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  1. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    You're welcome glad it worked bloody ghosts.
  2. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    ok in the db go to the services table then check for "in review" turn them to pending
  3. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    Billing > Services > in review then click manage.
  4. Blesta.Store's reseller module will allow you to resell Blesta licenses and Blesta addons straight from your own Blesta installation. Our developer is working hard to get this set up, and it will be here shortly :).
  5. PDF Invoices are large

    change the font I assume you are on dejavu or something font. That makes invoice sizes massive due to supporting every language like Arabic and ç ć č à â etc
  6. Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    No update on the multi-currency support but any chance of Apple Pay? https://docs.connect.squareup.com/payments/sqpaymentform/config-apple-pay-web
  7. email going to spam from blesta billing system

    check if you are on a blacklist. and if you mean gmail / hotmail they have their own blacklists.
  8. Integrate Blesta or Not?

    chromebook? advert?
  9. [Plugin] GeoIP Updater

    Sweet do they update regularly as I haven't updated it since I installed the dat file ages ago.
  10. [Plugin] Disable CSRF Protection

    Sweet idea mate.
  11. two domains for 1 company

    I mean by languages so your cms has the same as ours, so you could make an index.php and redirect domain.fr to domain.com/fr/ which will have everything in French.
  12. two domains for 1 company

    Personally this is what I was going to do: english = blesta.store french = blestafrdomain -> redirect to blesta.store/fr/
  13. Payment Refunded Notice

    +1 I've asked about this before haha https://requests.blesta.com/topic/email-on-refund
  14. [Ideas] Quotes/estimates System

    https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/ First paid one.
  15. Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    Whomever you got the new invoice template from as I've asked Paul and that doesn't ship with blesta so it's not one I and they can help with sorry.