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  1. Tyson

    Import domains

    If you were using NetEarthOne or ResellerClub in WHMCS, then the importer could map the domains over to Blesta's LogicBoxes module. You need to have the LogicBoxes module installed in Blesta before running the importer though, so if that was not the case, you should run the importer again.
  2. Since you were able to get a different cPanel server to work correctly, I think you've isolated the problem to either that cPanel server or its response. It is possible the response from cPanel could be too large for Blesta to handle in the log, which could be the reason Blesta does not log the issue or save the service as created. This can occur on Blesta before v4.5.0. You can check your MySQL logs for errors to confirm. I would recommend upgrading to v4.5.1, if you aren't already using it, and try again.
  3. It looks like they only support creating subscriptions right now, since they discontinued their previous PDT flow. Do you have any idea when they may release a one-time payment option? I think we would like to integrate both of those at the same time for a non-merchant gateway.
  4. /components/invoice_templates/*/language/ Search your files for /language/ directories. The invoice logo is scaled down to a width of 140px and a corresponding scaled height.
  5. No, not currently. The system generates the invoice first and then applies the payment to it when/if it is received.
  6. Tyson

    License re-issue function

    A re-issue typically depends on the module and it's re-issue support, and modules are not callable via the API. Assuming the module supports re-issues, you would probably want to call Services::edit via the API and pass in the re-issue field(s) so that the module will be called and can perform that action on the service.
  7. As @activa mentioned, you update the language files in the Order and Support Manager plugins under /plugins/ on your file system. You can also translate them from https://translate.blesta.com, or download your language from there, and modify the files to include your definitions in those plugin directories.
  8. It sounds like Blesta sent the proper information to cPanel, but did not get a response, and has been waiting for one. It's possible there was a response, but there was an error encountered before the response could be logged and the service activated successfully in Blesta, so you may want to check your logs for any errors around the time that Blesta sent that request.
  9. I think with whatever system you go with you are going to run into this problem. Migrating between billing systems is usually supported, but migrating data from a module, like Plesk, into a billing system is usually not supported. A script could certainly be written to perform this migration, but Blesta does not currently have an automated way of creating Blesta clients and services from Plesk data. We don't recommend having Plesk and Blesta on the same server for the same reason that Plesk will restart before notifying Blesta that it provisioned a service, and so Blesta will never know about it. With the graceful restart function enabled, I haven't encountered any problems, but if you search the forums you may find some that have issues and others that don't. I'm not sure I fully understand the issue with creating users, but that may be a limitation of WHMCS. Blesta usernames and Plesk usernames are typically different. If you intend to use the Plesk account's username as the Blesta client's username, that is certainly possible assuming there are no other users in Blesta with the same username. As mentioned above, I am not aware of any third-party Plesk importer, and Blesta does not provide one. The current Stripe payment gateway does not use tokens. This is largely not a problem, but apparently there is a setting in your Stripe account that needs to be checked in order to accept payments in this way. Blesta does not include an OpenSRS module, but there is a third-party integration of it. I have not used it. Yes. A service can be prorated on order (e.g. to the first of the month) as defined on the package template. Services are also prorated when you upgrade/downgrade to another term or package. This depends on what you mean by "immediately". Blesta does not install a daemon on the server, so it does not spin off separate processes to run immediately. Instead, services are provisioned by cron, which you setup on your server to run every 5 minutes. Therefore, a service can be provisioned automatically within 5 minutes. You can have orders wait for manual review if you would like, but that is configurable. I hope that helps.
  10. The Cron Command field shown in Blesta is a generic command based on the server's operating system that you can copy and use to define the cron job. The actual command that will work on your system may vary depending upon your server environment, and where you define the cron job depends on your environment as well. For example, if you have cPanel installed, you can create cron jobs easily through their interface. See the documentation.
  11. Since the voided invoice is an unpaid invoice, it sends that email template. You can update the email template if you'd like to be more specific. For example, since that email template accepts multiple invoices, you might check that the status of the first invoice and set the subject conditionally: {% if invoices[0].status == "void" %}Invoice Voided{% else %}Invoice Due{% endif %} I did not test this, so you should before using it.
  12. Thanks, I think that would be a useful addition. We'll look into it for CORE-3066.
  13. The module allows you to specify a port, but only a single port, not a port range. You can still set multiple ports on a single IP to use as multiple dedicated IPs though.
  14. Tyson

    Paypal CC End Point

    If you're trying to use the API to fetch a non-merchant gateway's payment HTML, see Payments::getBuildProcess as @coreyman mentioned above. The arguments required are the method's parameters. If you are making a merchant CC payment, look at the other end-points available on the same page.
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