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  1. You need to export the default theme and then import it you'll be able to edit the logo then.
  2. Thank you I've removed it from the github version.
  3. I don't use Nginx but I know it's your server error_log if you don't have a control panel with one to look into. A server error isn't something I can help with unless I have an error.
  4. 500 error is an internal server error you'll need to look at your error_log.
  5. https://blesta.store click the button but even on the docs it says Purchase and on the page you can click the free open source version.
  6. You can use my Community Edition plugin to do this... It's called the BlestaCMS. Follow the docs on https://cms.blesta.how and you can use the blesta nav bit to add links to the navigation.
  7. I don't have a copy sorry I also don't own Licensecart anymore and they moved from Blesta.
  8. Latest update: Colourful names on the forums in the categories. Dark Theme: Light theme: You can get a beta from my website: https://blesta.store/forums and click free trial. You can also get a beta trial from https://cubedata.net/forums and click free trial. Enter the license key in license_key.php inside the blesta_forums folder inside plugins. See: https://forums.blesta.how for the tutorials and guides. PS: You can now set-up colourful category backgrounds. Just put two color hex's in: #xxxxxx #xxxxxx
  9. Hi there, I use this on Crisp back in the day. <script type="text/javascript"> window.$crisp=[];window.CRISP_WEBSITE_ID="ID_HERE";(function(){d=document;s=d.createElement("script");s.src="https://client.crisp.chat/l.js";s.async=1;d.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(s);})(); window.CRISP_READY_TRIGGER = function() { if ($crisp.is("chat:opened") === true) { $crisp.push(["set", "session:segments", [["BlestaStore"]]]); <?php if($this->Html->ifSet($logged_in)){ ?> $crisp.push(["set", "user:nickname", "<?php echo $contact->first_name;echo ' '; echo $contact->last_name; ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:email", "<?php echo $contact->email; ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:company", "<?php echo $contact->company; ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:address1", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->address1); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:address2", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->address2); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["ipaddress", "<?php echo $ipaddress; ?>"]]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:country", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->country); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:city", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->city); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:state", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->state); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:postcode", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->zip); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:id", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($client->id_code); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:phonenumber", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->numbers); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "user:role", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->title); ?>"]); $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["created", "<?php echo strtotime($client->date_added); ?>"]]); $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["company", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->company); ?>"]]); $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["contact_type", "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->contact_type); ?>"]]); $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["date added", "<?php echo $client_created; ?>"]]); <?php } ?> } }; </script>
  10. I highly recommend you keep production services away from development sites. As for licenses Blesta under their descretion can allow you a development license however you have to buy the owned license direct with them. You could just install a trial version on the test installation.
  11. Hi John, Sorry for the delay, I need to work out why I don't get ticket emails. However I always get PayPal notifications. I've asked Paul to invoice me for the renewal and it's been paid for and activated. When your support and updates expires you won't get the date you last renew expired it shows a date we're not sure why. I believe Paul is looking into a better way to show the last renewed date in the dashboard.
  12. in the application.min.css it used to be style.css file or styles.css depending on the version you're running.
  13. Returned is like dispute I assume and Refunded if when you refund someone. Declined is when a payment hasn't gone through normally card payments. Just imagine you are in a retail shop buying something and then paying by card.
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