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  1. Hello, Got an e-mail informing me that LicenseCart has been acquired. E-mail in full to follow:
  2. If you need Blesta Licenses in the interim, I can provide such licenses. This is not normal for LicenseCart. Very concerning... hope they're OK.
  3. So much blue. It kind of makes my eyes hurt looking at the navigation bar. I'd recommend a more clearer distinction.
  4. Awesome, I am going to be doing this in my own house soon... probably within the next few months as I gotta get settled and set all the things up... and no doubt deal with all the little things that come up that you forget while dealing with major stuff.
  5. Oooh. Very nice! I'll have to get this, then.
  6. Is this for Blesta licenses or your own products?
  7. Yeah, your way, basically. That's why I thought it odd that Blesta 4.0 didn't seem to be properly detecting the 5.6 version of the same modules. Every InterWorx server I set up gets upgraded to 5.6 the very moment InterWorx's done installing using your way.
  8. Yep, we use the REMI repo as evidenced in the code I post. I don't think it's an issue with the server, more of an issue with Blesta detecting modules that're php 5.6-based. It detects some but not all of the modules as installed. Again, looking back at the errors that I get, it's obvious that the 5.4 equivalent of modules that it needs have been installed. Sidenote, I'm also equally as familiar with InterWorx as @Licensecart is.
  9. @Paul can you mark the previous post as the answer?
  10. So... I just wanted to post an update: It appears that the Namecheap module works just fine on Blesta 4.0... It still won't work on Blesta 3.6.2. Interesting difference... I'm not sure exactly what's different here, though. Edit: I suspect I know what the issue is... it's likely IPv6 related. Edit2: Yup, it was IPv6.
  11. Ahahah, no. Not on this InterWorx-based server. Out of curiosity, I test-ran the command you provided and it would've removed not only the PHP packages but also InterWorx-specific stuff. Besides, why should I? It works fine on 5.6.
  12. That is why I said that it appears Blesta isn't properly detecting that we're using 5.6 variants installed. I'm not sure if Blesta is currently set up to correctly detect php 5.6, considering that you and I both run on 5.6 because 5.4 is EOL.
  13. Hi, During the install of Blesta to https://awoo.host/billing I have noticed that Blesta via the Web UI installer doesn't seem to properly detect that the various modules that it asks for me to have installed on the server is already available. So obviously, Blesta Beta 4.0 B4 needs to be updated to also check for 5.6 versions on CentOS. For example: yum install php-mysql php-devel php-gd php-pecl-memcache php-pspell php-snmp php-xmlrpc php-xml php-mcrypt php-imap php-mailparse -y results in: [[email protected] ~]# yum install php-mysql php-devel php-gd php-pecl-mem
  14. ... Whoops. >_> Well, he's got an integration going on. You'd have better luck at Github, I suspect. That's over on https://github.com/CachetHQ/Cachet
  15. ... Searching via the Forum Search or Google would've linked you this.
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