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  1. in the application.min.css it used to be style.css file or styles.css depending on the version you're running.
  2. Returned is like dispute I assume and Refunded if when you refund someone. Declined is when a payment hasn't gone through normally card payments. Just imagine you are in a retail shop buying something and then paying by card.
  3. Can you please show us the coupon page for that coupon from the top to the bottom I don't think the package group assigned for it has the product in question...
  4. will there be a replacement for PHP 7.2 because it doesn't ship with it mate?
  5. No probs I haven't ran into any issues.
  6. You should be fine on PHP 7.2 I use it I don't think it has Mcrypt I could be wrong though.
  7. As Tyson mentioned you need the cms the premium paid or the Community edition: https://github.com/atlanical/BlestaCMS-Community-Edition
  8. yeah you need to restore the DB the DB has the changes in every version.
  9. I've never used Pro but as in that picture it's a merchant i believe they don't show up on ajax
  10. Could you please elaborate more please PayPal portal I'm not sure what that is?
  11. Use this in the controller: $this->setMessage('error', [['result' => Language::_('blesta_cms.!error.logged_in', true)]], false, null, false); change Language:: bit to your $something->api;
  12. Don't you need to put the comma? Like for in my instances if it's £15.00 I don't put 1500 I put 15.00
  13. I don't own Blesta sorry and I don't think it would be a quick fix. @Paul
  14. I re-read it and understand but it's not how the order form works because if you have the correct order form as DOMAIN AND OTHER, and not having the domain group as the "package groups" then it won't show anything like that. You'll see the search and then the configuration page. then: Configure:
  15. he would like a system check widget, you can't run re-installation after it's installed you could go to the docs page but a good idea for a plugin @Paul.
  16. Search the service ID and it should have a row. you just double click the client ID for the old client and then put the new client ID in.
  17. If you go to the new client's profile you can get the ID: Do the same for the the Old client, then go to the service you wish to move... then get the service ID: Then go to PHPMyadmin and search the service ID. Make sure the old client ID is in the client_id field and then just change it to the new one.
  18. That is weird your domain works fine @Paul may be able to help. On topic I've never heard of Amazon Lightsail instances before is there a link to their API and maybe the guys at Blesta could look into it.
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