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  1. Hi, Hope someone can help. I have created a contact page and I am trying to use plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/1/ on submission to create a ticket. Issue that I am having is that on submission it directs to the Open Ticket page and highlights that The form token is invalid. If anyone could advise what maybe causing this I would really appreciate there help on this please? If you wish to take a look at the error then please submit duff details to get the page to submit to see the same error that I get. https://www.development.webnesthosting.com/contact/ Thank you
  2. Thank you so much @Paul glad this is now sorted.
  3. Hi, We have the Company Addon and we also have the Blesta CMS and I can confirm that this does work for all companies added to your installation. All you need to do is use the drop down to the right in the admin area to select your other company and then use it from there.
  4. Hello, Hope someone can help. I have been testing and making changes the look and layout of the email templates. One of the issues that I am getting is that the email signatures are appearing after the footer of the email. Any suggestions I have tried creating these in HTML and plain text but neither are working. Also I am trying to get the email to display the time and date it was sent. I have tried two different options the first one I used was {"Date" | date "d M Y"} And this just displayed 01 Jan 1970 The second one that I tried was {% now "[optional time_format]" %} And this was displayed as [2023Z3002202311pmFriday 300211UTC_f2023Fri, 03 Nov 2023 23:02:42 +000011pm30] Hope someone can help regarding this matter please? Running Version 5.8.2 Thank you
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