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  1. Tyson

    New/Edit Package Option

    Thanks, we'll update this as apart of CORE-3275.
  2. A comparison to DigitalOcean doesn't really apply here since they are not a payment gateway. The transaction statuses in use by Blesta cover the basic statuses one might expect given the breadth of statuses some payment gateways use. For instance, GoCardless responds with any of the following statuses: Payment Created Customer Approval Granted Customer Approval Denied Payment Cancelled Payment Confirmed Payment Paid Out Payment Retried Payment Autoretried Late Failure Settled Chargeback Settled Test Failure Insufficient Funds Refer to Payer Bank Account Closed Direct Debit Not Enabled Invalid Bank Details Bank Account Transferred Mandate Canceled Mandate Expired Authorisation Disputed Refund Requested
  3. Tyson

    Multicraft daemon

    This fix is in 4.7.0.
  4. I think the best question is, what are you intending to use the transactions for? You don't have to use a status like "Returned" if you don't want to or your payment processor does not support a similar status. Different payment gateways provide different transaction statuses, and the statuses Blesta supports covers pretty much all of them in a generic way. Typically: Approved - payment received Declined - payment declined/refused Voided - payment voided/invalid Error - payment error occurred Pending - payment may be received but awaiting confirmation; on it's way; authorized but not yet captured Refunded - payment was probably Approved in the past, but has now been refunded back to the client Returned - payment was probably not Approved in the past, but any money received was returned back to the client Use, or don't use, those statuses to your liking, but "Approved" should be your successful payment received status and all of the others are not.
  5. You shouldn't have any problem removing mcrypt and still have your data encrypted/decrypted the same as before so long as your Blesta system key remains the same.
  6. The direct_admin_ip field is expected to be set to what is stored in DirectAdmin. To update those in bulk, you would need to write a script to query Blesta for all DirectAdmin services, get their usernames from the service meta data, then fetch them from the DirectAdmin API using the CMD_API_SHOW_USER_CONFIG command by their username to retrieve information about the user, including the IP address. Then the script can update the service meta data in Blesta with an IP address for each user.
  7. OpenSSL is the alternative and has been for some time, which is already a minimum requirement of Blesta.
  8. The mcrypt extension is a recommended requirement, but it is optional. You can run without it.
  9. It sounds like you may not have installed his "CmsPages" plugin. He linked to it above in one of the posts.
  10. Tyson

    Can't Apply payment

    One case may be that you were trying to apply 120000 even though only 119999.78 was available to apply from the transaction, so you received the error about trying to apply more than was available.
  11. The video shows some odd behavior. Is this online for me to test out an order? I would recommend trying it in a different browser, one you are not logged in as an admin with, and to ensure your browser session is clear before starting the order process.
  12. Tyson

    Can't Apply payment

    That's interesting, a transaction for 120000 won't apply to a total of 120000.. something I'll need to test myself.
  13. Blesta always needs to check you have a valid license. If you decide to sell it to someone else later, why should your copy of it continue working? I don't play the lottery, but if I did, it wouldn't change anything. There may be more money to spend making it better though.
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