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  1. For the record, I have been having issues with clients being unable to login (loading blesta as a client results in a blank page, so there's an issue with maybe htaccess or more likely the customised templates I am using etc. ) - and worst of all, my Stripe payment gateway module has not been able to process payments. Still haven't resolved the system health thing, but I can definitely say, you can trust that damn little widget! So I've just rolled Blesta back to 4.3.0 and all is well again. I will have to install 4.4.0 in a subdirectory and do a clean install with a copied database,
  2. No, "Standard" is the default one. You are set up OK. You can delete the html_invoice directory if you want, I don't think it get in the way of anything if you leave it there. FYI, when I say mPDF, Blesta uses TCPDF which is a fork of the same sort of library. mPDF, rfpdf, TCPDF etc. are all similar and yet not the same. I was just too lazy to look closely at Blesta structure and I'm more familiar with mPDF from my own development. So the first approach we took was one where I thought, perhaps the method of invoking footers in TCPDF has changed, and Blesta invoice has been updated no
  3. I personally avoid using any automated installer. I am assuming Sofaculous has installed the latest Blesta version - this post refers to Blest 4.4.0. Which it may not have (go to first line of this post). In this case, this is an error thrown from mPDF Interesting thing is if you look at the location of the templates, html_invoice is not a subfolder in the latest Blesta 4.4.0 release. It's default_invoice, ie. on your system it's /home/katycomputer/public_html/billing/components/invoice_templates/default_invoice So I would go to Settings => Company => Billing/Payment
  4. As mentioned, I've cleaned out the blesta root, installed 4.4.0 clean (except company directory), reset the invoice back to default. Unsuspend services task is timing out still, but let's look at logs: This general-warning entry is a new friend since 4.4.0: [2018-11-18 21:15:03] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {:110/pop3/novalidate-cert} {"code":2,"message":"imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {:110/pop3/novalidate-cert}","file":"/home/USER/public_html/plugins/support_manager/vendors/php-imap/ImapMailbox.php","line":36} Aside from the usual legit
  5. I'm still getting errors with unsuspend task - however, I did delete an old unused company and perhaps that had one or two services still in it. Wasn't my company, I asked the user to migrate to their own system, so they may have left some services going... Still running tests, but it's probably all my own data screwing Blesta around.
  6. I did a barebones upgrade. On attempting to manually email invoices, I at least now could see an error re invalid invoice template. I might have had a customised one... can't remember! So I flipped back to default, and now can send out invoices by email OK manually. The system status is still giving me woe re cron jobs, so I will keep an eye on that while it moves through its queue, maybe within a day it will have zeroed out all pre-existing errors. Will report progress. Cheers
  7. First time ever with Blesta (been a user for years and years) since 4.4.0 upgrade, I am getting a health warning in the system status on the homepage. Advisory points to cron jobs not completing. Visiting the cron panel, I can see Payment Reminders and Deliver Invoices are showing loaders and never stop... Time of cron start advances every 5 minutes or whatever the cron period is, so the cron is being fired, but the scripts are not completing execution. Visiting client panels, I can see invoices building up with Unsent remaining their status (ouch) I attempt to trigger invoic
  8. Hi Paul, Tyson and co. I am here looking up custom fields per line invoice item. It's something I've had to do in the past for another client with Blesta, and it's now something I need for myself. Scenario - setting up a business with a partner and we need to track different types of tasks. In accounting software you have collations or categories for types of income and expenditure, so we need to assign a category code to each line. Eg. my partner does SEO and keyword research/social media, I do the server side development etc. We might issue an invoice containing a mix of components,
  9. I would find it very useful to be able to search descriptions text field contents across all the invoices of a specific client. Currently I have to crack open phpMyAdmin and do it via query. Cheers!
  10. OK - I've coded up my own solution: Note the highly visible View Invoice button, plus I've tarted up those other links as well so the bank nobs know where to click. Only a very small hack to the client_invoices.pdt template. The View Invoice page shows full individual invoice in site chrome very similar to PDF version (but with more, as I've added my own terms and custom payment options data), with option to further open same inline invoice layout in new window as printable version without site chrome - shown below, with ubiquitous Print button. Fingers crossed, that shou
  11. By querying the data to construct the PDF, Blesta has everything in place except for the fact it pushes the output to the PDF library rather than to a web page, so on the surface, to provide a link to View the sale data on the client payment page, and rename (for example) the View link to Download Invoice, would do the trick. Meantime I will just look into hacking Blesta to do what I need it to do. As to "changing banks": that's easy to say, but harder to do. Maybe in other countries it is a simpler process to change, but I'm a sole operator. Over the years, to have had my company set
  12. Any indication if this is entering your minds for looking at?
  13. Perhaps so, Cody, but what I can see is that tax, while included in the full amount shown on the Bleta Payment page, is however not separately itemised. So it falls at that point at least. Who knows with these bank gnomes whatever else will come up... By payment page, they mean the full detail of each invoice, on a web page, not just in PDF format. I can see how throwing everthing to a PDF is nice an simple, but once again, that is where my bank is drawing the line. I have already turned to them and said, paraphrasing, "hey, Blesta is a well known, highly secure and trust
  14. Further to this, the issue is not the interface between Blesta and whatever payment gateway, it's about whether the bank will accept payments taken through your website, regardless of which 3rd party gateway you are using. So it's not about Stripe, or eWay, but about Blesta compliance with banking guidelines. BTW, I just looked up and Stripe is now available in beta for Australia. Thanks for the poke, I had emailed them a few months ago and they said, not yet...
  15. Can't use Stripe in Australia yet, otherwise I would I am not sure it's a payment completed page they are looking for, but itemisation on the webpage of full invoice contents prior to payment. Unless that's what you mean.
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