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  1. in the application.min.css it used to be style.css file or styles.css depending on the version you're running.
  2. Returned is like dispute I assume and Refunded if when you refund someone. Declined is when a payment hasn't gone through normally card payments. Just imagine you are in a retail shop buying something and then paying by card.
  3. Can you please show us the coupon page for that coupon from the top to the bottom I don't think the package group assigned for it has the product in question...
  4. will there be a replacement for PHP 7.2 because it doesn't ship with it mate?
  5. No probs I haven't ran into any issues.
  6. You should be fine on PHP 7.2 I use it I don't think it has Mcrypt I could be wrong though.
  7. As Tyson mentioned you need the cms the premium paid or the Community edition: https://github.com/atlanical/BlestaCMS-Community-Edition
  8. yeah you need to restore the DB the DB has the changes in every version.
  9. I've never used Pro but as in that picture it's a merchant i believe they don't show up on ajax
  10. Could you please elaborate more please PayPal portal I'm not sure what that is?
  11. Use this in the controller: $this->setMessage('error', [['result' => Language::_('blesta_cms.!error.logged_in', true)]], false, null, false); change Language:: bit to your $something->api;
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