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  1. can you please go to tools > logs and module and click the row for the centovacast name and print the outputs hiding confidential information.
  2. It will be in 4.7.0 but not 4.6.1, etc.
  3. Two of our Beta testers have allowed us to share their fantastic forums in our portfolio so we'll share them here too.
  4. You can join our community forums.
  5. Check your root url in: settings > system > general
  6. I was stating the fact you blocked me and we don't get on .Everyone here and on every social site knows I cocked that up but I'm still paying Onapp and they know all about Michael Dance. PS: you can even do blog post about it if you'll like
  7. it's now out in a private beta you can request a code if your a customer or create an account https://blesta.store/client/plugin/betas/requests/ https://twitter.com/BlestaStore/status/1147251107938390019
  8. Yeah you are setting a route which conflicts with other urls. Why do you want something short that any tom, dick or harry could guess?
  9. Like I said I think they use BuycPanel and they only ask for the IP. But they should still get a key.
  10. it will have the license key for the trial and then Paul can pull up the IP and find the host, or something.
  11. I don't seem to have this issue :s
  12. You didn't show the other packages....
  13. It looks like a scam, and @Paul Covelio is their host. I think personally they are using BuycPanel and haven't updated it after 30 days Go to phpmyadmin @imanoob2000 then go to the settings table then go to license_key what does that say?
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