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  1. Blesta.Store

    Paymet Gateways

    I don't even know what the ACH looks like as I've never used it but All I see on that picture is: [ Card payment ] [Others] Card payment using the card gateway (merchant) Others have PayPal, etc. The only issue is some merchants like Stripe or Square use non merchant on the right and don't use the card selection but that's not a bad UI nor Blesta's fault.
  2. Blesta.Store

    Paymet Gateways

    Well I disagree with you about it not looking professional. If you pay with a card you use a card. Most companies do that including fast food stores who have worldpay. The bit which looks unprofessional to me is the background isn't white which is related to the integration. I also don't see coingate which has to be added to the order form under packages.
  3. Blesta.Store

    [Gateway] Blesta Mastercard Mechant Gateway

    Hi Joseph mate. Does this use Mastercards like VisaPay? And also any previews on the client side / checkout thing please and does it work for all currencies like can USD orders be accepted and you get the money in your currency GBP for myself TZS for yourself?
  4. Blesta.Store


    Looking nice Maybe a new logo though?
  5. Blesta.Store

    升级blesta 4.4.0原来如此简单

    Well done
  6. Blesta.Store

    Come and see if there is a big problem.

    But if you only accept registrations by ordering and then tickets you need to be a client that might help a bit or look at maxmind.
  7. Blesta.Store

    Come and see if there is a big problem.

    You can restrict registration to orders.
  8. Blesta.Store

    Does anyone know the biggest distributor of Blesta?

    You can :). Just let me know here when you've ordered by Private Message and I'll apply the discount to the invoice for you.
  9. Blesta.Store

    Does anyone know the biggest distributor of Blesta?

    Feel free to place an order and I'll do a $140 price for you only as I assume you're talking about my last sale.
  10. Blesta.Store

    Blesta CMS licence for sale

    His license is with a distributor and I believe they have had permission to move it to another customer under that distributor.
  11. Blesta.Store

    Does anyone know the biggest distributor of Blesta?

    Hi which license was you looking at buying?
  12. Blesta.Store

    Alipay Payment Problems in White Screen

    Sounds like you haven't put your partner ID correctly in the gateway.
  13. Blesta.Store

    How do I become a dealer in blesta?

    it's not lol people contribute to the languages on translate.blesta.com blame the people doing the Chinese version if it's incorrect.
  14. Blesta.Store

    Random Error - New Install / Apply 7 Hotfix

    there's a folder called hotfix-71 or something that's the hotfix. If you use say PHP7.1 you'd have to apply it and inside that folder is a blesta folder the app folder inside that is what you move to the blesta installation root. (where blesta is installed) as it's encoded with a different version of ioncube.
  15. Blesta.Store

    Blesta Generated Hundreds of Invoices for a client

    Have you got multiple cron jobs running by mistake or have you got a hourly billing term or something?