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  1. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Thank you for providing this plugin. Very useful information. A couple of things I noticed and wondered about: 1) Top Revenue by Gateway - Doesn't seem to include non merchant gateways (offline payment, etc) 2) Top clients by services - The active tab includes cancelled services as well
  2. Logic of upgrade + coupon

    Please don't forget about this 2nd concern
  3. New Support Ticket Status: On Hold

  4. Logic of upgrade + coupon

    This makes very little business sense. If a customer is ready to upgrade and pay, they should be invoiced right then. Either pro rated for 1 month and charged the full rate for 11 months or pro rated for 1 month and charged for 12 months but it makes no sense to wait until the end of the month to invoice for that new term (12 months in this case)
  5. Logic of upgrade + coupon

    I went to upgrade a service for a client (from the admin side) yesterday with the following case and the logic seems odd to me. Current service: $70 monthly Upgrade: $1440 for 12 months + coupon for 15% off When I change the package on the admin side and use the prorate feature, Blesta only wants to invoice the price difference from the old package to the new package on a monthly basis. Why doesn't Blesta upgrade to the new 12 month term? It seems useless if Blesta is going to prorate for 1 month now and then 1 month later, it finally invoices for the 12 months. I also noticed that even though our coupon applies to 12 months only (not monthly), the coupon code was applied for this partial month update. This is in v4.2.2. without any modifications.
  6. New Support Ticket Status: On Hold

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated. We have stopped using the Blesta Support Plugin so we won't be reporting updates on this but I did see they've finally included this in v4.3 so this thread won't be needed for much longer.
  7. Cron Task Stuck

    Thank you for the fix and I will download it soon. I also want to thank @GosuHost who helped to provide a fix for this a few days ago as well.
  8. Cron Task Stuck

    I'm thinking that the error is stopping the php execution. @Blesta Addons, could this be a php7 issue?
  9. Cron Task Stuck

    Based on the error log, I think this might be our issue: [2018-02-26 19:10:10] general.ERROR: Uncaught Exception Error: "Cannot use object of type stdClass as array" at /home/xxxx/public_html/billing/components/modules/logicboxes/logicboxes.php line 707 {"exception":"[object] (Error(code: 0): Cannot use object of type stdClass as array at /home/xxxx/public_html/billing/components/modules/logicboxes/logicboxes.php:707)"}
  10. Cron Task Stuck

    I haven't been able to disable cron but I have narrowed it down that it is only logicboxes services that aren't renewing properly and making the cron stuck. cPanel has gone through just fine.
  11. Cron Task Stuck

    No. I am asking if they could be causing an error? I edited your file and commented out those 3 lines of code so that those 3 tabs would not show in the client area.
  12. Cron Task Stuck

    I spoke too soon and this task is stuck again. I should have mentioned it before but I did comment out 3 lines in the logicboxes module to hide the Domain Forwarding, DNS and privacy protection tabs in the client area. Could I have made a mistake with that? I commented out these 3 lines in components/logicboxes/logicboxes.php (lines 1338 - 1340) (The get clients tabs function) //'tabClientDomainforwarding' => Language::_("Logicboxes.tab_domainforwarding.title", true), //'tabClientDns' => Language::_("Logicboxes.tab_dns.title", true), //'tabClientPrivacy' => Language::_("Logicboxes.tab_privacy.title", true), This was the 'module' log output: https://httpapi.com/api/domains/details.json {"orderid":"xxxxxxxxxxxx","privacyprotectendtime":"1519520532","parentkey":"999999999_80588_481018","creationtime":"1424826132","orderstatus":["transferlock","resellerlock"],"privacy-techcontact":{"telno":"8022274003","telnocc":"1","country":"US","company":"Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org)","emailaddr":"contact@privacyprotect.org","name":"Domain Admin","zip":"01803","privacyprotectionroid":"PP-SP-001","address1":"10 Corporate Drive","state":"MA","city":"Burlington"},"recurring":"false","classname":"com.logicboxes.foundation.sfnb.order.domorder.DomCno","isImmediateReseller":"true","productkey":"domcno","privacy-billingcontact":{"telno":"8022274003","telnocc":"1","country":"US","company":"Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org)","emailaddr":"contact@privacyprotect.org","name":"Domain Admin","zip":"01803","privacyprotectionroid":"PP-SP-001","address1":"10 Corporate Drive","state":"MA","city":"Burlington"},"customerid":"14379684","privacy-registrantcontact":{"telno":"8022274003","telnocc":"1","country":"US","company":"Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org)","emailaddr":"contact@privacyprotect.org","name":"Domain Admin","zip":"01803","privacyprotectionroid":"PP-SP-001","address1":"10 Corporate Drive","state":"MA","city":"Burlington"},"classkey":"domcno","orderSuspendedByParent":"false","endtime":"1519520532","multilingualflag":"f","privacyprotectedallowed":"true","domsecret":"BeZW5oV\u003ekd","isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry":"false","domainname":"ranger-quest.com","allowdeletion":"true","productcategory":"domorder","isprivacyprotected":"true","privacy-admincontact":{"telno":"8022274003","telnocc":"1","country":"US","company":"Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org)","emailaddr":"contact@privacyprotect.org","name":"Domain Admin","zip":"01803","privacyprotectionroid":"PP-SP-001","address1":"10 Corporate Drive","state":"MA","city":"Burlington"},"bulkwhoisoptout":"t","moneybackperiod":"4"} The cron log for 'process service renewals' says this: Attempting to process renewing services. Before trying to renew this service, that same task (for earlier times today) says: Attempting to process renewing services. The process renewing services task has completed.
  13. Set language no longer work

    There were definitely changes in that file. Since it's ionCube encoded, I can't tell exactly what the differences are.
  14. Cron Task Stuck

    I did not figure it was because of your module and I upgraded to 4.2.2. and got lucky. Everything looks ok at the moment.
  15. Cron Task Stuck

    Hi. Only Logicboxes Reloaded from your company.