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  1. He just got back to me. I hope the various projects I have with him are back on track.
  2. I really hate doing this but... No answer from his support desk and nothing on Skype since December 7th. What sucks is he was someone who used to be very communicative, did good work for me in the past, and now nothing, and he has my money.
  3. I'm not on this forum constantly. Your website is offline so I can't access the Blesta tickets that contained all the custom development details, and you aren't replying to my support email. All I'm asking for is an update, and I shouldn't have to come to a forum to get them.
  4. Paid him for some custom development over 2 months ago, and zero updates in the last month. Emailed support and nothing. Website is barely even up. Is he basically gone from the Blesta scene?
  5. Look, I get you're a college kid, but stop acting like a child. I'm not going to entrust my billing system data and its integration with critical service providers to plugins that could be easily exploited because of cowboy coding practices. I don't trust your coding. I don't know it. There's no history there. Even your "fix" of the Digital Ocean module was a half-fix with problems. So yes, until that trust and history is built, there's absolutely no way I'll use plugins made by your or others that encode their files with no way to get a good look at their security. That's my choice. It's up to you to figure out if you want to spend that extra money to do that or not. No one's forcing you or anyone else to do it
  6. Thanks Paul. Are there any other variables that can be used in that db table? I.e : {year} {month} or just {num}? I guess it's not that important, but good to know if i want a little bit of structure.
  7. Client Id is used for a few things. It's also the account number. All businesses I deal with randomize the account number because its also used as authentication for them. How can i randomize client ID in blesta?
  8. I'm used to seeing "unsecured" under the name of the customer, depending on how they opened and replied to the ticket. I don't think a confirmation link works in the end. If we're looking for security, spoofed email is too easy to do. This is what we were working towards at another company : Customized security questions. Staff can't see the answers. Can only input what the customer provides and the system says "yes, accepted" or "nope". Whitespaces and capitals were removed to avoid weird scenarios, but that's done in the backend. So in trying to keep this simple: - Customer opens via email : ask security questions, support pin, whatever. A confirmation link is not good enough - Customer opens via Blesta, but no 2FA : same thing as above - Customer opens via Blesta with 2FA : party! If you want really tight integration, the whole staff inputs pin in a box could be done in the ticket itself to save some clicks. Once it's entered, the ticket becomes "secured" and no one needs to ask for it again
  9. Very much agree with this. How we dealt with this in another system was this way : - If a user opens a ticket from their client portal, and 2 factor is enabled : perform the request - If a user opens a ticket from the client portal, but 2FA is not enabled : ask for a support pin or security question - If a user emails in : same as above The support pin or security question is something the user sets up at order time. They cannot be changed or reset by the customer. If they need to be reset, you ask for ID before allowing the user to change them. And then of course, it was noted on the ticket how it was opened, as suggested in this thread.
  10. 1 - To fix this, it would require the module developer to also have the hosting companies install a hook on each cpanel server to relay the password back to cPanel Extended. A cool feature to be sure, but probably a decent amount of work for a free plugin. 2 - I don't understand this question. Do you mean the service is not canceled when canceling the service via the admin panel?
  11. So i just found out today that if you perform a cancel action from the admin side, there is no popup that asks you "are you sure?". Most of the time, these popups are just annoying, but i've seen tired staff members first hand removing an entire account by mistake. I'd really like a popup to slightly slow down these actions, like cancel, schedule cancellation, etc.
  12. 2 Feature requests : 1 - Pass either the customer email, or the server admin email to WHM. That way, account-level notifications will be delivered to the right person 2 - A popup confirmation when performing a cancellation and when scheduling a cancellation from the admin side. These actions are not reversible, so a popup slowing you down a bit for this is really helpful.
  13. I can't replicate this on cpanel extended. The service gets canceled just fine, and removed from the server
  14. ya, i think my dev ran into this same issue. He had to create the html templates directly in the sql database. Not a work around i was very happy about
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