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  1. https://blesta.store/files/margo_cms_ce.zip is the new download link
  2. Describe the issue you're experiencing: When you edit a client account, they get marked as unverified and an email is sent out. Provide detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue: Edit a current user. I was changing client groups. List any generated errors. (The "Oh Noes" error pages are very helpful.): Nope. Include the URL the error occurred on, relative to the installation path, ie "/admin/login": /admin/clients/view/client_id_here/ Attach screenshots: N/A Include your configuration settings, i.e. OS, version of Blesta, version of module/gateway/plugin if appli
  3. Blesta.Store

    Leaving blesta

    Why not ask CCAvenue to help you with an updated module? Why is it all down to the Blesta team? They have one you claim is not working due to mcrypt... Mcrypt is a PHP function and why is it not working? More information is required to know the problem to even get it fixed. Is it you've updated PHP and it's broken the function because it's not part of PHP? Why do I say that? Because I use my noddle and I searched? https://www.php.net/manual/en/intro.mcrypt.php This feature was DEPRECATED in PHP 7.1.0, and REMOVED in PHP 7.2.0. Blesta has 4 developers who are working every
  4. So when you have an order form which has 1 product which has the product quanity of 0 it does a redirect loop when trying to go to the order form. PHP 7.3 Blesta 4.11.0-b1 As this hasn't been updated since 4.10.0 I think it's a bug.
  5. Not really because I'm used to blesta, you can create shorter links if you know .htaccess rewrite rules but then you'd have to do it for everything. Otherwise a customer would just copy and paste.
  6. for example: blesta.store/order/main/index/deals?affiliateparthere
  7. You can use the links anywhere so you could use the order form/?codehere
  8. To fix this bug please go to: /plugins/order/views/default/orders_view.pdt Line 48: <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . 'client/invoices/view/' . $invoice->id . '/');?>" class="btn btn-xs btn-default"> Replace with: <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->client_uri . 'invoices/view/' . $invoice->id . '/');?>" class="btn btn-xs btn-default"> Line 106: <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . 'client/services/manage/' . $service->id . '/');?>" class="btn btn-xs btn
  9. Fantastic work just seen it will recommend it.
  10. Thanks for tagging me in a different thread. If you opened a ticket I would have seen it. I don't live on Facebook sorry!
  11. Hi you can buy the license and then add addons at a later date.
  12. Fair enough you can still open a ticket if you don't get a reply on facebook / live chat though? Otherwis you can install it for free and give it a bash at the features the docs are available https://cms.blesta.how. Well that's great I'm only doing it because of the corona virus and the company I work for is a busy shop. On-to the subject, I don't understand what you mean by integration? You just install the cms, paste in code from your layout and it will show up on the pages.
  13. I am alive and the BlestaCMS is, however my facebook page isn't there for support. Support tickets are and if you are looking for support we have two sections to open tickets for the CMS: Complimentary support: https://blesta.store/plugin/support/complimentary Paid customers: https://blesta.store/plugin/support/validate Paid customers get premium features when I can work out how to get my plugin system working, and the Complimentary support is support if I think I can help for free. Otherwise unless you pay for the license you can only get community support from our Blesta club
  14. It should revert everything back to normal the only things it won't do is the structure edits you make to get it working.
  15. You need to export the default theme and then import it you'll be able to edit the logo then.
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