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  1. evolvewh

    Add credit via API

    It's already setup so there is a credit added to the customers account after you record the payment and once it's applied to an invoice, it says the original payment method and amount applied to it.
  2. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    I created a redirect in the .htaccess file and it should work. I'll have to wait until the next recurring payment comes in to confirm. This fixed the issue. Thanks for your help with this.
  3. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    Response from Paypal in case anyone else runs into this issue: I apologize for the frustration. When a Subscription is created the Instant Payment Notification URL that is on file or the notify_url that is sent in with the payment request is the notification URL that is used for the life of the Subscription. Here are the options to resolve this issue: You can see if your Web Developer can setup a forwarder from the incorrect Notify URL to the Correct Notify URL. The other option is to create new subscriptions and cancel the old subscriptions, which isn't the best option. I confirmed with the PayPal Product Developers that the IPN Notify URL gets setup in the batch server when the Subscription is created, so it cannot be changed on the subscription.
  4. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    So far, it looks like Paypal attaches the callback URL to the Recurring profile so if you change that URL under the settings page (in your Paypal account) it does not reflect on any of the recurring profiles. We changed the URL to our billing portal about 4-5 months ago. That explains why it works for 1 time payments and not for recurring payments. Still working with them to figure out how to update this because i don't see a place within our account to do so unless we were to cancel all recurring profiles and set them up again.
  5. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    Sorry for the delay and thank you for the additional info. I've got a ticket open with Merchant Technical Support right now and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'll update once I hear back from them.
  6. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    I never got an answer from them. The only thing I can report is that the IPN is sent for one time payments and never for a recurring / subscription payment.
  7. evolvewh

    domain doesnt exist on logicbox option lists

    Open up components/modules/logicboxes/config/logicboxes.php and add the TLD's that you want to sell (that aren't already there)
  8. evolvewh

    How to configure package using unversal module

    Hover your mouse over this tool tip and you'll see the format needed (shown in attached image)
  9. evolvewh

    How to configure package using unversal module

    They are referring to the settings page of the Universal Module (same location you took your first screenshot from).
  10. evolvewh

    Client Inactive Status

    That seems like it will work or even for simplicity, the ability to toggle on/off the ability to login if it was easier to implement. This would be a manual action done by the admin.
  11. evolvewh

    Client Inactive Status

    This is to continue what was started here: When a client is marked 'inactive', they should still be able to login to Blesta. There may be a period of time where they do not have any active services but they want to come back and order in the future. As of now, they would have to create a new account and start all over again if an admin has their account marked as inactive. I feel a new setting and/or status should be made to disable login only if that's what a site admin wants to do. We like to mark clients as inactive so that we can get a more accurate idea of how many of our clients are actually active but there have been plenty of times where an 'inactive' client comes back in the following months / years to place a new order for services. Please consider this request and provide feedback.
  12. evolvewh

    Tickets are not showing up.

    You'll need to setup email piping so that the messages are 'piped' into Blesta.
  13. evolvewh

    Tickets are not showing up.

    Do you have piping setup? https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Support+Manager#SupportManager-email-pipingEmailPiping
  14. evolvewh

    Paypal Recurring Payments

    Paypal is not notifying Blesta only when Recurring payments are made. One time payments are notified. I have sent an email to Paypal and I'm waiting to hear back from them.
  15. evolvewh

    Renew Date fixed before Invoice paid

    I agree with you and I think there is a task to change this behavior but I can not find it right now. I'll keep looking.