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  1. Blesta.Store

    Paypal Merchant upgrade to TLS 1.2

    Yes because it's a server issue.
  2. Blesta.Store

    Looking at options

    I want to use it when I'm Limited and it would need to sync up invoices and payments mate yeah Both ways if possible.
  3. Blesta.Store

    Looking at options

    1. Make clients Verify their email when they create an account, as we are going through Icann registration, this is a must. Not yet: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/email-address-verification 2. Immediate invoicing/payment processing prior to a domain order being processed.. again required under icann Yes you need payment for an invoice before the domain is provisioned.  3. Ability for clients to store credit amounts against their account, for those that want to use electronic transfer over credit cards. You can store credits by making a payment without an invoice and the payment is stored on their account. 4. Ability to tie into Xero to sync invoices, payments etc.. Not yet: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/quickbooks-xero-or-other-accounting-software-module I'm waiting for Xero myself.
  4. Blesta.Store

    [Themes] Pre-Made Blesta Integrations

    We've integrated the design into blesta. You just have to provide evidence that you own the rights to use it.
  5. Blesta.Store

    Blesta won't mail anymore

    It sounds like you have SMTP set-up so I'd firstly suggest you check the information there (ports etc) are they open.
  6. Blesta.Store

    WARNING about user here

    college is different as they work with you and as part of the employee confidentiality they can't tell anyone or take the piss. But it doesn't stop others who you hire if you tell someone and then rip them off when they've done the work and you go "na, I can't give you a timeframe estimate" and then end the project even though the guys have worked on it... People don't work for air.
  7. Blesta.Store

    WARNING about user here

    Medical information is Your NHS number, your tablets, your Social Security Number if you're from the USA. You told him and did you say "Don't tell anyone but I'm blind" or did you sign a "Non-disclosure" for telling someone personal information about you're wellbeing? And for a timeframe they don't expect a time and a date, a couple of weeks would be suitable. Or Next month or just a date. You can change it you know. They don't hold a knife to you and make you stick to it.
  8. Blesta.Store

    WARNING about user here

    no he hasn't he stated you said you are blind as-well as hard of hearing.
  9. Blesta.Store

    WARNING about user here

    He asked for feedback and the content you wanted on the design, so they can work out a timeframe with the freelancer. He never mentioned anything about a Final Payment as far as I can see.
  10. Blesta.Store

    WARNING about user here

    I don't think moderators can do anything about it but @Paul can check the messages (I think on IPB you can). And maybe ban him from the community because I thought it was too good to be true when he posted that thread.... But he's bind and deaf how the hell does that work on the internet. I know a guy on LET who is colourblind and copes with design and my dad is deaf and he can lip read but if you are blind how can he see what you are doing and comment on what to change? I think he's just wasting your time and then probably taking the source codes and using it for free. Did you take a downpayment? If not save this for PayPal or whomever you did the payment with.
  11. Blesta.Store

    View quotes error

    You'll need to ask @Blesta Addons as it's his addon I believe.
  12. Blesta.Store

    Claim blesta as business expense & reclaim VAT?

    You're not charged VAT unless you buy from Licensepal, then you can reclaim it back.
  13. Blesta.Store

    Deleting clients || services || invoices

    In 4.3.0 you can due to the EU GDPR. Packages no.
  14. Blesta.Store

    BlestaForums Development

    So I've been a bit busy on my time off, doing bits I can. I've also had help from @timnboys who has been adding features like locking a thread and staff only permissions as he needs them for his own personal forum as-well. So added them to the forum whilst I've been working. But this is what I've done: Forum Index: - Purple Arrow: Now has the last poster (Will link to their profile - I've still got to fix the updating the username and UID to the table). - Violet arrow: You can see the colour of the client group and the link goes to their profile. Member List: Updated User profile: Still got a lot to do to tidy that page up so the comments have the main thread title (I'm having errors grabbing the title.) Maybe limit the characters per post on the profile so a big post doesn't overflow.
  15. Blesta.Store

    How do I become a dealer in blesta?

    You need an owned license or 5 monthly licenses i believe then ask @Paul To be a developer you can just do it.