way to set the storage class when using Amazon S3 for Backups in Blesta? I have noticed that when Blesta uploads the backup it is always set as "S3 Standard" storage class but there are other options available on AWS for infrequently accessed data.
  4. Don't use from marketplace it is v1.8.4 that I think had some incompatibilities with newer versions of Blesta. I cannot recall specifically but I remember it not working properly. Use GitHub and download the latest code, which should be v1.8.5 at this time. Also the instructions are on the GitHub page.
  5. Ah ok I went through the math in your example, I think the problem is opposite to what I said before, so it looks like the numbers are being rounded too early. You may in fact need to change the precision value from 2 to 3 or 4. What I think is happening is with the add new service function it's back calculating the tax from the 9.95 and ending up with 0.9045 which rounds off to 0.90 and all is well. With the invoice now it starts with 9.05 and forward calculates the 10% which is now 0.905 and this rounds to 0.91 instead of 0.90 and therein lies the problem. So try changing precision to 3 or 4 instead of 2. If that doesn't work then it's a problem with inconsistency in the coded math functions which Blesta will need to address.
  6. Hi, when you log into Blesta, go to Settings -> Company -> Currencies -> Active Currencies. For all active currencies try changing the Precision to "2".
  7. Curl check script reports: TLS version: TLS 1.2. Would anyone here by willing to try connecting to my DirectAdmin server, I can PM the login details. The server is new and empty, no client accounts have been made as yet so I am willing to do this if someone will help me. At least if it works then it would help me pinpoint which server has the issue, whether its the one with my Blesta installed or the one with DirectAdmin installed.
  8. This is what I see: Direction Data Date Status Input myserver.myserver.net|getPackagesUser 2019-Nov-06 9:12:22 PM Success Output myserver.myserver.net|getPackagesUser 2019-Nov-06 9:12:23 PM Error a:0:{}
  9. Hello, I have this same problem and I get this error when trying to save packages in Blesta A DirectAdmin package is required. An IP address is required.
  10. Can you provide more details as to where and how to set this up? I do have a Blesta cron job scheduled to run every 5 mins but I have never seen an option for revalidating license in any of the automation settings within Blesta.
  11. Yea this annoys me as well. Especially annoying to login a second time when using a phone.
  12. Hello, uncheck Sandbox, the api key from Namesilo does not support Sandbox. You need to contact Namesilo for them to give you a Sandbox API. Also upgrade to version 1.8.5 with this link: https://github.com/NETLINK/Blesta-Namesilo/archive/master.zip
  13. Same as what's in my first post above. I'll repost below. It only has the Input box though, there is no output box. The input box says "success" next to it. I changed the actual domain name etc but the log itself is accurate. server.cpanelserver.com|createacct a:6:{s:6:"domain";s:21:"sampledomain.com";s:8:"username";s:8:"sampledo";s:8:"password";s:3:"***";s:4:"plan";s:16:"hosting_plan_name";s:8:"reseller";i:0;s:12:"contactemail";s:21:"[email protected]";} I've tried adding a service with a different package that uses another Cpanel server and that one worked as it should so I now have additional information. I know for sure the Cpanel module has the correct Tokens and I even recreated the Tokens for all the Cpanel servers when this problem occurred. Blesta Cpanel module can successfully communicate with all my Cpanel servers because it can read the number of accounts on each one. Blesta can definitely send the command to the Cpanel server to create the account for the user, the problem seems to occur after this point. I don't know if there is a time limit where the Cpanel module is waiting to hear back from the Cpanel server or something similar. Is there any other log that I can check that might be useful?
  14. This option is not enabled. Also if I check on WHM I can see the account was created, the problem is that Blesta does not appear to know that the account was created.
  15. Hi, I have voided an invoice and when I used the checkbox to send the voided invoice to the customer, the subject remains with Invoice Due but it should not since its voided and nothing is due. Is there a way around this issue?
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