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  1. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    An ideal size is something 30 pixels in height.
  2. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    Page links are different than navigation links. For page links, update the "Link Text Color" client theme setting.
  3. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    That is the client theme's Navigation Text Active Color.
  4. page takes ages to load after create client

    It shouldn't take 30 seconds to create a client or do most anything in the system. That long of a wait time can usually be attributed to latency or server performance issues. As mentioned above, you may not have enough system memory available and the server could be paging a lot, reducing performance and response time. You didn't mention whether you're on a VPS, but if so, you could be low on resources or the server could be overloaded, causing the issue. If the database server is different from your Blesta server, there could be latency issues or stalled/long-running queries that are causing the slowness with some actions. It's difficult to say exactly where the cause lies, but in any case you should take a look at the server resources and update its configuration as necessary.
  5. How do I Add the Logo on Upper Left?

    Under Settings > Look and Feel you can create/update a theme to set a link to the header logo you want to use. No need to overwrite any existing logos. I see your logo in the header from your link, but your logo is white on a transparent background, and the background color of the header is white, so it appears as if there is no logo. I think you should setup another theme with a different header background color so that you can see your header logo against it.
  6. Invoiced this month incorrect

    Those pending invoices must be the cause then. "Invoiced this Month" just concerns itself with there being an active invoice billed within the date range. An active invoice includes invoices that are pending since pending invoices are just active invoices with a future bill date. This logic could be updated to disclude pending invoices, but I'm not sure if that's the best action here. It can be useful knowledge either way depending on how you look at it. It may make sense to have more statistics to account for differences like this, though, e.g. "Pending Invoices this Month", "Open Invoices this Month", "Closed Invoices this Month"
  7. Invoiced this month incorrect

    You can create/update invoices to have a future "Date Billed". See the screenshot below and assume the "Date Billed" was a date between Jan 2 and Jan 31. That bill date is what is used for the "Invoiced Today" and "Invoiced this Month" statistics. If you have any invoices in your system with a bill date between Jan 2 and Jan 31 then that could account for the discrepancy you noticed on Jan 1. The "Invoiced this Month" statistic covers invoices across the entire month, even if the entire month has not yet passed, i.e. Jan 1 - Jan 31 -- not Jan 1 - Jan 2 (since today is Jan 2) If you go to Billing > Invoices and sort by Date Billed descending on the Open, Closed, or Pending statuses, do you have any invoices with a future bill date this month?
  8. Invoiced Today

    @Blesta Addons Since the bill date changes for proforma invoices once they are paid, the "Invoiced Today" statistic appears to be logically accurate. It sounds like you would prefer to have the statistic represent the proforma invoices invoiced today but not actual invoices. This would also affect the "Invoiced this Month" statistic since those are generated identically, so the "Invoiced Today" and "Invoiced this Month" statistics would only refer to current proforma invoices in your case and will always exclude actual invoices. Example: If you generate a proforma invoice today, the amount will appear in both the "Invoiced Today" and "Invoiced this Month" statistic. If the customer also pays for it today, the invoice amount will no longer appear in the "Invoiced Today" or "Invoiced this Month" statistic. Do you think that amounts being removed from these statistics makes sense?
  9. Invoiced this month incorrect

    I took a look at the calculation and all appears well as-is. My suspicion is one of the following: The server time may be off resulting in the current time being pulled in from another year (seems unlikely with the numbers you show) You may have existing invoices with a bill date between Jan 2 and Jan 31
  10. MaxMind check

    Sounds like maybe you did not setup the correct license key in Blesta? Difficult to say for sure. MaxMind suggests contacting them for help.
  11. Upgrading 4.1.2 to 4.2?

    You can search for keywords across an entire project (or directory) in almost any advanced editor/IDE. It's a moot point, though, when merging your custom changes with Blesta source files since any results in the diff/merge application are files that must be reviewed. All identical files are ignored and won't appear in the list, so that would already save you the time of having to look at a specific list of files.
  12. Cron Error Log - Invoice Delivery

    Based on the error, the email address is malformed or the domain does not have valid DNS/MX records. I don't think Blesta will be able to send email to that address and you'll continue to encounter email delivery errors for that client. You can check the database for any queued emails set to be delivered to that client: SELECT `invoice_delivery`.* FROM `invoice_delivery` INNER JOIN `invoices` ON `invoices`.`id` = `invoice_delivery`.`invoice_id` WHERE `invoice_delivery`.`method` = 'email' AND `invoice_delivery`.`date_sent` IS NULL AND `invoices`.`client_id` = 73;
  13. Settings are inheritable, so the company setting 'inv_type' should exist or you'll encounter that error.
  14. Upgrading 4.1.2 to 4.2?

    I'm not sure what you mean by tagged aesthetic changes or site-wide searches. The tools look for differences in the comparison of 2 or more files on the file system and allows you to merge and edit the files. The process would normally go something like this: Open the diff/merge application on your computer Use the diff/merge application to load all files from a directory where you have your custom file changes stored You should store each of the files you have updated in the same directory structure as Blesta for simplicity and easy comparison. For example, if you updated the admin_billing template file, you should store that file in its full directory path: /blesta/app/views/admin/default/admin_billing.pdt Use the diff/merge application to load the Blesta source files from the /blesta/ directory from the zip you downloaded The diff/merge application will then compare each of your custom files with those from Blesta, listing files that differ You can go through each of the files that differ and resolve any differences between them manually (i.e. merge your custom file changes into the Blesta source files before you upload them to your server)
  15. It sounds like your company does not have all of its settings defined for some reason. You may want to update the company settings under Settings > Billing/Payment > Invoice Customization and re-save the settings. The one you're missing based on that error is the "Invoice Type".