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  1. Blesta.Store

    Installation problems on Virtualmin Debian 9 server

    You need to update your ioncube loaders to 10.
  2. Blesta.Store

    Installation problems on Virtualmin Debian 9 server

    It sounds like you haven't applied the hotfix.
  3. Blesta.Store

    new admin dashboard

    Looking fab mate.
  4. Blesta.Store

    Pay Now Login

    I thought it went to the payment received page :S
  5. on Blesta use the logicboxes module.
  6. Blesta.Store

    blesta seller shut down business?

    Who has shut down? I'm not sure but my own website is down which starts with B. We're moving our domain from opensrs to name cheap and tweeted and facebooked it but as the transfer is a renewal it's not going to work sadly until opensrs sort it out but they say it can take up-to 4 more days. But if it is us please let me know and I can help you here, facebook or twitter. We're also on discord.
  7. Blesta.Store

    Claim blesta as business expense & reclaim VAT?

    I always thought you can only claim tax back if you pay it on the item. Eg: Product A: £4 no vat = you can't claim it. Product B: £4 + 20% VAT = you can claim the 20% back.
  8. Blesta.Store

    GoCardless Non-Merchant Gateway (Alpha)

    something you need to bring up with GoCardless as they are a UK company.
  9. Blesta.Store

    some simple questions

    Depends where it is. I recommend outside the public_html folder or www folder depending on your installation. so myself would have it /home/username/uploads/ make sure it's 777 or 0777. This is not need for PayPal as you have a gateway for it in Blesta, but If you want to do manual payments you can use the gateway (best way to do it) or sure create one here but make sure it's a DEBIT type. Well it's mydomain.com according to that URL. You have to move the files to a subdomain you can make it easy on cPanel, but you will need to change the hostname on your installation at that settings and you'll have to re-issue your license with Blesta.
  10. Blesta OWNED Unbranded WAS: $180 or £135 || NOW: $140 or £109 = Coupon code: VOU-BlestaSales :: Ends 20-09-2018 BlestaCMS OWNED WAS: $150 or £112 || NOW: $100 or £78.24 = Coupon code: VOU-CMSsales :: Ends 20-10-2018 Purchase from https://blesta.store/
  11. Blesta.Store

    Mailparse in Directadmin?

    yum -y install re2c;pecl install mailparse-2.1.6; I think you need to use them two commands. http://forum.directadmin.com/showthread.php?t=54620
  12. Blesta.Store

    Translate Blesta - client view

    Go to Settings > Company > General > Internationalization > install.
  13. Blesta.Store

    Translate Blesta - client view

    You download the packs from translate.blesta.com and extract the zip in your Blesta root.
  14. Blesta.Store

    Introducing CanadaCloudHost

    Loving the design mate.
  15. Blesta.Store

    Owned Lifetime License for Sale (Unused)

    You may be best setting a public price mate, and people can then get in touch with you. Good luck selling.