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  1. It sounds as though a payment is being attempted without using an off-site payment account. I just took a look at that third-party gateway and their github, and it appears to support off-site CC and ACH payments only. If you're encountering this problem, make sure: you are using the latest version of their gateway that the payment account in Blesta for that client is actually stored off-site Blesta makes this determination by saving a `gateway_id` value on the payment account stored in the database (e.g. `accounts_cc` table) If clients had created a payment account in the system prior to you switching to the Stripe (plus) gateway, then that is probably the cause of the issue--i.e. the payment account was originally for a different merchant gateway, not Stripe (plus). Their payment account should be updated, or a new one added to replace the existing payment account that is not currently being stored off-site with Stripe.
  2. I just tried testing that myself by sending 2 invoices from a client profile in the admin UI. Both invoices in the invoices.pdf file display my logo and background. What settings do you have set? I tested with these settings: Logo: JPG Background: JPG Paper size: Letter Invoice Template: Default Font family: dejavusanscondensed Terms: (none) Display on invoice: all checkboxes checked Have you tried using a different logo image? If so, does the logo appear then?
  3. Does the logo appear on all pages if you "View" the invoice (i.e. download it)? Viewing the invoice produces the same PDF as is sent by email. I tested this myself a minute ago and it is working correctly for me.
  4. The module really should make several attempts at generating a username if one is already taken before it fails in Blesta. I've created CORE-3225 to look into adding that behavior.
  5. Blesta doesn't come with a ClientData plugin, which explains why it was not in your new installation of Blesta. It looks like your ClientData plugin is a third-party plugin from @Blesta Addons. You should contact him if there are any compatibility issues.
  6. The admin route you have set conflicts with other routes in the system, which is why you encounter that behavior. We may be able to resolve that issue though, which we will look into shortly. Thanks!
  7. What he's suggesting to do is to assume "[]" is equivalent to "array()" and set the same line as the OP: Configure::set('Blesta.csrf_bypass', ['config::preconfig','domain_form::index']);
  8. Having a specific solution is very useful, so if you can have a unique module dedicated to the management of each of your SaaS apps, then all the better. That makes it easier to manage changes granularly. The Universal Module (or even the None module) is there to use when you don't have a specific module or don't need one that is more complex than collecting a few extra fields and notifying you of an event. It sounds like your solution right now may be to use the Universal Module until you create separate modules for your applications. Whenever you do that, you can make the packages using the Universal Module inactive, stop using them, and maybe even write an importer that will move them over to your other custom module. Whatever you decide to do will come down to what is the best trade-off for your business to pursue long term.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean, could you clarify?
  10. You don't want to upload the "Omnipay-Blesta-Module-1" folder to the server. You want to upload its contents. That folder should contain two folders: "components" and "vendors". Upload those to the Blesta web directory on your server. There should already be a "components" and "vendors" directory in Blesta's web directory, and the folders will be merged when you upload them. Then, you should have the gateways listed in Blesta.
  11. You can FTP to your backup location and remove old backups you don't need. Blesta doesn't currently enforce a rotation policy on database backups off-site.
  12. Tyson

    Multicraft daemon

    We'll have to duplicate the issue first and see what can be done to fix the ip/port. Not sure why that behavior would have changed with Multicraft though.
  13. Yes, the JavaScript file was updated to that in v4.4.
  14. That would mean that the gateway is already installed, so you should look for it under the "Installed" tab of the gateway list.
  15. What order template are you using? Your site looks like it has custom changes to the order plugin. That could be responsible for the problem. I wasn't able to duplicate this behavior on an AJAX or Wizard order template. The Order plugin shouldn't redirect to another page when you redeem a coupon, it should just refresh the Order Summary section via AJAX.
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