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  1. Tyson

    username not email as user id

    You would need to update some files. An example is provided in a different thread that only allows email as the username. You would do the opposite and only allow the username to be specified.
  2. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to have the setup fee be a multiplier of the variable quantity without updating the source code to essentially add that feature in. If the option could have a static quantity then you could have a static setup fee cost associated with it easily.
  3. Tyson


    It's unlikely we will add support for AJAX order templates to process credits any time soon. That template was not designed to support that option.
  4. Setup fees throughout Blesta currently apply only once and do not themselves have a quantity. This is something we're considering updating to allow a setup fee to apply only once or based on the item's quantity, but that behavior is not settled upon yet.
  5. Tyson

    how to add ckeditor in portal

    I believe the CKEditor JavaScript file must also be set to the view in the appropriate controller, e.g. $this->Javascript->setFile('ckeditor/ckeditor.js', 'head', VENDORWEBDIR);
  6. Tyson

    Php 7.2 cPanel Module

    Thanks, this is CORE-2828.
  7. Tyson

    TAX Inclusive/Exclusive

    I appreciate the report and we are aware of concerns some have expressed (such as here) with the tax types in some regions. The difference between inclusive/exclusive on the tax rules is purely visual--the tax is shown in the total (inclusive) or it is not (exclusive). We will need to include additional support in the future for package pricing to support "price includes tax" or "price excludes tax", as you are alluding to.
  8. Tyson

    Php 7.2 Sessions

    I assume you mean Blesta v4.3.2 (not 3.4.2). There are known issues with Blesta on php 7.2 since php 7.2 now raises errors it did not do before. In any case, the sessions have already been updated in the framework for minphp-bridge and minphp-session. You can overwrite the respective code in your Blesta's /vendors/ directory with the latest tags from those repositories. These updates will appear in Blesta v4.4.0.
  9. Tyson

    Duplicate entry error upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.3.2

    Since that plugin's upgrade script failed in the middle of execution, not all of the database changes were made. In this case, you should do two things: Update your config file as I mentioned in my previous post Run the following query on the database: UPDATE `plugins` SET `version` = '2.13.0' WHERE `dir` = 'support_manager' ..then manually upgrade the plugin again.
  10. Tyson

    Duplicate entry error upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.3.2

    I'm sorry to see upgrading isn't going very well for you today. Normally there aren't so many issues. It looks like the database server is rejecting a query attempting to add a new date column to the support_tickets table without being null because it's running in strict mode. I suggest restoring and reattempting the upgrade again, but before you do, update your config file (/config/blesta.php) and change the sql_mode to a blank string. i.e. find and change: 'sqlmode_query' => "SET sql_mode='TRADITIONAL'", to 'sqlmode_query' => "SET sql_mode=''", (remove the word "TRADITIONAL") After the upgrade completes, revert this config file change.
  11. Tyson

    Duplicate entry error upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.3.2

    Sounds like another table (i.e. system_events) exists, probably from a previous incomplete upgrade. I would recommend restoring the database backup from earlier, and then running the upgrade again. You'll want to make sure that you don't have either the service_invoices table or the system_events table prior to upgrading.
  12. Tyson

    Duplicate entry error upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.3.2

    Make sure that you do not have a service_invoices table in your database prior to upgrading. If you do, drop the table, then run the upgrade again. If you still receive the duplicate key error, run the following query on your database: SELECT COUNT(`invoice_lines`.`invoice_id`) FROM `invoice_lines` INNER JOIN `invoices` ON `invoices`.`id` = `invoice_lines`.`invoice_id` WHERE `invoices`.`status` IN ('active', 'proforma') AND `invoice_lines`.`service_id` IS NOT NULL AND `invoices`.`id` = 5 AND `invoice_lines`.`service_id` = 13 GROUP BY `invoice_lines`.`invoice_id`, `invoice_lines`.`service_id` If the result is anything greater than "1" then your database server may not be grouping the result set properly, which explains the duplicate key error since there should be no duplicates in the result. I can't readily explain why that would be, but you could update the upgrade script to ignore duplicates, which should have no adverse effects with the upgrade script. To do so: Update /components/upgrades/tasks/upgrade4_1_1.php At the bottom of that file should be a line: 'INSERT INTO `service_invoices` (`invoice_id`, `service_id`) (' . $sql . ');', Change that to: 'INSERT IGNORE INTO `service_invoices` (`invoice_id`, `service_id`) (' . $sql . ');', That is, just add the word "IGNORE" after "INSERT". Then run the upgrade again and see if it is successful. If so, take a look at the service_invoices table to ensure you have some records and everything should be fine.
  13. Tyson

    email to open ticket.

    Have you taken a look at the documentation regarding email piping?
  14. Tyson

    Blesta 3.6.1 and php 7.0

    Just wanted to chime in here that the Blesta version 3-series (e.g. v3.6.0) will never support php 7+. It simply can not. There are backward incompatible changes introduced in php 7 that prevents Blesta v3.6 from being runnable on that version of php. In order for Blesta to support php 7+, Blesta must be updated to resolve those backward incompatible php 7 changes, and in so doing has to introduce backward incompatible changes in itself. This means that in order to support php 7, an update to Blesta requires a major software release (i.e. moving from version 3.x to version 4 following semantic versioning standards). This is precisely what we did do by releasing Blesta v4.0, and with that version you can run php 5.4+ or php 7+ using the provided ioncube-encoded files for php 5, php 7, or php7.1+ respectively. Ioncube itself does not support php 7+ with its php 5 encoded files, so that's why different encoded files must be used for your particular php version.
  15. Is it possible for you to tie into the Appcontroller.structure event and set hidden HTML along with JavaScript that moves it to the location you want on page load?