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  1. Very nice! Just FYI on the HTML-in-JavaScript where you mention adding plus-signs--the plus-sign is the JavaScript concatenation operator which appends the string before it with the string after it. You could just have one large string (contained in single-quotes or double-quotes) without any concatenation, but I think the original template is written that way for readability. I'm sure those familiar with JavaScript will already recognize that.
  2. Add Bangla Language option for translate

    That language is now available on the translator.
  3. I would recommend taking a look at their documentation. All of the CKEditor source code is available in /vendors/ckeditor/ of your Blesta installation. Most of the configuration is set in the *.js files in that directory.
  4. Staff Emails not sending

    The BCC notices you configured for the staff group makes them available to any staff in that group, but each staff user still must set whether they want to receive BCC notices from their [My Info] > [Notices] page by subscribing to them.
  5. How to Disable CSRF Protection

    You need to update your configuration file to set specific controller methods that should bypass the CSRF check. You can update /config/blesta.php, then find and update Configure::set('Blesta.csrf_bypass', array()); to: Configure::set('Blesta.csrf_bypass', array('client_login::index', 'client_login::reset')); That will disable the CSRF check on the client login and client reset password pages. The ISO-3166 for Bangladesh includes multiple districts and divisions, and some of the divisions have the same name as the district, hence why "Chittagong" appears duplicate--one refers to the division and the other refers to the district. If you need to update the States in Blesta to better represent provinces in your area more specifically than the ISO-3166 can represent, you can try the States&Countries plugin to update them.
  6. Services and date_added

    The services added are useful for keeping track of what is being added to the system, either from orders or otherwise. I agree it would be useful to also know of services that were activated today, but there is currently no criterion available to make that determination.
  7. Services and date_added

    The Billing Overview stat of "Services Added Today" represents the total number of service records that were created today based on the service's add date. That does not necessarily mean that the service was activated today or even that it's active at all. It sounds like you are expecting it to mean Services Activated Today, but there is no criteria available for it to determine the date the service was made active.
  8. Manually adding service renewal date bug

    Thanks, we'll take a look. CORE-2522
  9. authorization message not well rendered in support manager

    Thanks, we'll take a look. CORE-2521
  10. cPanel password strength change

    I haven't seen anything that indicates the new default is a strength of 90, but I would be curious to know if that is the case. You can update the $pool you mentioned above to include uppercase characters, but that doesn't mean a password generated will definitely contain one. The best indicator of password strength should be the password length from a large enough character set. Considering that the password is generated from any character in the pool randomly with equal probability, I would recommend increasing the minimum character length to a suitable number to achieve the desired strength. Without knowing how the strength is derived though, you cannot guarantee a randomly generated password would achieve it. From the examples on the page you linked, it appears each character is given a strength from 6-10, but is subject to a positive or negative multiplier based on other factors. Assuming a strength value of 6 per character in the generated password's random distribution, a 100-strength password could be acheived consistently at a minimum of 17 characters, so I would update the minimum password length to 17: private function generatePassword($min_length = 17, $max_length = 20)
  11. Query in Record

    Just wanted to confirm here that any non-fields, like aggregate expressions or custom values, in your SELECT should not be escaped by passing false in Record::select(..fields.., false), as you've discovered already. See the Record documentation for more.
  12. Ghost contacts (deleted clients)

    Deleting a client will only delete the client record and the associated user account. The deletion does not cascade across other foreign keys as the data may be useful for reporting, legal, or other purposes. In the future we will likely include the ability to delete all related records at once.
  13. cPanel password strength change

    If your cPanel server requires a strength of "90" and the password the module creates is insufficient, you might consider decreasing that requirement on your cPanel server under Password Strength Configuration. I think 65 has been the default value. I'm not sure how that strength value is calculated, so it's difficult to say what changes to the password generator would actually result in a password that meets that minimum strength. If you can find documentation on that let us know.
  14. Scheduled service in widget

    Are you referring to active services, cancellations, or scheduled cancellations?
  15. get top total credit by client

    Look at the `transactions` table. There is no method to fetch a list of the clients with the most credits. You could, however, loop over every client in the system and call Transactions::getCredits(CLIENT_ID, CURRENCY), then sort them to make your own list, but that would be very slow with the number of queries you would have to execute.