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  1. Tyson

    Mandatory Fields

    Under Settings > Company > Client Options > Required Client Fields you can specify which of the optional fields to require. Phone is not available since there could be multiple phone numbers of different types.
  2. Tyson

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    I'm not sure if you took a look at JavaScript errors in your web browser as I mentioned above, but it sounds like there is a JavaScript error one some pages that is causing the page to break and actions not to work correctly.
  3. Blesta enforces permissions for user access to pages, but not access to specific actions/data that may be displayed on those pages, which sounds like your requirement. If you wanted to restrict access to certain staff groups, you could update the system to determine the current user's staff group, check whether they are in the list of groups that are allowed access, and hide/show those fields based on that.
  4. Tyson

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    That can occur if there are errors trying to fetch those options from the module (i.e. NOC-PS). There could be something misconfigured, or Blesta may not be able to connect to the NOC-PS API. Check your module logs under Tools > Logs > Module tab and see if there are any logs stored for NOC-PS. Click the table row to expand the section to see the raw input/output communication Blesta does with the NOC-PS API. There may be an error mentioned that could lead you to the problem. After looking at your screenshot, I see that the Text/HTML description is not loading properly, so there must be JavaScript errors on the page. That could also be causing your module options to not be retrieved. You should check your web browser's developer panel to see what JavaScript error was encountered.
  5. Hosting services need to know what domain the hosting plan is for, so the domain is a prerequisite and is determined first. The Domain and Other order form flows: Enter domain to purchase/transfer Configure domain Choose hosting plan Configure hosting plan Complete purchase This flow requires a hosting service to be partially configured, then a domain service to be completely configured, followed by a return to the original hosting service to complete its configuration. However, this flow would not work with Blesta since it requires the completion of one service configuration at a time. The customer does not need to go back to order a domain with the current order flow because they start with the domain and move on to the hosting plan from there.
  6. You should be using the "Domain and Other" order form for domain+hosting purchases. The customer can choose to purchase/transfer a domain and then order the hosting for it.
  7. Yes. You can change the package price to what it should be for new customers and customers that should renew at that new price. For existing customers that should have a separate price, you can update the service and set an Override Price which will override the package price on renewal.
  8. Tyson


    Our builds don't produce an unminified version at this time, so I don't have a copy of one for v4.1. You could try running it through a beautifier though.
  9. Tyson


    You could change the JS if you'd like, but it's minified to reduce file size. We also don't include a "blesta-version.min.js" anymore, it's app.min.js.
  10. In any order form, when you Empty Cart, the product is removed from the cart and the customer is redirected back to the main order page (i.e. /order/main/). If nothing happens for you, then I'm curious whether there are errors generated on the page that results in no request being performed. Do you have any custom code integrated into the system? It would be useful to have additional information as described in How to Report a Bug so that we can understand your environment configuration and how to reproduce the issue you're having ourselves. Currently, my order system functions as I would expect when emptying the cart.
  11. I agree that we should be looking at calendar day. I think we can achieve your result by keeping the setting "Suspend Services Days After Due" at "1 Day". Here's what I would propose: Update the Suspend Services cron to evaluate all services that were due at any time of day yesterday This would mean that if today is 11-4-2019 00:00:00 and the cron is now running the Suspend Services task, it will see that an invoice was past due at 10-4-2019 23:00:00 (an hour ago) and suspend it now instead of waiting until tomorrow (25 hours after due).
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