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  1. I haven't had that issue.
  2. I believe I tried to help you with that in the ticket and you resolved it by re-creating the table for tblcreditcards on whmcs.
  3. Hi is this the clients or admin emails?
  4. Michael

    Domain Checker

    Okay can you let me know what country you're from so we can work out a meeting and I'll try and help you.
  5. Michael

    Domain Checker

    Hi there, can you explain a bit more what you're trying to do? Have you seen our guide: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Selling+Domains
  6. You can just make a private registatration order form and make the other order forms shared urls?
  7. I believe Paul mentioned this in the live stream yesturday that it was being fixed.
  8. Hi Jason, Do you have any screenshots please so I can see what you're talking about. Thanks.
  9. You should have a dropdown on show for switching languages.
  10. Michael

    blesta addons support

    Hi there, I believe they are still around. @Blesta Addons
  11. Hi can you please PM me your hostnames for all your companies so we can check if it's all on your license key. Please also note it's one installation per license so you can't use it on other locations. The license is licensed per IP, Location on server & Hostnames.
  12. Michael

    Email Issue

    Hi this is a mailbox issue: https://github.com/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/issues/382#issuecomment-25444425 Also you're using a very old version of Blesta, we're on 5.0.4 now.
  13. Glad you managed to do it manually, I apologies for the inconvenience caused.
  14. Hi there, I believe we spoke in live chat with Paul the owner and we believe the import didn't import everything over. The Domain management plugin is for Blesta 5.1.x and won't work on anything before 5.1.0.
  15. Hi do you have Cloudflare enabled? If so check if rocketloader is enabled, if so disable it.
  16. May I know how hard is it to set-up them? Servers are set via the module and packages are under Packages? You can enable email verification before payment: Packages > Order forms > Settings: Hold Orders from Unverified Clients But which modules do you require? Not everyone uses 10000 modules? If you can list them we can look into them but 5.1 is our priority at the moment. Additional perks? Awesome, but how come you can't import over from whmcs?
  17. Do you have Cloudflare enabled? does everything else work?
  18. The graph shows when they were registered so if I signed up to your site it will say 1 today. If it doesn't show up F5 sometimes it shows up the second time.
  19. Okay I have no answer for that sorry I'll tag our lead developer in, I've never had issues with Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail before though. @Jono
  20. Hi there could you explain in more detail what you're trying to achieve please?
  21. I think it's the total clients in total, I have 330 on mine and I have under the clients tab Active (330). Is something wrong with the 18 clients?
  22. Hi, That's not a bad idea for a feature request (https://requests.blesta.com), I know you can do it via the Support Management API if you make a custom plugin. But you can't at the moment.
  23. Yes the cron job not being set will not send emails or anything.
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