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  1. Blesta.Store

    Import with some error text. What does it all mean?

    it sounds like there's a client without a client ID on WHMCS and Blesta is trying to import it but because Blesta requires a non empty value it's failing. Because that's failing the others can't complete. @Tyson and @Paul
  2. Blesta.Store

    License does not exist?

    Hi this is with us and it's because of the label, I've re-issued it for you and replied to your PM. However as it's not a Blesta issue the guys at Blesta can't help.
  3. Blesta.Store

    The License Key Is Invalid For Trial

    PM @Paul please with your domain.
  4. Blesta.Store

    How to get your money back

    Trial is there for a reason you could has came here or asked a vendor to ask on your behalf to get a trial license key. There's a Blesta discord server as-well as-well as a facebook page. Did you post them here in the bugs section or ask about them? Cause I can't find anything about them, how can they be fixed if you don't bother to tell someone about it? I can only find this which is a support thread and not a bug thread so the developers minus when Paul asked what version and probably was busy and forgot about it so he didn't reply again. The product as stated on the website is as "described" a billing system so PayPal did the right thing to side with Blesta. Blesta has better things than deal with a claim and if you don't bump a reply on the support ticket with a valid reason anyway you probably would be denied a refund because they offer a 30 day trial. You could have contacted them again, posted here or even asked someone else who could try and help you... So no I don't think you'll get a refund for your mistake.
  5. Blesta.Store

    Forget password on blesta.store

  6. Blesta.Store

    Forget password on blesta.store

    Did you receive my email reply? Also check your junk mail just in case.
  7. Blesta.Store

    Password Reset Help

    Did you re-upload the old config/blesta.php file?
  8. Blesta.Store

    Portal editor no WYSIWYG and refused Javascript code..

    A WYSIWYG which comes with Blesta can be used but it strips html and doesn't accept PHP or JS either, if you want to use JS and PHP I highly recommend you edit the structure.pdt in /app/views/client/bootstrap/
  9. This sells me a $5


    1. Blesta.Store


      i don't sell it anymore sorry your need to contact @ExpertIntegrations

  10. Blesta.Store

    Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)

    Under <div class="pace pace-inactive"> There's some spaces which is effecting it.
  11. Blesta.Store

    Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)

    Not sure sorry do you have the url so I can see it please?
  12. Blesta.Store

    How much is an owned unbranded license worth?

    Blesta 3.0.0 was fully re-written no 2.5 code was passed onto 3.0. WHMCS hasn't changed their base code since they started in 2005. They've just built on top of it which is why the 2013 localhost exploits effected EOL whmcs versions as-well as their current one at the time. https://web.archive.org/web/20131031051528/http://www.localhost.re:80/p/whmcs-528-vulnerability
  13. Blesta.Store

    How much is an owned unbranded license worth?

    Thanks, you're a great guy as-well and I do understand I have ran a webhosting business but I'd prefer security over features which is why I moved to Blesta back in 2013. I had mysql issues which is why I closed my webhost and provided the clients with discounts from my mates in the industry a month before the server was cut off because innoDB backups were screwed up before we found out we still had databases screwed up so I had no backups with Gigenet. That's when I went full time at Licensecart minus my part-time job at the time. I know what you are missing and I understand but they only have a team of 3 unlike the alternative which have been building on their software since 2005. 2005 base vs a 2013 base. Security holes which is now hidden by a bugcrowd vs a open code software which has no security holes so far.
  14. Blesta.Store

    How much is an owned unbranded license worth?

    They can repeat themselves all the time I assume for you then "We're working on it"... or if you wan't a detailed version every time... "We've done the pricing table for the domain system" next time "did the form for the order form" or "did a function for the domain system" or "we're working on it still"...