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  1. The lack of a proper domain sales and management feature is what keeps us from switching to Blesta.
  2. Thanks. We need full integration with all of eNom's domain management functionality in order to use Blesta. (We use awbs.com right now, so if we switch to Blesta it would be a step backwards with regard to allowing our customer's to fully manage their domain names and related services. And since domain registration is a big part of what we sell (after all, who sells hosting without domain's, too?)... we are waiting patiently until Blesta catches up.) As soon as Blesta includes full eNom domain name management (for all domains, including ability to transfer/update .ca domains), then we
  3. Just wondering if there has been any progress on eNom integration since I last asked about it. (Full eNom integration is the only thing we're waiting on before we can switch over to Blesta. We can't switch if our customers can't properly manage their domain names from their customer account.)
  4. This is disappointing. I was hoping Blesta would be a little more mature with their eNom integration by now. Does anyone know if this is on the roadmap for future releases? If if so... when?
  5. Where can I find information about Blesta's eNom integration and capability? Does Blesta allow all eNom domain registration features to work correctly? (Including hosted DNS management, private nameserver registration, etc.) Does Blesta work with .ca domain registraitons from eNom? Does Blesta work with SSL certificate sales and configuration from eNom? Thanks.
  6. Sure, I understand what you're saying... but hosting requires a domain name. It's not an option. You have to have one. Every single customer also has to purchase/transfer/renew a domain name. And if they don't do their domains through us.. then they'll do it through godaddy, namecheap or some other popular company that also offers hosting along with domain stuff. In other words... if you're a hosting provider and you also aren't offering domain names to your customers... you're basically pushing them into the arms of another company who is practically guaranteed to be constantly tryin
  7. Domain selling and management is critical to our business. So it's imperative we have a system that offers full features and functionality. It's why we have AWBS, which started life as a domain management system, and then had hosting added on. I've never understood the reason why so many billing software start with hosting, and then add domain management as though it is an afterthought. It's too bad Blesta took that route. We'll revisit Blesta periodically and hopefully some day it will include full featured domain management. I suspect it'll be a lot more popular once that happens.
  8. Thanks very much. It sounds like Blesta isn't quite ready for us yet. Hopefully they'll get the eNom module up to par soon. Once they do, we'll re-visit Blesta as a possible solution for our needs. (Aside from the eNom module, everything else looks and works great.)
  9. Hello, I've heard mixed messages about the eNom module for Blesta. Is it "feature complete"? In other words... I've heard it is missing a few critical features, and is not nearly as complete as the eNom module for WHMCS. We are looking to switch from ABWS (which is fantastic software, but unfortunately seems to be no longer actively developed) to Blesta or WHMCS. I prefer Blesta, but ultimately... we need to provide our customers with all the features and functionality we currently have. This means, full and total domain name management within their billing/customer account area.
  10. I agree with Jonathan on how this should work. Client logs into their account area, goes into the package details of their hosting service, and clicks a big "RENEW NOW" button. Blesta creates an invoice with a due date of whatever is the current expiry date of the service. If the invoice is paid, then the expiry date is extended by whatever is the service/package billing term (annual/monthly/whatever). Admin side doesn't need anything, because if we (admin) want to do this we can simply log into client's account and click the RENEW NOW button to create the invoice for them. I think
  11. +1 Customer should be able to renew their service early (at any time) if desired. For example, if customer knows they'll be away on holiday when their package normally renews.. then they must contact us to manually create an invoice and modify their package expiry, etc. It would be better if they can just click a simple "renew now" button and do it themselves.
  12. Licensecart, that is a good overview of the various billing systems. Here's some more: AWBS: Launched in 2001 (or maybe ealier) as DRAMS (Domain Registration And Management System). Later split into DRAMS "Regular" and DRAMS "Hosting Edition". Eventually combined into AWBS (Advanced Webhosting Billing System). Completely closed/encrypted code. Has tons of features and functionality, mostly bug free, and is very well supported. Sadly, there have been no updates or new releases since early 2013, and is considered abandoned by many license-holders. (Although support is still fast and e
  13. Agreed. Even though AWBS appears to be dead (no new development for the past 1.5 years), it is still very good. It's reliable (no serious bugs), and the support is still fast and excellent. Honestly I think AWBS is still better than any of the billing systems available right now. It has so many features, the domain mgmt. system is better than anything I've seen. I really can't understand why the owners/developers have not continued development. But whatever. We're still using it, and would love to see an import utility for Blesta. If we are going to switch to anything, it would m
  14. I just wanted to add my support for this feature request. In addition, I like the idea/requirement specified by FRH Dave. It is definitely necessary to be able to see visually why this price is special. Perhaps the ability to add a custom discount in addition (or instead of) a price over-ride is a good idea, along with a description of the price over-ride and/or discount. This way, when the invoice is created, the original/full price is put, along with the discount/over-ride price, so customer knows they are getting special pricing, and why. Thanks.
  15. Having lots of modules, plugins, and features is only nice if you actually need them. If WHMCS does something that Blesta doesn't, and you actually *need* that feature... then go for it. Use WHMCS. (And be sure to let the Blesta developers know about the feature you needed, so they can be aware of it.) Otherwise... if you don't actually need all those features and functions that WHMCS has... it is just software bloat and adds no real value to your business. In that case, then you should choose the software that meets your needs, and gives you the best sense of trust and partnership.
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