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  1. If you say so. I just know there are thousands of small businesses out there in the UK alone that look at billing solutions like Blesta, and not every one of them can afford to outsource to pay someone to do it for them. I've made the suggestion but I get the impression it's not being well received so I'll leave it at that.
  2. But Blesta is a billing system, and you can use it for so much more than just the "internet market". What about an architect, or writer working freelance? They aren't anywhere near the web industry but could still use Blesta quite happily for their invoicing and administration. I wouldn't expect them to know the first thing about editing code. At the end of the day they are paying for the product. Maybe I'm out on my own on this but I see a lot of potential for different markets outside your usual "web host billing".
  3. Great attitude. I look at it from the point of an end user to try improve the software. Some end users will be technically competent enough to make changes here and there to get the set up working just for them which is fine. Other users just want the software to work and don't have the ability or interest in making code changes all the time to make something as basic as this work correctly. This isn't an issue for me, I'll just remove the code, but I assumed that the developers here would want suggestions and feedback on how to improve the product for everyone. This includes companies that bill clients but perhaps not in the technical/web industry. Massive market. Don't just automatically assume that everyone that uses Blesta is competent in HTML/PHP. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
  4. Because you are expecting end users to have a grasp on editing HTML/PHP files. Don't set the bar high, not everyone that uses Blesta will be a web host, it's a billing system that a lot of companies can use that aren't technically competent in programming.
  5. The ability to add custom links to the client navigation bar without diving into the code would be a good addition. For example, if you have a support system (Kayako et. al) that you need to link to, or a forum etc.
  6. Yeah I know, I've done that but we shouldn't be making end users remove bits of code if they don't want to keep the portal plugin.
  7. Where is the setting to remove/add/rename it? I've removed the Portal plugin and the link is still there which doesn't really make any sense to me.
  8. Have now set Blesta up on another VM successfully.
  9. The "Return to portal" link should not be visible when the Portal plugin is disabled, it may add confusion to the end user. Cheers, Mark
  10. Removed the system key generation code and the file was written successfully with database details and the dummy details I used for $system_key. However, once on the initial setup page after filling in my details it just returns a blank screen. No errors in the apache log.
  11. Setting the file to 444 means that it is read only for everyone, including the owner, and the install still reports it as writeable so I'm not convinced that the check is working correctly on that front. I will take out the system key code and let you know what happens.
  12. As an aside, I think the installer needs a bit more work generally, after setting blesta-new.php permissions to 444 the installer still says that the file is writeable!
  13. Looks like the file is just renamed, line 258 of app/controller/install.php /** * Write the config file details * * @return false If the file could not be renamed (e.g. written to) */ private function writeConfig() { // Attempt to rename the config from blesta-new.php to blesta.php if (!rename(CONFIGDIR . "blesta-new.php", CONFIGDIR . "blesta.php")) return false; // Generate a sufficiently large random value Loader::load(VENDORDIR . "phpseclib" . DS . "Crypt" . DS . "Random.php"); $system_key = md5(crypt_random() . uniqid(php_uname('n'), true)) . md5(uniqid(php_uname('n'), true) . crypt_random()); $config = file_get_contents(CONFIGDIR . "blesta.php"); $replacements = array( '{database_host}' => $this->db_info['host'], '{database_name}' => $this->db_info['database'], '{database_user}' => $this->db_info['user'], '{database_password}' => $this->db_info['pass'], '{system_key}' => $system_key ); foreach ($replacements as &$value) { $value = str_replace(array('\\', '$', '"'), array('\\\\', '\$', '\"'), $value); } file_put_contents(CONFIGDIR . "blesta.php", str_replace(array_keys($replacements), array_values($replacements), $config)); return true; } Looks like the installer could possibly be falling down while trying to set up the system key, even if it couldn't do the variable replacement it would still return true, perhaps need another error check in there; being able to rename the file doesn't automatically mean that it was written successfully.
  14. Hi Paul, SuPHP is actually active on this server and working normally for all other PHP applications. The config directory is set to 777 and blesta-new.php to 666 before the install is attempted. The installer gives a pass to this requirement as well. After the installation attempt blesta-new.php is renamed blesta.php, the permissions stay at 666 but no tag replacement is done at any level; this includes the database details but also the system key.
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