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  1. Ccavenue And Zpanel Module . Please Vote It

    Blesta has already got a insecure control panel supported called CentosWebPanel, I really don't want Blesta to waste their time to support another insecure pile of crap. Blesta - Secure Sentora - Insecure (way insecure they use Suhosin to protect them). http://forums.sentora.org/announcements.php?aid=1 | http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?p=9399137 CentosWebPanel - Insecure (according to security researchers) http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1533898&p=9589180#post9589180 |
  2. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    That would make the database massive though and confusing to browse? I haven't had any issues with multi-company people just have one username for one and another for the other.
  3. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    You could try Eric's plugin: https://github.com/anzenehansen/BlestaPlugin-multi-account-login (bit old though)
  4. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    Yes they can have two accounts but as it's the same system they can't have the same username.
  5. [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    Like a dropdown: [V1.2.0] download
  6. Email piping issue

    You're supposed to pipe to this Chris mate: /usr/local/bin/php /home/user/public_html/index.php plugin/support_manager/ticket_pipe/index/1/
  7. Feed Backs For humanehosting.com!

    have a look at https://bootsnipp.com for some plan types and nav bars mate.
  8. auto apply coupon code on order forum

    add &coupon=Codehere
  9. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    We did but mistakes happen in life. Unless you are a computer you can't get everything and a bit of politeness doesn't cost money, he didn't even give us a chance if you look at this thread time and the ticket. The thread was posted at 04:58 PM GMT. Ticket Open time: 4:59PM GMT. I always look at the customers side in the system and on the forum if it's a customer but common courtesy is required when talking to people.
  10. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    not in his ticket if I went by his account profile yes but we migrated from Licensecart so it could have been a missing BlestaCMS license.
  11. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    ok so we pay Blesta on the old terms grandfathered in and have a few invoices open and I need to pay it off. We also have a new account which is on the new terms. Since the client mentions my reply I'll post the screens here to show what I'm on about. Onto the ticket the client mentioned the CMS so I assumed as Michael said it was the BlestaCMS license which was playing up and I didn't find it on his account. I asked politely if he had a license and we missed it when migrating. He replied with: I replied back with: And then didn't hear a thing until this thread was brought to my attention. If it wasn't fixed I could have issued a new license but we never got that far.
  12. [Plugin] BlestaCMS

    Save a whopping 66% off the LIFETIME BlestaCMS license using coupon code: "VOU2017CMS2007"! Social media's 12hour early special deal... Deal is also valid at Licensecart.com.
  13. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    Thanks I've cancelled the license and closed your account for you Anirban, you said CMS license... which wasn't what the license was and I was being nice and you just was throwing the attitude about. Good luck with BuycPanel.
  14. Language of the BLESTA interface for customer portal

    Have you changed anything in the structure.pdt? or use CloudFlare? as it works for me: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/5/ on the footer change the language.