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  1. SiXwishlist

    How much is an owned unbranded license worth?

    surprised? many people / companies give up because there are no basic/standard modules to sell services. Our license was bought when it was Blesta 2.5, today we have Blesta 4? How many years should I wait? Many elements are still missing. Just browse the forum to find questions about the missing modules! The list is very long so Blesta is a waste of time for many companies. Although we still use Blesta, three of our other brands are based on wh...s. Many developers create cool solutions / modules, etc. but they are not 100% stable in combination with continuous updates of Blesta. Hosting is a type of business that requires stable operation of elements used to sell services. Unfortunately, Blesta has a problem with that.
  2. SiXwishlist

    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    it looks like an internet browser problem
  3. Hi everyone. Quite an urgent matter, someone has already done, or has the intention to perform Plesk Extended module ,proper Domain Manager and Proxmox module for Blesta? I ask before I choose a different billing panel. Marek
  4. SiXwishlist

    Feed Backs For humanehosting.com!

    beginning of 2000?
  5. SiXwishlist

    [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    from me too
  6. SiXwishlist

    Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    We have everything we need to run our business
  7. SiXwishlist

    Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    Of course we have additional (third party) modules. But they are modules created only for us. We finished with firms that arise like mushrooms after the rain for one season Blesta Addons It is the number one! He did a lot of work completely free.
  8. SiXwishlist

    Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    I'm not surprised ..... for me it is lesson number 3. That is why we do not buy any modules anymore. Good example: I think it is enough!
  9. SiXwishlist

    Bitcoin currency format

    I do not remember how to set up a Bitcoin currency format. Payment Details / Total always 0.00 instead of eg 0.001
  10. SiXwishlist

    Digital Ocean Module still work?

    DO module is not a great way to resell services.
  11. SiXwishlist

    Invoice Due email

    Thanks, I checked all and should be ok
  12. SiXwishlist

    Invoice Due email

    The funny thing is that 30 days ago we enable HTML for email delivered and I forgot to change http to https
  13. SiXwishlist

    Invoice Due email

    Hi user,An invoice has been created for your account and is attached to this email in PDF format.Invoice #: If you would like us to automatically charge your card, login to your account at http://my.sixwishlist.com/client/ to set up auto debit.Pay Now, visit http://my.sixwishlist.com/client/pay/method/------------------------------ (No login required)If you have any questions about your invoice, please let us know! How to change http on https?
  14. SiXwishlist

    Plesk Module?