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  1. HI, How can I add Berkshire as a State/Province option in the drop down? A client has had a payment declined as the address was not an exact match - I'm not sure this is the issue but I'd like to add it anyway as its quite common for people to use in their address even though its not on the ISO list. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. At the moment apparently not according to Paul. Definitely a simple solution needed.
  3. Hello When recording a payment manually and selecting "Email Receipt" this emails a receipt to the main contact and not the billing contact. Is it possible to change this? Thanks
  4. This "Attaching a detailed hour specification listing start/stop times generated by a time tracking app to a normal Blesta invoice for XX hours development at $ YY/hour." Would be awesome. I saw this http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2692-free-time-tracking-for-freelancers-plugin/?hl=time+tracking but I am not sure that this is the complete solution as its reliant on pushes to GitLab.
  5. Hello All, Is there a GoCardless integration on route? As i am not a developer i have no idea what it would take or how long it would take to implement. Would it be that expensive to do ? Time and Money.
  6. ` Hi, I guess we could ask. When you say you have achieved it manually - how do you mean? Thanks
  7. Hello, Is there any news on a GoCardless payment gateway? Would really like to use this as an option. Thanks, Gavin
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