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  1. I assume you didn't log out yet? You wouldn't be able to log back in unless you reset it.
  2. It would help to have a visual of what you're seeing. Do you have this problem in the demo? Log in as an admin to the demo Edit an order form Drag a package group from the Assigned Groups section to the Available Groups section and vice-versa by dropping it directly onto the the white area with text that reads "Drag & Drop Groups Here", not onto the dark gray area What do you experience?
  3. You should be able to click on the package group row and drop it directly onto the other section where it says "Drag & Drop Groups Here".
  4. Can you post the raw data sent in the request? null is acceptable for dates like the date_canceled, which would remove any cancellation date set on the service. This works for me via the UI and via the API. Are you using the API SDK?
  5. Also see discussion of this @
  6. This isn't something I have been able to duplicate, so we may need more info. Do you have any errors in your Blesta logs about this? Perhaps that refer to a stack trace or file/line number where the issue originated? What is the data set you are passing to Services::edit? (i.e. a var_dump)
  7. The DirectAdmin module requires those fields when creating a package. They should appear under the module options section of the package. If you don't see them, check your module and error logs for more information.
  8. Tyson

    Update package

    Canceled services count toward the package check. The count on the module isn't relevant for that. Packages aren't really meant to have the module be changed unless it has no services. Changing the module on a package adversely affects the services, and in the future when services can be uncanceled that will be a problem. If you want to change the module on a package, I would recommend instead marking the package inactive and creating a new package using the new module.
  9. If you go to the client's email log and view that email, do you see the full password?
  10. Adding a package description to invoice line items for services would require updates to the pricing library as it relates to item descriptions when services are created/updated. This is currently not configurable. And since package descriptions can be longer than the invoice line item descriptions, it may need to be truncated. Package descriptions are typically for display on the order form as a verbose explanation that the package name summarizes.
  11. An example of your data might be helpful. I'm not sure what type the "DateTime string" represents exactly, but the error indicates one of the dates is being passed to DateTime as null. Dates should be passed as strings representing the date in the company's timezone (unless timezone info is provided), in a php-parseable format by the date() function, e.g. "Y-m-d H:i:s" in local time or "Y-m-d H:i:sZ" in UTC or "Y-m-dTH:i:s+00:00" UTC, etc. For instance, date('c') would be a valid date format.
  12. You don't have to modify URLs. You will need to reissue your license though. See the documentation.
  13. So you do not charge tax for any customers that are outside of India? You should be able to handle that by configuring your tax rules to only apply to India rather than "-- All --" in the system settings. Any orders placed by customers with addresses outside of India would then not be charged the tax.
  14. Tyson

    Blesta Cron Job Issue

    I don't think that module log error is causing the initial issue. The problem is that the cron is failing to complete running. Even if the cPanel service failed to provision due to that error, it still completed the attempt to do so. What you need to find is the module that not only failed to provision a service, but failed such that it caused php to stop executing on the server, such as a php Fatal Error. You can check your php error log files for that info as described in the link in my last post.
  15. You can view packages assigned to their package groups from the Packages > Package Groups page by clicking the package group table row, which will list them all. Some packages may not be assigned to a package group, so those will not be displayed in that list, but will be available under Packages > Browse Packages.
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