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  1. Credit card gateway advise

    The domain manager will be here when the guys get round to completing it :).
  2. Help - Sad with Licensecart Support

    nope there's no way yet, so neither ours nor the blesta official one supports addon companies.
  3. Help - Sad with Licensecart Support

    Sorry let me sort that for you now I've been busy at another job lately and callum broke his wrist. Addon companies have to be manually provisioned as there's no way to automate them yet. That license now has 1x addon company.
  4. Ioncube Error

    probably to shut users up about php 7.1
  5. Ioncube Error

    2nd Aug 2017 - Loader 10.0.0 released Loader 10.0.0 released. These are loaders to run files produced by the forthcoming version 10 ionCube PHP Encoder. Included are loaders for PHP 7.1. Those will only run files produced by the version 10 encoder for PHP 7.1.
  6. WHMCS to Blest Movement

    Knowledgebase = no not yet sorry. Products / groups = Yes Modules = depends on the modules you use?
  7. Gateway Module

    Payeer looks interesting minus the recent transactions bit on their site: https://payeer.com/en/ Scottish too. https://payeer.com/en/merchants_api/
  8. Gateway Module

    Yikes mate they are popular: https://www.blockchain.com/about/index.html
  9. WHMCS to Blesta

    My apologies I stand corrected so they are using the tokens for Stripe.
  10. Domain Manager - We need your feedback on domains

    They are but some people complained about the lack of releases, so they are doing releases and doing the domain management behind the scenes and will release it on the forum if it's before the next release. You can't rush everything unless you either want it insecure or buggy.
  11. Are you closed? banner attention grabber

    We only have a notice on the top of the website because there's people out there who don't read the notices on the support area and the pages where we state they are manual activation.
  12. Excessive resource usage

    512MB should be plenty but cPanel requires more than 512MB of ram. They recommend at least 1-2GB of ram. https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/ALD/Installation+Guide+-+System+Requirements#InstallationGuide-SystemRequirements-Hardwarerequirements PS: That alert is PHP FPM for 5.6 so could be anything running PHP.
  13. Credit card gateway advise

    depends on your location?
  14. WHMCS to Blesta

    when did you? @Paul G2A Payment Gateway - no Stripe Payment Token Gateway - including current recurring agreements - no tokens aren't supported yet but you can tick don't store on Blesta. Existing PayPal IPN recurring payment profiles - no you can on PayPal and clients can set-up subs. Full TCAdmin support, which includes: Marrying up the product ID with the TCAdmin billing ID (automatically when importing) as WHMCS has a product IT which matches what's in TCAdmin Hostname, Public Password, Private Password, Location, Slots, CPU Priority, Default Port Options SSO between Blesta and TCAdmin - Yes but not sure as I haven't tested TCAdmin as it's confusing. Multicraft Support, which includes: Marrying up the Server ID into the customers Blesta Product ID Full Multicraft support (creation/suspension/termination/jar etc) - Yes but not sure as I haven't tested it see: http://videos.blesta.com/video/97235149 Ability to have promotional codes for specific product options, ie. We have server player slots priced, and locations at $0 - we want it so that when a particular location is chosen, it can have a discount in % applied to the overall product price. - No I don't think so yet, Blesta will be revamping this so I suggest you post a comment on our feature request: Knowledge Base import from WHMCS - No Support Tickets and full data import from WHMCS - Yes Theme integration - No you have to do it manually or pay someone: https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3642-blesta-integration-33x-advanced/
  15. WHMCS Import

    Hopefully @Tyson can help but it looks like a user in the whmcs table doesn't have a valid user ID value.