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  1. Webhostingtalk

    Yeah not sure why it's down Chris should get it back up for us, but the hard bit is getting the name out. He's an ex mod at WHT.
  2. Webhostingtalk

    @Chris is trying but we need more help webhostcabin.com
  3. Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    True but you can sell it for $11.00 and put it as first month as 8.99 and attach a coupon which works on the first payment only. on the url put &coupon=DomainSaver201
  4. Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    Blesta works better when they are all on the same page and training someone to work at their speed and quality doesn't come lightly, you can hire hundreds of developers but if they aren't connecting or working to your high standards and quality then you have to go back and re-do it. And then you become a competitor to Blesta who patches up silly mistakes and fixes for features which have been broken due to lack of QA testing. There's 3 developers at Blesta. You can speed up developer hire developers who don't stick to the rules and quality and talk to you etc and then yourself and me would be complaining that the code has gone to shit and buggy as hell. Do you want that? No then there you go. You forget a competitor has loads of staff and their software is buggy as hell and insecure with their own PHP Global function PHP took out because they are that lazy. I know loads of people who use Blesta for selling domains and hosting and it works fine, what they do want though and many others like yourself is a way to set a renewal price and transfer price and more features but they DON'T stop you selling domains. So yes it works for hosting companies, hell I used it for my web hosting business back in the day. You can't win everything. You do the domain manager people complain about the other stuff like lack of modules / gateways unlike their competitors. You do the modules / gateways then people complain about the domain manager. You can't win so they are doing both.
  5. Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    I believe we all agree on that but if you browse the forums LET, WHT people say a competitor has frequent updates and Blesta has one every 5-6 months approx, so Paul wants to ship more updates out to stop that rubbish about fast updates and also work on the domain manager which would be plug and play as one of the versions prepared for the new domain management (pricing tables).
  6. Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    Paul and the guys had two choices: 1. Concentrate on revamping the system to support the new domain management system and then doing the domain management system as-well in one update which would take time and mean the next update would take a while to come. 2. Continue with the updates and improvements and do the domain management stuff side by side so both get done. People moan about the domain management but people moan about lack of updates more, so the guys went with option 2.
  7. Password Reset - Blank Screen?

    What's EasyEngine that might be it
  8. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    should have used Justgiving or kickstarter / indiegogo lol
  9. Password Reset - Blank Screen?

    Hi Gary can you please open a live chat with me so I can see if it's our theme (most likely). You can tell if it's Blesta if you use the bootstrap and if it works it's our theme but i'll try and fix it.
  10. [Plugin] BlestaCMS

    BlestaCMS 1.2.5 is out now! http://docs.blesta.store/changelogs/125/
  11. Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    If people want help to configure it I've done a tutorial as I was a bit confused lol https://blesta.store/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/view/2/how-to-connect-blesta-to-square/8/
  12. Afiliates Module for Blesta

    It's been planned for a while but you can have a choice.
  13. Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)

    It does