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  1. Tyson

    adding pages to plugin with own module, view and controller and actions

    The AdminManagePlugin controller is a special controller (see docs for reference) that loads the plugin management controller from /admin/settings/company/plugins/manage/PLUGIN_ID/ in Blesta. If you want your mapping to be managed similarly, you should create methods in AdminManagePlugin to do so, and use GET arguments to request your specific AdminManagePlugin method (e.g. "AdminManagePlugin::refresh" is called when visiting admin/settings/company/plugins/manage/PLUGIN_ID/?action=refresh). If you want to manage your plugin elsewhere, such as from its own page, you can certainly do so however you'd like, as the plugin's controllers can be requested directly at their own URI, e.g. /admin/plugin/feed_reader/my_controller/my_method/
  2. Tyson

    Edit Invoice Via Model

    Yes, you'll need to provide the unsent delivery methods if you would like them to be maintained. The use of models will be updated in the future to provide better and more succinct actions for updates like these.
  3. Tyson

    Login with Display Name is a bad idea

    It's always assumed that attackers have any username/email/etc. about you. Security through obscurity is not an acceptable deterrent.
  4. Tyson

    [API] Need help with customizing API

    Modules handle domain registration, and there are no endpoints directly to the module for any action. In that case, it may be better to have a plugin installed on the system with which you can call via the API instead, and then that plugin can load up the appropriate module/service/etc. and perform those actions--assuming, of course, that the module you're working with supports registering a domain, updating nameservers, and renewing it. You can use the Users endpoint to verify credentials.
  5. Tyson

    Set language no longer work

    We've decided to update this in CORE-2630 for v4.3.0 to have the event trigger after we've set the language, so in your case, you'll be able to override it.
  6. Tyson

    List Domain Tld And Return Prices Through Api

    A white screen is indicative of a 500 internal server error or a php fatal error with error reporting disabled/suppressed. I would suggest enabling error reporting or checking your php error logs for the error that was encountered during runtime.
  7. Tyson

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.
  8. Tyson

    Pricings Model getRules()

    Thanks, CORE-2683
  9. Tyson

    database diagram

    Don't link an `id_value` column to anything. It relates no table records, rather it is a derived value used in conjunction with `id_format`.
  10. Tyson

    logicboxes modules

    What did you do to fix this? Bracket characters (i.e. "[" and "]") are valid ASCII characters, so does Logicboxes define a set of valid characters suitable for the address fields?
  11. Tyson

    Payment Accounts

    If you set a private key passphrase you are preventing Blesta from running cards automatically, and you should process cards manually under Billing > Batch. Hopefully the note at the top of that page is clear: WARNING: Setting a passphrase will prevent locally stored payment accounts from being automatically processed. You will be required to manually batch payments by entering your passphrase.
  12. Tyson

    Sessions table not emptied

    If those session values, session.gc_probability and session.gc_divisor were set to 0, then the session's garbage collector was disabled which explains the large amount of old sessions in the system. Did you update all of your Blesta servers to ensure they have these values set? Those are php's default values, which give the garbage collector a 1% chance of running when someone connects, so that sounds good. No, I don't think you should empty the table manually unless you are out of disk space and need to clean something up. It would be best to observe that the php garbage collector clears the old session data on its own. Since it was only a couple days since you updated those php settings , the garbage collector may not have actually run yet since it only has a 1% chance to based on user activity. I would give it some more time to see whether it eventually deletes those old records by itself. You could also increase the probability of it running the garbage collector, e.g., set session.gc_probability to 100 to force the garbage collector to run 100% of the time. It should then clear the old session records, however, you should change the session.gc_probability back to 1 afterward.
  13. Tyson

    Sessions table not emptied

    Blesta overrides the session.gc_maxlifetime value, but how often the garbage collector runs is determined by the session.gc_probability and session.gc_divisor. I checked other Blesta installations from v4.0 to v4.3 and the garbage collector is running for all of them, so it might be that garbage collection is disabled in your environment?
  14. Tyson

    Sessions table not emptied

    What about php's configured garbage collection settings? It is odd that you have so many records that haven't been purged by now. My dev installation only has a couple weeks of session information.
  15. Tyson

    Sessions table not emptied

    What are the configured values for your session TTL and cookie TTL in your /config/blesta.php? php's garbage collector will only look at removing session data older than those values, and it has a small probability to run, so it's possible records that old are still kept based on your Blesta TTLs and the php server's configuration for garbage collection.