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  1. Hi Cody, Is there any chance this plugin can be expanded to authenticate staff users as well?
  2. It appears that you can still go to ~/admin/upgrade after upgrading to the latest version, and this page is not disabled after running the upgrader. This could be a security issue as it shows the full path to the Blesta installation, and someone could run the upgrade again, using up database resources.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to get the admin login page to check the 'Remember me on this computer.' option by default, but I don't see the 'input type="checkbox"' in /app/views/default/admin_login.pdt anywhere, so I'm unable to set it to checked by default. Does anyone know the proper way to do this? Thanks.
  4. I'm looking to modify where the 'Home' navigation item links to. Would anyone be willing to share a good way of doing this? Thank you.
  5. Yes. You can not set it from there. It is hard coded into CSS (/app/views/client/bootstrap/css/styles.css). #my-info .panel-blesta > .panel-heading { background:#f1f1f1; color:#656565; }
  6. Specifically, we are concerned about the location in the image that I have attached below. The color that is hard-coded into the template clashes with our theme. We have modified the CSS manually for now, but it would be nice to have an option to set this color.
  7. IMHO, I believe that tickets fall under a different category than invoices or transactions, which cannot be deleted. We have multiple departments set up that anyone can email in to, and many of them are spammed constantly. Generally we just close the ticket, but an option to purge the ticket would be nice. We have no plans on deleting client or prospective client tickets, but if we want to review our support tickets, we have to sort through the spam to see tickets that really mean something. As a temporary workaround, we could create a 'Trash' department that no one is assigned to, and tr
  8. Payment Gateways should have two names. One is client facing, and one is admin facing. When our clients get email confirmations, it says "We have received your PayPal Payments Standard payment" Same thing could be said for bitpay. Most people know it by the Bitcoin name, not bitpay.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why is this of the utmost importance?
  10. Hello All, I'm pretty new to this development stuff, so bear with me here. I'm trying to get a list of all packages, not just the active ones. The code I am currently using is below, and I have not found a way to list all (active, restricted, inactive) packages. I'm guessing I need to change the bolded part above to something else, but I have not found what that is yet. Thank you! John
  11. Wow I'm an idiot. Obviously my searching skills are not up to par tonight. Thanks Mike.
  12. There are no page titles in the support manager in the client area. Did not check the beta, but this is the case for 3.6.2.
  13. Hey Naja, I'm in the process of submitting pull requests to fix some issues with grammar in the language files. I hope to contribute to this plugin more as we test it and roll it out. John
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