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  1. I'm in the processing of doing so now and it was purchased directly from Blesta.
  2. I hope you're right and hopefully v5.0 isn't still a year away. Since we moved back, I haven't found any major issues that didn't have solutions provided. Maybe we're not using it to the extent you did. Not sure.
  3. To an extent we did and there comes a point where it's not cost effective to keep doing so. I'm not the best developer so I did what I could. We also contributed to CyanDark for the cPanel module that unfortunately didn't happen and patching customizations after every main release is very time consuming as well. We have no issue using WHMCS so I'm sorry if I sound like I'm complaining. I was trying to state why we left Blesta. That's all. Our business isn't to be developers so we've purchased another solution that has what we need to run our business. I support Open Source and it's awesome to
  4. I get that and respect that. I really don't understand @Paul lack of updates on any of this. If it was high priority, I would think 'something' would have been released by now.
  5. I understand the security concern which is always an important consideration. I also think by taking steps to properly harden the server, follow the recommended WHMCS security steps (moving the cron folder, config file permissions, etc) and even using a WAF and/or service like cWatch, many of these issues become non issues or minimal. Sure they cost a little bit extra but well worth it. Part of my last response is a push for @Tyson and @jono who need more help on the development side. It's sort of a case of 'spend money to make money' and advance the software faster. Quality control and b
  6. As an 'outsider' it looks like this is forgotten. It may not be internally but @Paul could really use it to it's advantage to build marketing hype. Release a teaser with a screenshot or something. It was originally slated for v4.1.0 which was released a year and a half ago. That's a long time. Sure they're releasing other things but there hasn't been that much that's major and to advertise this as the 'billing platform for hosting providers' is just false without better domain management. I can't even begin to list the number of issues I found as we migrated over and cleaned out the numerous d
  7. Send me a message and make a reasonable offer. Totally understand it can be customized and we did a bit of that. Unfortunately, 'customizing' an entire domain management system isn't feasible for us.
  8. Yes, we left Blesta over the Summer and we left for many reasons but this one is the biggest: https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7197-domain-manager-we-need-your-feedback-on-domains/&tab=comments#comment-45629 Honestly, Paul's lack of any response to this just tells me that nothing is being done and we can't run our business with the answer 'we hope to have something available by the end of 2018'. We're there now and there's still no sign of this. I don't want to create a list that makes it look like we're bad mouthing the software or anything but there are many
  9. We're going to sell our owned, unbranded lifetime license and have no clue of what it's worth. Any suggestions? This license doesn't have active updates (buyer will need to add that). I'm just exploring now to see what it's worth and once it's time to sell, I'll make sure Blesta verifies the license and whatever else needs to be done for a smooth sale. This was purchased directly from Blesta prior to the v3 release.
  10. It's already setup so there is a credit added to the customers account after you record the payment and once it's applied to an invoice, it says the original payment method and amount applied to it.
  11. I created a redirect in the .htaccess file and it should work. I'll have to wait until the next recurring payment comes in to confirm. This fixed the issue. Thanks for your help with this.
  12. Response from Paypal in case anyone else runs into this issue: I apologize for the frustration. When a Subscription is created the Instant Payment Notification URL that is on file or the notify_url that is sent in with the payment request is the notification URL that is used for the life of the Subscription. Here are the options to resolve this issue: You can see if your Web Developer can setup a forwarder from the incorrect Notify URL to the Correct Notify URL. The other option is to create new subscriptions and cancel the old subscriptions, which isn't the
  13. So far, it looks like Paypal attaches the callback URL to the Recurring profile so if you change that URL under the settings page (in your Paypal account) it does not reflect on any of the recurring profiles. We changed the URL to our billing portal about 4-5 months ago. That explains why it works for 1 time payments and not for recurring payments. Still working with them to figure out how to update this because i don't see a place within our account to do so unless we were to cancel all recurring profiles and set them up again.
  14. Sorry for the delay and thank you for the additional info. I've got a ticket open with Merchant Technical Support right now and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'll update once I hear back from them.
  15. I never got an answer from them. The only thing I can report is that the IPN is sent for one time payments and never for a recurring / subscription payment.
  16. Filters and / or search fields are always a +
  17. Packages > Browse Packages is the page I'm referring to.
  18. Open up components/modules/logicboxes/config/logicboxes.php and add the TLD's that you want to sell (that aren't already there)
  19. Hover your mouse over this tool tip and you'll see the format needed (shown in attached image)
  20. Just copy and paste the tags into the field below and Google will pick up the necessary data?
  21. How does the client go about requesting a download of all of their data? By opening a support ticket or is there a radio button or similar for them to select within the client portal that I'm not seeing?
  22. Now that there is a new setting to synchronize add on renewal dates with the parent service, what's the best course of action to sync the add ons that already existing prior to v4.3? Manually through the 'manage' function?
  23. If a client does not have a 'set package' and they go to order through the portal, the restricted group is still shown to them. This happens as soon as you click the 'order' link in the client nav bar. If a client continues further by clicking that group and then clicking 'skip, order other items', the group finally goes away. IMO, this group should never show when the client clicks 'order' initially. Also a client who is authorized to order a restricted package, still can't order it through the portal. Ignore this. I was thrown off because they are sent to the domain lookup field
  24. Can you add more documentation on how to implement this with Google Analytics?
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