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  1. Nice integration
  2. Go to Settings > Company > Automation and what does Close Tickets say?
  3. Have you got the cron running correctly?
  4. OnlineNic refuse to make one: And there's not one yet for Blesta. You can +1 the feature:
  5. Make an addon package. Main package yearly and the addon package monthly?
  6. I get this a lot mate: Auto apply late fee for invoices Automatically apply late fee for invoices that are past due. Task Last Ran: 15 Jun 2017 12:23:18 PM Clear Task Lock
  7. This was also reported here guys:
  8. yeah I just left them there or made the title shorter. Suppose a word limit then a .... would work.
  9. You'll have to zip the files up and move them to the other account. Then backup the db and export it on the other account.
  10. You may be on a old version it's only been out today I think
  11. if they have a yearly invoice billed and are late then % of that invoice. If they are billed monthly and are late then % of that invoice.
  12. will be the percentage of the invoice cost.
  13. It all depends on the control panel you have... cPanel = you need to do it via EasyApache and the Pecl addons. Non panel = yum install php-pecl-mailpharse -y
  14. can we add the fee to the open invoice yet mate?
  15. Blesta has a WHMCS importer build in.