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  1. The two applications don't share identical hashing algorithms or secret keys so they wouldn't generate the same hashed passwords, nor should they. This is more of a use case solvable using a single sign-on approach instead, i.e., create the user in Blesta with a random password and when they log in to Laravel have them initialize a session with their account in Blesta using the Shared Login plugin.
  2. Mcrypt discontinued in PHP 7.2.x

    The mcrypt extension may increase performance for encryption in some cases, but it is not required.
  3. Directadmin module Bug

    If you haven't resolved this issue yet, you may want to contact DirectAdmin support for help. The module POSTs a suspension via the API command CMD_API_SELECT_USERS, with a location set to CMD_SELECT_USERS. Normally, this would suspend the user in DirectAdmin and respond back to Blesta that there was no error performing this action, however, the DirectAdmin API returned an invalid HTML response that is not expected for that end point, which leads me to believe that the DirectAdmin API or or its configuration has gone awry.
  4. Merge Tickets

    We resolved that issue with the dialog box not appearing for v4.3.0. It appears to affect the Chrome browser.
  5. Support Manager - Email Template

    We have plans to include client information in the email template if it is available, but the {ticket.email} tag wouldn't be updated to include the email address unless the ticket/reply was emailed in.
  6. What are Email Mobile Templates?

    tl;dr Sometimes staff don't like to be woken up at home. Example: Go to Support > Staff > Edit (one of the staff users). Notice that there are several checkboxes representing different ticket priorities you can select (e.g. "Emergency", "Critical", etc.) Some Staff may want to receive all of those ticket notifications to their work email at their work computer when they're at work. However, when they're at home sleeping, they may not want their phone to wake them up because of a ticket notification unless it is an "Emergency" ticket that they need to deal with. That page allows them to configure the ticket notice emails they will receive. The Order email is similar, but you configure your settings for that under Billing > Overview > (click the settings/gear icon at the top right of the Orders widget).
  7. Automatically setup

    Based on that log response, it looks like TCAdmin did respond that it setup the account. Are you not seeing it in TCAdmin or is the service still pending in Blesta, or..?
  8. Invalid Email Address?

    The client should still be able to log in to the system. Blesta does not validate the user's email address on log in, but only that their username matches.
  9. Increase Session Timeout?

    Yes, they are already in the config file, however, there is no distinction made between admins or clients in the session TTL. Open your config file /config/blesta.php and update the session/cookie TTL values: // Length of time (in seconds) that a session will be valid for Configure::set('Blesta.session_ttl', 1800); // 30 minutes // Length of time (in seconds) that a cookie will be valid for Configure::set('Blesta.cookie_ttl', 604800); // 7 days
  10. Set language no longer work

    Could you elaborate on your need to override the user's language in preAction? Do you have a link to an example?
  11. Set language no longer work

    The language is set after that event is called now because Blesta sets the staff and client language based on configured values/session information.
  12. Cron Task Stuck

    That does seem to look like a problem with the LogicBoxes Reloaded module. Each task should at least read "Attempting to process <task>." followed eventually by "The process <task> task has completed." This indicates the task both started and completed successfully. If you do not see that the task has completed, it is either still running (unlikely) or there was a failure processing the task that stopped php execution.
  13. Set language no longer work

    Blesta supports staff-configurable language now. What is it you're changing the language for in your event?
  14. VestaCP Module Wont Work

    I've just tested provisioning a service with Vesta and it did so successfully. Are you connecting over SSL and have a valid SSL certificate? It sounds as though the VestaCP webserver is blocking connections on port 8083 or may not be able to negotiate a proper SSL/TLS encryption algorithm to facilitate communication. You might try disabling SSL on the module to communicate insecurely for the purpose of testing whether you still encounter the same error.
  15. Cron Task Stuck

    A cron log of output already exists and any php errors that could stall a cron task are already logged to file.