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  1. I need to be able to sync data with wordpress, quickbooks, etc. Instead of individual integrations, the strategy that seems to make sense is Zapier or equivalent service. Then my valuable Blesta data would no longer be siloed.
  2. I would like to be able to advance to the next record in the client's detail view. This will save us from going back to the detail to advance to the next account. Perhaps you could place it to the right of the client ID?
  3. Really like the new fields on configurable options. Wanted to propose a few improvements. First, the setup fee is only applied once. For example, if I sell 10 option "seats" I'm only capturing one setup fee for all the seats instead of one setup fee for each seat. Perhaps, a "Setup fee applies to 'all' or 'per'" option? Second, in some cases I would like to make selecting an option required. Perhaps a "is required" checkbox next to the option? Finally, I would like the flexibility to tax options, but not the parent service. Perhaps adding a "inherits product's tax status" with a "yes|no" dropdown to each option?
  4. I'm able to load documents and view them. However, since the move I can't view the documents that already existed. The old documents and the new documents are in the same folder. Do I have to reload all the documents one-by-one?
  5. Well, the log directory ' /var/www/logs_blesta/ had permissions, but the files in the directory where owned by root... Really strange a logfile permission issue prevented me from creating invoices.... Why are new log files are defaulting to root ownership?
  6. Since upgrade to 4.1.2 get a white screen when I generate an invoice or reoccurring invoice. mydomain.com/admin/clients/createinvoice/75/ Thoughts? Will turn on debug and see what I can figure out. Looks like a permission issue with the logger.... The stream or file "/var/www/logs_blesta/general-info-2017-11-20.log" could not be opened: failed to open stream: Permission denied on line 107 in /path/to/blesta/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/StreamHandler.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /path/to/blesta/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/RotatingFileHandler.php(107): Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler->write(Array) #1 /path/to/blesta/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/AbstractProcessingHandler.php(37): Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler->write(Array) #2 /path/to/blesta/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Logger.php(337): Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler->handle(Array) #3 /path/to/blesta/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Logger.php(546): Monolog\Logger->addRecord(200, 'Created Invoice', Array) #4 /path/to/blesta/app/models/invoices.php(154): Monolog\Logger->info('Created Invoice', Array) #5 /path/to/blesta/app/controllers/admin_clients.php(3852): Invoices->add(Array) #6 /path/to/blesta/vendors/minphp/bridge/src/Lib/Dispatcher.php(143): AdminClients->createInvoice() #7 /path/to/blesta/index.php(21): Dispatcher::dispatch('/admin/clients/...') #8 {main}
  7. I'm attempting to change a cpanel service from monthly to annual billing. - overide price - not checked. - prorata box - checked. - Select annual cycle - use module - checked - coupon code applied ($10 off) Saving generates a .13 invoice.... and I see this This service has pending changes. Updating this service to upgrade or downgrade any of its values will cause the current pending changes to be canceled. How do I clear that message I've tried... voiding out the 13 cent invoice I don't undersatand.... Shouldn't the NEW invoice be the cost of a full year less any credit remaining during the current period (month).? manually running automation.... There are no pending orders or services... What's that message all about? How do I correctly process the upgrade?
  8. jwogrady

    Restore a Domain

    So, what I think happened.... - Log in as client and created a domain order. However, could not complete order since I didn't have offline payment option enabled. - As an admin, I accepted the order, but the ENOM automation didn't run. The services were probably all in "pending" status for payment. - I need the ENOM process to run so I cancelled the order. Now I have 20 domain service showing as cancelled!!! Definately not what I want. - The is no way to un-cancel and order or a service... So my option of last resort.... manually changing services to pending (in the database)... and then manually making each domain "active".... That triggered the automation. However, I do have an order with no transactions against it. I'm hoping once I process payment that will turn from red to green. What I learned.... 1.) items without payment are in pending status, but they can be manually processed from there to force the automation.... However, I do have to accept the credit risk for doing that. 2.) you can't un-cancel service.... So my remaining question, how bad did I mess up my database making a manual change....
  9. jwogrady

    Restore a Domain

    I log in as customer and create a domain order with 20 domains EPP codes, but there is not credit card. Great, no pay by check option.... Well, I go back in as admin a see pending order... First I accept it... no automation runs. Then I try to cancel it Now I have this!!! How do I clear these cancels out process them enom orders with a check payment. John
  10. I have two cpanel servers. I moved one account to another server. How do I update the server name in Blesta? I don't see an option to choose the server name from a dropdown on the management tab.
  11. That's a good idea. The only problem with it is the renewal months are not charged a monthly fee.
  12. I have a use case where I need to charge an annual fee and monthly fee in the same product. What would be the best way to approach this.... For example, $100 every year and $5 per month...
  13. What the rationale here? To encourage us to use configurable options? That's not working for me either....
  14. I'm getting the following error when adding a configurable option to addon within a package. Here is how it's setup. Widget Package - Widget Addon 1 ---- widget option a ---- widget option b - Widget Addon 2 - Widget Addon 3 Add "Widget Addon 1" and "widget option 2" I click continue. Select Widget Addon 1 Term and check configurable options a and b Go to "Widget Add 2" select term and then continue... That's when I get the error.... hmmm... uncheck the config options and complete order with no incident. Then I can go to the package and add the option. Why is the config option being applied to all the remaining addon products? **update** Did some additional test, if all the addons are using the same universal module still does not work. To get it to work as expected, I had to add the options group to all addons in the package. That's no good because all the addons don't share the same options. The expected behavior is that I would be able to select the option and go to the next addon without error. Is this a bug or a user error? **update2** another workaround is adding the addon with configurable option to the last item in the order workflow... More of a hack than a fix.... **update3** updating the display order isn't feasible... because not ability to control that. It's done alphabetically.
  15. I would like customers to be able to select one or more options. Here is how I have it setup, but would really like to eliminate the duplicate headers since the options are all the same type. Specifically, would like to display... Vertical Directory Options - (select zero, one, or more) - 1 - 2 - 3 instead of ... Vertical Directory - 1 Vertical Directory - 2 Vertical Directory - 3 Beyond, multiple-select field type.... I would like to be able to... - charge cancellation fees on options. - apply discounts to the recurring and setup fee depending on the number of options selected. - drop the cancellation fee after X number of term cycles. - have the option to pro-rate the cancellation fee.
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