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  1. the limits are created under client -> limit templates -> add new -> with template type: main template. i've created two basic limit templates, one with a web_domain limit of 1 (ie, client can have 1 vhost), and no email limits at all. for basic web hosting with no email. and one with a web_domain limit of 0, ie no vhosts, and email limits of 1 domain, 5 mailboxes, for email hosting only, no website. each limit template is applied under a separate package in blesta. in use, neither one leads to the creation of a maildomain in ispconfig, although the email package should. the use of the email package also still creates a website for that domain in ispconfig, despite the web_domain limit being 0. the actual template settings are attached. i had to set the website disk quota to 1mb, for some reason in blesta it wouldn't accept / create the package when the limit was set to 0mb. limit templates - standard.txt limit templates - email only.txt
  2. Hi, i'm currently running a trial version of blesta 5.2, with the ispconfig module installed. so far, i have created some limit templates (main template) in ispconfig and tried creating packages. i've noticed that if no created limit template is selected, the custom limit template is used instead, and options are available under module options, for php options and for ssh options. in this way, i can create an order in blesta, and an account / website is created in ispconfig, with the assigned limits, but that is all it creates, it doesn't create any maildomain, or dns zone, and it doesn't add the domain to the domains table in ispconfig when 'Use the domain limits in client module to add new domains' is enabled, so the user cannot then change anything directly in ispconfig, as the domain field ends up being empty. how do i get the domain added to the ispconfig domain table? or can this option not be enabled when used with blesta? i've also created a main template in ispconfig, for email only, with the max number of web domains set explicitly to 0. yet when making an order through blesta, it still doesn't create a maildomain, but does still create a website for the given domain. i can create the maildomain directly in ispconfig, and it does have the given numbers of mailboxes limit, and mail quota limits, but i don't want customers to have to add the maildomain in ispconfig, that should be done at the time of service creation. how do i configure blesta / ispconfig module to create the maildomain, and not create a website when ordering email only hosting? thanks, lee.
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