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  1. Sounds like WHMCS has a invalid client ID for a customer. Check every client on your installation has a valid client number. @Tyson
  2. Hi I do sales every so often but they are for a limited time only. However I do complimentary offers for a little bit after a sale.
  3. dno sorry I don't own it we're just partners @ExpertIntegrations
  4. There's no option to transfer Themeforest themes.
  5. hopefully sorted mate I replied to the ticket but he hasn't received it "apparently" and I've reset his password for him and it worked for me as-well but it went into the spam folder.
  6. You need to use the main theme html code and integrate it into your blesta structure.pdt theme file. Then copy the content (body) into the cms pages. I can help you if you wish to get you off your feet.
  7. You don't have to but that's a good reason for using the CMS you can use it on the root of your domain.
  8. I'm confused if you're using a trial account you don't have an account on Blesta.com so what you on about? The trial is activated when you click "Free Trial"?
  9. Have you tried applying the hotfix for the php version?
  10. It depends where he's bought it from if it's from Blesta you get a blesta.com account and support from Blesta.
  11. I'd personally use the Universal Module it worked for me when I sold integrations and did them as a service. That depends on who you're buying from or the control panel you'll be using.
  12. Blesta.Store

    Import domains

    They will be imported to the universal module I believe so you'd have to make a new service per domain to the new packages with logicboxes or go back to the fresh installation of Blesta, then create a Logicboxes import map.
  13. Since this is BlestaCMS related please try and keep it in the Blesta.Store club however as it's already posted. You can't display the customers services without the customer going to the client side on Blesta aka yourdomain.com/client/ unless you change the route. Other than that I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.
  14. You can't for certain but you can disable replies for everyone in 4.5.1:
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