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  1. @cws, I'm starting to use it, going back to WHMCS for the integration tho. Although it's marginally cheaper in "normal" TLDs, international domains are way cheaper than competition so resell.biz is not an option for me as I need .mx and .com.mx Cheers.
  2. @cws, Agreed, didn't notice that before, I'll request it. Although they DO have SSL at their site, but it's optional, they should redirect HTTP to HTTPS al least in the console.
  3. I'm looking for guidance in the domain reseller business. I need to offer .com.mx and .mx domains, among other LATAM ccTLDs. Competitive, sort by pricing: http://www.domainbox.com/pricing/ http://www.name.com/pricing http://www.dynadot.com/company/prices.html Absurd prices, but available: http://www.opensrs.com/site/services/domains/pricing https://www.srsplus.com/other-products-and-services/complete-pricing.aspx https://www.123-reg.co.uk/domain-names/cheap-domain-names.shtml I was on the impression that this is the only way I could offer domains, but maybe I'm wrong because I have no experience with it and don't know the details about how it works behind the curtains. For example, I don't see NameCheap offering a domain reseller account, but every major billing system has a NameCheap integration. So.. would it mean that we register the domain at our name and place our customer info in the Whois? Are there other ways to offer domain registry online with Blesta? Can I connect directly with each country's NIC and have a custom WHOIS? Or should I just wait and pray for a domain reseller integration that fits my needs?
  4. I have, they are not doing it ATM and they give very little info about their plans
  5. BTW, there's a beta module for WHMCS mabe by DomainBox: http://partners.domainbox.com/ Maybe it helps..? This is the only service that I have found with competitive prices for .com.mx and .mx (my clients are mostly LATAM). Is there any other provider that offer these? Or is there any other way for me to offer those? Thanks.
  6. API: http://admin.domainbox.net/docs/Domainbox-commands.pdf EPP: http://admin.domainbox.net/docs/Domainbox-EPP-manual.pdf Custom transfer: http://admin.domainbox.net/docs/Domainbox-transfers.pdf
  7. I'm in desperate need of a DomainBox domain reseller module. Blesta: I would add 2 companies licences if done. Developers: PM me with your quotes. I have done some programming but have no experience with Blesta nor domains transactions, only some web programming, front end mostly, although I could happily help if I can.
  8. Although I would consider it "nice to have" if the user could authenticate with Facebook or LinkedIn, for clients and staff we need an email in the account, so email providers would serve not only as authenticators but also to gather an active and trusted email address and link the account to that, so I would focus on Google, Gmail with > 600 M users and Google Apps with > 5 M companies. If you are planning to add it for any OAuth service provider, I would suggest then to have settings to allow or disallow each one from a list of providers supported. I would personally leave it only for Google and Hotmail, in that case, maybe Yahoo! when it gets to OAuth 2.0.
  9. An awesome domain/ssl/email/hosting reseller: http://www.domainbox.com/domain-api/ Wide range and cheap gTLDs, ccTLDs and pTLDs domains. I find it much better than LogicBoxes.
  10. Having a > 600 million Gmail and Google Apps userbase, it would be great if clients and staff could login using their Google account. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I think this is essential for a proper support service. Be able to search on a KB and show related articles when submitting a new support ticket, among other useful and time saving features. I know there's a thread about this somewhere that suggests this, just wanted to list it here and see the actual need/priority for it.
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