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  1. JDG

    cron not automatic

    For me is not running either after I upgrade to PHP 7.1 Running it manually no problem but is not doing it automatically. I am debugging the issue on my side to check what cause it.
  2. Blesta Addons you are 100% right, not sure why they are not listening to us but they should. Is no way a small or big company can provide a good service with all these limitations impose by blesta. Not upgrading, fixing their domain management system and other really important things will make blesta not suitable for a hosting provider company. Is sad but they are forcing us to find other software that can perform this job in a better way.
  3. I agree with Blesta Addons, I don´t know why blesta is taking so long to do something the community needs desperately. We know guys you are working on that, but we can´t wait years to have it done.
  4. Yes, is time to support Cyandark for his excellent work. 50 dollars is nothing compared to the unique customer experience you will provide to your clients. Donate Now! https://fundrazr.com/cpanel-extended?ref=ab_f6r2W1
  5. Hi there @virtualorbis , I have a Payu gateway that I use for Colombia I am sure the same one will work with your Payu from Peru if you want I can share it with you.
  6. Sure Michale whatever you say, thanks for your amazing knowledge you are a really decent person. hahaha
  7. I was sure you are going to reply Michael and thanks for doing it that because it demonstrates that you are only here to fight back against anyone that say something bad about blesta. For me it doesn’t matter if you are pissed off, you can take that and put it wherever you want. I don’t understand why you cannot pass over any comment is made about blesta at the end we are a community, and you are not the only person using blesta for your information. I express myself in the way I want, and I don’t need to ask your permission but don’t worry next time I will send you a formal letter asking your permission about what I can post if that sound ok for you!!! Everyone here understands that these changes require time but come one are you seriously telling us that in a period of 1 - 3 years blesta was not capable of doing it because they only work at office hours. It appears that you are the owner of Phillips Data Inc, and not the Phillips brothers, come one grown up and stop bullying us we don’t need anyone telling us what to say or think about anything. *Please don’t reply if what is going to come out of your mouth is bulls… we are not here to listen to that. This post is for people who really want to see blesta become a better system. Have an awesome day Michael you deserve it.
  8. After the new big release of Blesta V4, I have to say that is awesome to know that you update your code to support PHP7 and make changes to the composer and the Mass Mailer option that we needed; but I want to know why you are not paying attention to what our community needs? I think all of us agree that we need a better system for the Domain Management, is something that is very complicated at this moment and we have, to be honest, is a complete disaster. Knowing that most of the user of Blesta are business involve in the hosting industry, I think this will need to be considered top priority but is not. Today I invite you guys to let us understand why this feature that we need urgently is not being taken into consideration. All of us here I am 100% have custom modules or plugins that we develop to get around all of this lack of functionally blesta don’t offer. Is incredible that after 1 – 2 years asking for a better system we still waiting for blesta to come with a new system. We saw a little light in the darkness when Paul address this Domain Manager issue on August 22 -2016 but we are on March 19, 2017, and after seven months nothing new about this matter at all. We heard that in 4.1 Maybe this will be considered but is something we need right now. Blesta, please hear us!!!. We loved you so much but we can’t be together if you don’t change. *This post reflects only my personal opinion.
  9. We need to accept that blesta have big issues in this part, we are not making any negative comment about the system instead of that we are providing personal user experience in order to make it better because if not blesta will stay behind scene as it is right now. We have to be honest and know that users that use blesta are a small group and is because of the lack of basic features other systems provide. We are not comparing blesta with WHMCS, there are a lot of different system out there and also there are a lot of web hosting companies like Godaddy, BlueHost, Siteground, Hostmonster and all of them use the same logical process to order these services; what you are trying to say is that these big companies are doing it wrong and blesta is doing it right. For my personal point of view I don´t see any valid argument for that. I made some test with several friends of mine to go and order a hosting and domain from my system and they get stuck because they don´t understand it, they need to ask my help to complete the process successfully. User like things simple and maybe in your case works straightforward but the real truth is that if the final user can´t get the service in a simple way they will go away from our site. All of us that we are part of the blesta community for sure we love the the system but that doesn't mean is perfect and that is what we are trying to do, make blesta a better system to catch more user and be some day on of the top Billing and support system around internet.
  10. Hi Yes we need a real solution to sell hosting and domains like all the providers out there. We need urgently a new way of how blesta handle this because in the way is design right now is very complicate for clients. Imagine a client want to buy something and they can´t do it because the process is not clear they will leave our website immediately and we will lose that potential client. Right now the way blesta handled the orders system is forcing the client to make one order and then another one to accomplish this process. We know we have add-on options but honestly the order system for selling hosting and domains is not good and as a community we need to push blesta to improved this because is very complicate to provide a good services without this basic tools that other competitor have. Hopefully someone hear us and do something to make this this work in the way it suppose to work.
  11. Yes I know that will look pretty weird. Thanks a lot for your help always awesome.
  12. And if I setup the site under a folder called website inside blesta folder in that way will work as well?
  13. Hi I want to know if you can help with with several questions I have referring to this and how I can achieve it maybe moving the site I want the prices to be display to the same hosting account where I have my blesta installation. I will be happy to pay for your time if you can help me with this issue I have. Thanks a lot
  14. Hi Is possible to make this code work for me with a website out of where I have my blesta installation?
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