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  1. Invoiced this month incorrect

    Expanding on this at some point would be nice but I still personally think the domain manager is a bigger priority.
  2. Active (open) tickets

    By default, there's nothing else you can do. While the support system does work overall, it's very light in terms of efficiency features.
  3. Invoiced this month incorrect

    That makes more sense and thanks for that explanation. I would have thought that 'invoiced this month' would not include pending invoices until they actually got sent out and it doesn't include recurring invoices. We do have pending invoices for later this month.
  4. Invoiced this month incorrect

    @Tyson 1) Server time is MST where we are located 2) I'm not sure how I could have existing invoices with a bill date between Jan 2 and Jan 31 when the screenshot was taken on Jan 1. HowCan you explain that more?
  5. Invoiced this month incorrect

    If I get a chance to go through all of that. It's picking something up from the last 2-3 days of 2017
  6. Invoiced this month incorrect

    The difference is $647.46 - $87.40 at the time that screenshot was taken so it was $560.06 too high under 'invoiced this month'
  7. Invoiced this month incorrect

    Today, we show a significant difference between 'invoiced this month' and 'invoiced today'. Blesta v4.2.0 and no modifications made to billing / invoices.
  8. Upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.2 Issues

    Uploading the license.php file in the php7 hotfix folder won't prompt you to do a new install. Is your config/blesta.php file present with all of your database credentials and the system key? Also, if you haven't yet, I would suggest doing the upgrade on a copy of your database and have the latest files uploaded in a new folder to test everything out first.
  9. Website Development Help

    Sorry but I still don't know what development work you actually need done. You'd need to show someone what you have in place already.
  10. Website Development Help

    What are you looking to have completed?
  11. Cron Error Log - Invoice Delivery

    I ran that query and no results were returned. I will have to look closer and see if I can find any domains that don't have valid DNS / MX records but that same email address receives other invoices and support ticket notifications.
  12. Huge Invoicing Bug

    Logicboxes had no issues but we've seen it 3 days in a row with cPanel now. Tyson is looking into this as well.
  13. Cron Error Log - Invoice Delivery

    Thanks Tyson. The clients email is valid and they do not have any invoices created that haven't been delivered. They have a couple of pending invoices for February and further out and one recurring invoice that doesn't go out until next Summer.
  14. Cron Error Log - Invoice Delivery

    I found this in the cron log today for invoice deliveries: Attempting to deliver invoices scheduled for delivery. Unable to deliver 15 invoices to client #73 via Email due to error: At least one of the email To addresses provided is not a valid email address. The deliver invoices task has completed. This client doesn't have any services due in 7 days (our Invoice days before renewal setting) so I'm not sure why it was even trying to create any invoices for them today. It's in the log multiple times. This is v4.2.0 Blesta
  15. Huge Invoicing Bug

    I need to know how to stop this ASAP. We upgraded to v4.2 and all invoices today billed for 2 months of service when they should be monthly only. How do we downgrade Blesta or get a patch as quick as possible? For us, this has happened with cPanel related services only so far. Can anyone else confirm?