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  1. Move cPanel Account To Another Server

    I have two cpanel servers. I moved one account to another server. How do I update the server name in Blesta? I don't see an option to choose the server name from a dropdown on the management tab.
  2. Annual and Monthly Fees

    That's a good idea. The only problem with it is the renewal months are not charged a monthly fee.
  3. Annual and Monthly Fees

    I have a use case where I need to charge an annual fee and monthly fee in the same product. What would be the best way to approach this.... For example, $100 every year and $5 per month...
  4. Multi-Select Configurable Options

    What the rationale here? To encourage us to use configurable options? That's not working for me either....
  5. Configurable Options Error

    I'm getting the following error when adding a configurable option to addon within a package. Here is how it's setup. Widget Package - Widget Addon 1 ---- widget option a ---- widget option b - Widget Addon 2 - Widget Addon 3 Add "Widget Addon 1" and "widget option 2" I click continue. Select Widget Addon 1 Term and check configurable options a and b Go to "Widget Add 2" select term and then continue... That's when I get the error.... hmmm... uncheck the config options and complete order with no incident. Then I can go to the package and add the option. Why is the config option being applied to all the remaining addon products? **update** Did some additional test, if all the addons are using the same universal module still does not work. To get it to work as expected, I had to add the options group to all addons in the package. That's no good because all the addons don't share the same options. The expected behavior is that I would be able to select the option and go to the next addon without error. Is this a bug or a user error? **update2** another workaround is adding the addon with configurable option to the last item in the order workflow... More of a hack than a fix.... **update3** updating the display order isn't feasible... because not ability to control that. It's done alphabetically.
  6. Multi-Select Configurable Options

    I would like customers to be able to select one or more options. Here is how I have it setup, but would really like to eliminate the duplicate headers since the options are all the same type. Specifically, would like to display... Vertical Directory Options - (select zero, one, or more) - 1 - 2 - 3 instead of ... Vertical Directory - 1 Vertical Directory - 2 Vertical Directory - 3 Beyond, multiple-select field type.... I would like to be able to... - charge cancellation fees on options. - apply discounts to the recurring and setup fee depending on the number of options selected. - drop the cancellation fee after X number of term cycles. - have the option to pro-rate the cancellation fee.
  7. Universal Module Advice

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the Universal Module. What I understand is "Package Options" are options you create when creating a new product. "Service Options" are variables that apply to each order. What I don't understand is the relationship between a Configurable Option and Service Option. This doc (https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Creating+Configurable+Options) states.... Does this apply to the Universal Module? An example would really help.
  8. Multi-Company White Page

    I turned on the error messages and got Files does not exist: /var/www/MY-DOMAIN/MY-AWARE-FOLDER/app/views/client/MY-STORE/structure.pdt So I deleted the store and added it back and seems to work now AFTER I cleared my cache and restarted the browser.
  9. Multi-Company White Page

    I'm trying to use multi-company with nginx. The add-on company is getting a white page on all publicly accessible pages. I can however login into admin. Any ideas?
  10. I don't use the account email feature as much as I should because I can't access more than one email address via the drop down. I would like options to send emails by.... All contacts on an account. Contact Types (support, billing, etc.) Add rows that let met BCC, CC additional contacts via dropdown. manually add addresses for people not in the database and assigned to the account.
  11. Blesta report CRON still running

    So, here is what I think happened..... Since the upgrade I've been having to run crons manually in Blesta. The mail was working great, but no automation. Today I learned that I need to add ionCube to /etc/php/7.0/cli/conf.d to get the automation to work. Anyone interested, can relive those moments here.... So after that automation started working, but it couldn't complete the mail task... so it was hung. The solution to fix the mail task was to to copy mailparse.ini into /etc/php/7.0/clic/conf.d that same way I had done above. /etc/php/7.0/cli/conf.d# cp ../../cli/conf.d/20-mailparse.ini . That fixed the broken task, but as you said, I still need to add an end time to the open process in log_cron. What a day.....
  12. Blesta report CRON still running

    why is this still grinding away. No active crons. Task disabled.... What's controls that and how do I reset that?
  13. Blesta report CRON still running

    The queries returned zero, but it's probably because I'm using IMAP. Was able to connect and download email with another imap client. Process still pending.
  14. Blesta report CRON still running

    I'm using IMAP. Was able to connect and download email with another imap client.
  15. Blesta report CRON still running

    Where is the log for that service. I had a staff member with an invalid email address that was generating undeliverables alerts every time someone entered a support message. I deleted that user.... and that is around the time I noticed this issue...