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  1. Hi All, Just re-enabled my AreYouHuman human verification option in my order form settings and the signup and register section on my order form stopped showing. Disabled AreYouHuman and it started working again. Turns out this service ceased on March 1st this year, so perhaps want to replace it with Mollom or similar. http://blog.areyouahuman.com/goodbye_playthru/
  2. Yeah, most of them looked outdated. Thought one of them looked ok though. Read a bit more and not convinced on the level of intergration between there blesta template and static pages. Think I might be best off to get a blesta template developed which reflects my Drupal theme...
  3. Sounds legit.... Just wondering if anyone had used the Blesta templates available from templategenie? $150USD for theme & template is not cheap, but might be worth it if they were easy enough to work with and integrated seamlessly with Blesta to give a cohesive experience.
  4. So it seems ModulesBakery is no more? So... putting in my annual *bump* to see if there is any interest in getting a WSP module developed.
  5. Thanks for the explanation Tyson, makes sense given the CLI dependency. Decided to go with option 2 for resolving my issue and license revalidated fine. Have sense created a new service for a test client and confirmed the URL is now correct and working. Thanks.
  6. No problem, thanks for your help to date anyway Michael. I know for a fact that Apache and IIS support virtual directories, I imagine other web servers would too. Questions for Blesta support are; Are Blesta tags compatible with using virtual directories (any web server)? If so, what needs to be done to support this (i.e modification of routes.php, modification of .htaccess, etc)? If not, can this please be added as a feature request? Assuming Blesta is not currently compatible with virtual directories, what is the process for renaming the "Blesta" sub directory directory without invalidating my license? Really appreciate your help, as I now have 2 clients waiting to pay via this method. Previously I had been billing manually via PayPal.
  7. I guess the original question still stands. Is this something that needs to be updated in my URL rewrite rules, or can I do this by editing the routes config file, etc?
  8. Setting the "Root Web Directory" to /home/username/public_html/ is effectively what I have done. This did update the URL as expected, however it appears that my use of virtual directories is not working with Blesta. Apache does virtual directories too.
  9. Further to this, I tried changing the directory name "blesta" to "services" and it started coming up with license key issues. I take it I can't just rename the folder to what I want anyway?
  10. Ok, so I updated the "Root Web Directory" so that it pointed to the root of the website under which Blesta is installed rather than to the Blesta sub directory itself. I created a test invoice and waited for cron to run and could see the URL was updated in the email. Problem is I am using Virtual Directories in IIS, so the physical path (as per file system) is different to that of the path presented by the web server. For example, my physical path to the client area is; http://my.domain.com/blesta/client/ However, using Virtual Directories this is displayed as; http://my.domain.com/services/client/ I do this so that I can use program/application names for directories on the filesystem and have something more reflective of their function in the URL presented by the web server. So I guess the real question is can Blesta be used with Virtual Directories?
  11. Hi All, I have been notified by a client that the payment URL for a new service they subscribed to was returning a 404 error. Upon reviewing the email that was delivered to them I noticed that the sub directory that Blesta was installed into was not being included in the {client_url} or {payment_url} tags (haven't checked others. Manually entering this sub directory into the URL in the browser resolves the issue. Is this something that needs to be updated in Blesta, or would I need to add this sub directory information to my URL Rewrite rules in IIS?
  12. Thanks heaps Tyson! That's exactly what it was. Right there in the log file snippets, I just noticed all changes except the change to the URI stem which was the important bit. Very happy it was a lack of sleep thing... Thanks to you both!
  13. Thanks for the help, however the problem still persists. I am wondering if this is platform related, but hoping it is my lack of sleep. I'm using Windows 2012 Server/IIS 8 using the native URL rewrite module where Michael is using Unix/Apache. The Blesta htaccess file imported just fine from memory, certainly am not aware of any issues anywhere else. What I am noticing in the IIS log files is that the package ID component of the query is being stripped if the referring file is not coming from Blestsa. The following is a snippet of log file from requesting the full package URL from a test HTML file from the root of my Blesta install where you can see me loading the page, clicking the link (which shows a 302 redirect which is not done in the rewrite rules) and then URL rewrite stripping the package component of the query; Same goes again here when clicking on the full package URL from my Drupal site Clicking on the "Order" button from my default Blesta page loads the specified package perfectly, and the associated log files do not strip out the package ID as above. I re-imported htaccess just in case, and this is what the rewrite section of my IIS web.config file looks like; This is what the default Blesta htaccess rules look like; Is there anyway I can run Blesta without rewriting URLs? If I could do this, then I could focus the issue to a rewrite issue or not.
  14. Don't think it is Drupal actually. I created a straight HTML page in my Drupal root directory with the same links. Same thing is happening. I even put that same HTML page in the root of my Blesta directory and the same thing is happening. Wondering if it is some sort of internal Blesta referrer sanitization thing? If I am on any webpage other than my Blesta install, even copying and pasting the link into address bar does not work. If I access any page in my Blesta install THEN paste that same URL, it works.
  15. Great, thanks for the tips guys! Once thing I've seemed to notice though is that these group/package parameters only seem to work from within Blesta. Specifying group_id & package_id outside of Blesta does not appear to work. I'm using Drupal to host the main content in my site. I created my own pricing table in Drupal with the URL's of the order buttons going to their respective URL's (including group_id & package_id), however the group_id & package_id component is stripped when the URL is clicked. My Blesta install and my Drupal install are on different sub domains. Any ideas?
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