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  1. Blesta.Store

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    Just a little bug for you mate: $lang['CashboxPlugin.permission.admin_widget'] = 'Cashbox Widget'; should be: $lang['CashboxPlugin.permission.admin_main.widget'] = 'Cashbox Widget';
  2. Blesta.Store

    Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)

    that could be you have two Javascripts or something is conflicting try moving the JS up and down.
  3. Blesta.Store

    Blesta Installation - Files not writable by Web-Server

    Hi are you still having issues, if so could you please PM me your teamviewer information and I'll try and help you.
  4. Blesta.Store

    Will Blesta meet GDPR law requirements?

    I assume one of them is me mate since I don't like the EU and their regulations they sprout up.
  5. Blesta.Store

    Login with Display Name is a bad idea

    A bug is something which should be fixed it's a feature they changed so it's not a bug, feel free to post it yourself: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/ They can explain why they changed from the first username you registered with (which you can see anyway).
  6. Blesta.Store

    Login with Display Name is a bad idea

    oh you're talking about the Forum I thought you meant Blesta, the forum software does what the forum software developers do can't change that here.
  7. Blesta.Store

    [Plugin] The Debugger

    I've now done an article mate linked in my signature to help future people.
  8. Blesta.Store

    Login with Display Name is a bad idea

    Display names? They can choose a Username or use their email address an attacker has to guess what the user is using?
  9. Blesta.Store

    Home page css issues?

    you're welcome mate.
  10. Blesta.Store

    Age (birthday), and gender for contacts

    Quite like the current system, first name etc.
  11. Blesta.Store

    Home page css issues?

    Your bootstrap file isn't loading: http://pay.subportal.io/app/views/client/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css Not found if you linked to mine: <link href="https://blesta.store/app/views/client/blesta_store/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> The CSS will be fixed, so somehow yours is broken.
  12. Blesta.Store

    [SOLVED] Internal Server Error (500)

    Managed to fix it today by re-installing CentosWebPanel and installing everything from scratch was an ioncube issue.
  13. Blesta.Store

    Logging out on clicking Services

    have you set the order form to accept PayPal, is the currency accepted on PayPal (ticked the box on the PayPal gateway for the currency).
  14. Blesta.Store

    Blesta to WordPress SSO

    Good luck but since Blesta uses a secure password hashing called bcrypt there's no way both software can have the same password since you can't decrypt it and then rehash it with WordPress. If WordPress did password hashing with Bcrypt you could use the same system hash but again if a hacker hacks WordPress sets up a password uses that hash for the Blesta admin password in the database then your Blesta is comprised. You can say how cant Blesta do it when Whmcs can and the reason being Whmcs doesn't use Bcrypt probably and it can be unhashed. The only way would be to edit blesta.php and turn on md5 hashing.
  15. Blesta.Store

    Age (birthday), and gender for contacts

    +5 I had a custom date of birth but nice to get it as default.