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  1. This issue is actively affecting our clients, so if a fix could be released at some point in November before the next billing cycle it would make our lives easier.
  2. I think that's confirmation that this is a bug.
  3. I went through my settings on the coupon with Paul and he agrees it's properly configured to apply on renewal, but it does not.
  4. Alex

    Proxmox Module

    Actually, I have the impression that OpenVZ is better supported than KVM. However, both do work and both are supported by the module to the best of the API's ability. GoGetSSL and TheSSLStore modules are coming soon as well.
  5. Won't have a chance to test for a couple months unless something changes, since this client paid for 2 months during testing and has a 1 month credit in his account.
  6. What I got here is that the bottom line is you guys chose this style because it is more native and comfortable to you, and you have to work with it every day. That's fair reasoning, and so as I said, I will adhere to the guidelines as I work with Blesta in an effort to maintain the most important feature of all here: conformity. I am curious though, what power do these double quotes behold that I am overlooking? In my wee bit of a brain the syntactical similarity between array indexes and single quoted strings is non-existent, due to the wrapping square brackets around one. That's probably because I started with PHP and learned (what little I know of) Java/C later, so I can understand where you're coming from on that, so long as I look at it from an objective point of view. Thanks for taking the time to answer this thread. I don't want this to become a tit for tat intellectual stage, nor do I have the time or patience for that, I was just curious. I perceive a bit of hostility or at least frustration in your reply, and so I should tell you that it didn't actually strike me that his would have come from a C/Java background until after I posted (you can check the edits of my OP to see that), so please don't be offended. (I do admit I wrote that I saw this "right off" in my second post, but that was poorly worded, as what I meant to say was "right after I posted" -- Paul can confirm this per our conversations happening in parallel)
  7. Well, no, it's slower to execute... If anything, it is probably faster to type your way. Extra run-time parsing is done with double quotes, causing inherently slower execution. This has been debated from both sides and I don't have any benchmarks for you, but I think that it just makes sense looking at it from a high level. PHP isn't compiled, so all of these seemingly marginal considerations add up to a much larger impact than they do with C/Java, even if it is still marginal. #1 - Power should be used with discretion, since it is usually harder to debug and slower. What power does it give you really? Variables inside strings and escape sequences other than \'? Whoopdie freaking doo! #2 - I've never had an issue with the readability of either. #3 - I figured this right off, but I know lots of other programmers with the same background who would agree with me in the case of PHP. #4 - See below: I've written code bases with xx,xxx lines using this method and developers have picked up on it in hours not days, with no documentation, so the issue of readability is a really hard sell for me. It seems to me like your method was a decision based on familiarity and preference, not principle. It's not a big deal, conformity is most important, but the reasoning is clearly the Java/C background and not that it's ideal in PHP. I will simply write Blesta extensions using this method since it's probably too late for you guys to make a change like this now.
  8. If the From field just accepted template vars, I could fill it with {ticket.department_email} and be happy. That may be the simplest solution.
  9. Source: http://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Programming+Style+Guide Why in the world..? That's slower and more confusing; exact opposite of my normal style guide. Sure in Java or C++ -- but why would you do this in PHP?
  10. C'mon devs! This is something I really, really want! Please not later than 3.1 -- the next patch even better!
  11. I would actually prefer a simple "View All" button over the AJAXified loading myself. That stuff just seems a bit too flashy for an admin panel. I prefer a more utilitarian admin interface. AJAXified pagination/loading would be nice for something like the Knowledge Base client interface though. For the issue of not knowing the right page, I would just prefer a "View All" button. Once I've got a "View All" button, I can do a "Ctrl+F" to find what I want on the page. How hard is it to add a link that passes a GET parameter with the value "all" which triggers the back-end to omit the LIMIT on the query? It's a simple addition! The Configure::set("Blesta.results_per_page", 20); thing doesn't work all too well for me since we have like 100+ packages. If I do this, then all of my staff will have to load 100+ packages for that page, regardless of whether that is necessary. But, the groups page that Paul pointed out has become my new place to find a package, since it groups them up nicely for me, so this has all becomes less of an issue for me.
  12. Yeah, yeah. No credit for me. What's new? You need to make sure you get the package sorting working in the on click drop down package list interface under the package groups. With over 100 packages that have the same name across modules or product types, it would be a bit of a struggle to do all of the sorting on that level. In fact, I think it makes more sense for the sorting to happen within a package group, rather than one massive sort order value for all of the packages, as this becomes confusing since they aren't all listed together anywhere except that admin page. Sorting them within their respective groups seems far more useful to me.
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