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  1. Tyson


    Thanks for the report. Where in the system are you observing tax displayed in the total as opposed to not in the total depending on your tax inclusive/exclusive setting?
  2. Tyson

    namesilo module not working

    You may want to contact the author of that module to get some help with it
  3. I believe the GoCardless gateway with Blesta does the same thing that your current invoicing system does. The client will pay for an invoice and choose whether or not they want to setup a subscription or pay a single invoice one-time. Whether subscription payments or single payments are supported is dependent upon how you have the gateway configured in Blesta and whether the invoice being paid is recurring.
  4. Tyson

    ini_set(): A session is active.

    What version of Blesta are you using? You referenced "line 61 of ...Session.php" changes the php ini settings, but that is only on an old version of Blesta. You may need to upgrade.
  5. Tyson

    New installation blank page

    Yes, the minimum php requirements are 5.4
  6. Tyson

    Reports - Tax Liability Error

    Thanks, we'll take a look as apart of CORE-2911
  7. Tyson

    No payments in Wizard Boxes template

    Is there nothing on the page below what is shown in the screenshot? There is a section called "Client Information" that appears further down the page and gives you a button to checkout and pay. It is loaded via AJAX, so if it is missing there might be a JavaScript error on the page.
  8. Tyson

    Reports - Tax Liability Error

    What does that mean? Can you provide an example and say what column(s) in the report is erroneous?
  9. Tyson

    Reports - Tax Liability Error

    What do you mean that it doesn't calculate the addon prices for lines? What column(s) in the report is inaccurate? I'm not seeing an issue with the Date Closed being incorrect. The date in the report is converting the UTC date from the database into the company timezone and displaying it using the company's defined "Date Time Format". In my case, I am at UTC-7, so a closed invoice I have is stored in UTC at "2018-11-02 16:52:41" and displayed in the report as "Nov 02, 2018 9:52:41 AM", which is the accurate.
  10. Tyson

    GoCardless Non-Merchant Gateway (Alpha)

    It's best practice to use the version of the extension that is provided with Blesta or a newer version if it is compatible.
  11. Tyson

    Directadmin domain validation

    CORE-2785 is currently an open issue.
  12. You should stop using MyISAM tables and use InnoDB. MyISAM does not support transactions, which would be very useful, and is Blesta's expectation to preserve data integrity.
  13. Tyson

    Gsuite and ssl selling

    We'll take a look at the module and see what's going on.
  14. Tyson

    Gsuite and ssl selling

    The errors you get appear to be caused by the module options. Do you have a section called "Module Options" on the package? It should appear automatically when you select the module. It could be an error with the module, but you should check the module logs under Tools > Logs to see if there is a bad response from the API.
  15. Tyson

    cPanel problem appear

    Looks like he was able to solve the problem after looking at the module log. Some browsers can translate them automatically, e.g. Chrome has an option to "Translate to English" when you right-click the page.