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  1. Coupon setup?

    Coupons will only subtract an amount from the total price, not set a specific total price. So if you have different packages at different prices and each one needs to be a total price of $2, you would need to define multiple coupons.
  2. The Mollie API documentation describes a process that mirrors the expectation for a Non-Merchant gateway in Blesta. I'm not familiar with the recurring/subscription process you mentioned, but I would expect it to function similar to subscriptions in PayPal Payments Standard (non-merchant gateway). Payment callbacks from the gateway for subscriptions should still create transactions in Blesta when using the callback URL for a Mollie Non-Merchant gateway. I don't think you need to worry about setting up a Merchant payment account in Blesta or trying to reconcile a hybrid of Non-Merchant and Merchant types (this would be unsupported anyway).
  3. Unecrypted password API call

    Credits aren't stored, they're derived from the transactions that exist on a client's account that have not yet been applied to an invoice. You can fetch them via the API Transactions::getCredits.
  4. Unecrypted password API call

    Send everyone an email saying system changes necessitate they reset their password, then provide them a link to reset it.
  5. Unecrypted password API call

    Why are you trying to get plain-text user passwords? You are aware of the security implications of this, correct? No one should ever know what someone's password is except for that person. User login passwords cannot be decrypted because they were never encrypted to begin with. They are hashed, and that hash only works one way, so you will not be able to retrieve the plain-text version of the password from it. It would be helpful to know what you're trying to accomplish here as there may be a better design you can employ to achieve it.
  6. Possible invoice edition bug

    Thanks for the update. CORE-2410
  7. Possible invoice edition bug

    Sounds very strange, but we'll take a look to see if we find anything. Does it happen mostly for service-related invoices, or can you manually create a new invoice and edit it to encounter the same issue? Do you have any custom code updating invoices? Can you replicate the issue on the demo?
  8. Possible invoice edition bug

    Did you add line items to it before saving? Does the invoice have any line items associated with it (in the database)?
  9. set class attributes for widget

    Thanks, CORE-2403
  10. nav items bug in admin side

    Thanks but this is intentional behavior.
  11. mass mailer error

    The directory permissions should be 0755 if created by the user the web server runs as, and kept above any web accessible directory.
  12. plesk access denied

    Can your installation connect over https? That error can occur over http. Otherwise there may be some permission in Plesk that needs to be configured to allow access to the API user.
  13. update service calculate wrong [client area]

    Wrong in what way? It looks like you doubled the term from 3 months to 6 months, but the price is less than double. Double the price would be 3990 INR, but the price is 3930 INR, a drop of 60 INR. Prorating to the new term for whatever number of days are remaining would produce a value less than 0 for the remainder of the term.
  14. Paul's suggestion was to run it manually so you can view the cron output to possibly identify an error with the task completing properly. If there is an error, it will give some insight into where to look next to resolve the task hanging.
  15. PDO Port handling bug

    Thanks for the report. This will be fixed in CORE-2368 for the next release.