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  1. I always ask complicated questions
  2. A blesta in one vps ( Never used it for real work ) it is not accessible to the world but the load average of this vps is high !
  3. Secure FTP how to remove old backups ? Will that go on until the end of the world?
  4. Paul will you guarantee that the company will be around and update his plugins in future as long as Blesta is? Is the company affiliated to Blesta ? Do you go through his addons for any security issues?
  5. What happens when I use your plugins and my whole business becomes dependent on you so many things will change in my database, Blesta software, links and if you someday stop developing or updating? Everything becomes a mess! These plugins that you are introducing should have been a part of Blesta and unfortunately many won't have any choice. Your plugins can also be a security risk someday too. I am sorry I am sure some plugins can be useful I am talking with Blesta guys and telling them they should put these features in Blesta itself. In this age and with web hosting multilanguage is a must have for many businesses. The whole language concept in Blesta is lacking. Web hosting companies need to minimize using plugins you never know what will happen. I have whmcs . hostbill ( the man behind hostbill is a cunning man and I wasted my money after he became mad and increased the fees like crazy ) I have clientexec too These addon plugins for all those basic requirements is a bad mistake.
  6. These days everything has become monthly and yearly subscription, I have to pay for so many things and the reason I chose Blesta was I could save money but as I keep using it I understand in a long run I probably have to pay more for things to work the way that a normal billing software already does. The other issue is also the security risk and that I do not know how long I can rely on an addon that is not the main part of Blesta. The developer might lose interest some day , stop updating it and do you guys know what it means . It is a disaster after a few years I have to do a lot of clean up and security and ..... Probably I have to make a choice before I let Blesta take over my business . I am just starting to play with it and configuring it has already become a headache too. What a shame!
  7. Oh so blesta does not have any quote or estimate like whmcs , hostbill and other softwares and I need to pay for this one too? What ? So I pay yearly 25 dollars for estimate and I pay another yearly for languages to work what is this ?
  8. This addon should be default of blesta . If We are going to pay for every small thing then I have to rethink about this blesta .
  9. I created so many data in configuration option , OS now do I need to delete them and create them again in universal module?
  10. Any video or instruction on how to use this ? I went to documentation but can't work this I want to add a test that customers fill for a service I offer and want to have it emailed to me when ordered. I tried to find a video in youtube but there is no video
  11. Thank you Paul for offering to help , I will eventually create an id for you as I think I will need help and then pm you . I learned about config options and created some but not sure if they are correct.
  12. What could I do without you guys ? Thanks a lot . I wish I learn and can help others too.
  13. If you see this screen capture Under product : clearance dedicated servers I have no Idea where I added that and can't find it Any body can please let me know how I can find that and how I can add more? Thanks
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