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  1. Blesta 4.1.2 with the core cPanel module (no modifications) A new cPanel account was added manually for 6 months and we use the pro rata feature. We did not generate the invoice but had the confirmation email sent. In the system after it was added, it showed Dec 1, 2017 as the renewal date instead of June 1, 2018. My guess is that Blesta wants to invoice the service on Dec 1 because an invoice was not generated at the time the service was added and this is not right.
  2. @Paul is there any update? I know you've said you'll let us know when something is ready to test but we didn't realize it was going to be this long. Please give the community an update.
  3. DST Still a Bug

    Good news. CORE-1485 was the original task I was looking for.
  4. Personally, since this topic was started over a year ago, we would be happy with no other updates (aside from major bugs to the core functions) until this core feature is added in. I realize we are in the US and stick to more of the core features (authorize.net, cPanel, etc) but I wonder why it's such a big push to introduce all of these other gateways and plugins yet the domain manager isn't in Beta yet. Are these other gateways and plugins that popular and really going to boost the popularity of Blesta or would a better domain feature accomplish this? I'm quite certain we are losing a lot of domain sales but have no real way to prove it. I do know from an admin standpoint, we are doing a lot of manual work to handle transfers, privacy, etc. @Blesta Addons has been a huge asset to this community helping many people out and it would be a real shame to see them go away to another platform. Paul, is there any update on this plugin even it's not at an alpha or beta stage yet?
  5. DST Still a Bug

    version 4.1.2 CORE-295 is not the task but I know there was one awhile back (maybe 6-10 months ago) that was supposed to address this issue.
  6. DST Still a Bug

    The cron task is set to auto debit at 10am MST. Until yesterday, it ran at 10am MST and now it runs at 9am MST. The setting is (UTC -07:00) Denver under Localization.
  7. DST Still a Bug

    I couldn't find the task but Blesta still isn't recognizing daylight savings time so every cron is running an hour earlier now. I did check the server time and it's accurate. If there is something else I should check, please let me know. This is with Blesta 4.1.2
  8. Logicboxes Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id

    No we have not made any changes to it.
  9. Logicboxes Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id

    There is only one phone number on this account and the type has been 'phone' for 3+ years now. The format entered right now is 111-111-1111 and it has worked with close to 100 other domains for this same client. Since it wasn't provisioned right away because it was missing namservers, I keep wondering if the issue comes into play when it was submitted the second time with all of the correct info.
  10. Logicboxes Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id

    I checked and the phone number wasn't passed in the Input. The system should automatically use the contact details provided within the Blesta account, right?
  11. Logicboxes Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id

    This is the output error: https://httpapi.com/api/contacts/add.json {"status":"ERROR","message":"Required parameter missing: phone-cc"} I don't think the input is going to tell you anything because I'm going to block out all of the customer information and it's a success. Let me know if I'm wrong about that part.
  12. Logicboxes Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id

    The same number has worked for a couple of years now to register and renew 50+ domains for this client so I don't think that's the issue.
  13. Restore a Domain

    It's not really clear what you're trying to do. 1) Do you have any payment gateways setup? You'll need Offline payments setup to accept a check payment. 2) It looks like these domains show as 'active' in your setup so you'll need to click 'manage' off to the right of each service and then schedule cancellation for each if you don't want them to show up in the clients account. Does that help or did I miss something else?
  14. A long standing client purchased a new domain but left off the nameservers in the original order. Once that was manually corrected on the admin side and ready to provision, the following error was returned: Required parameter missing: reg-contact-id This is a client who already has a lot of domains registered so I'm confused as to why this error would appear. Any insight? When I look at the logs, it's telling me that the phone number is missing which is not the case because that's a required client field and a phone number is present for this customer. This is with Blesta v4.1.2 and the current CORE logicboxes module.
  15. v4.1.1 Logicboxes Renewal

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to that plugin once it becomes available.