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  1. They do have a pharmaceutical company.. Like for real.
  2. @Paul, do you think it would be possible to see some community things like this in the core at some point?
  3. Man so many awesome looking themes!!!!! I can't decide!
  4. MemoryX2

    Release 3.2.0

    Yeah it seems nost of the bugs have been fixes so you guys are able to start pumping out new features fast!
  5. Would it be possible to have an encrypted certificate and the path to the certificate encrypted with two different 4096 bit keys?
  6. MemoryX2

    Release 3.2.0

    Well I've been using the beta since .02 seconds after it released. But I wasn't able to go from beta to stable as fast as I would've liked. Well actually a Blesta beta is more stable than most companies actual stable so technically I've been running 3.2 stable for awhile
  7. MemoryX2

    Release 3.2.0

    Just now getting to upgrade. On a side note, Blesta's client area looks awesome with 3.2!!!
  8. This is possible. Just take your theme folder that you modified and rename it. Ex rename from bootstrap to modified bootstrap. Then install 3.2 final and using the them switch over to the modified bootstrap. No problems with doing that just make sure you update your theme for any updates from Blesta that may affect functionality.
  9. MemoryX2

    Release 3.2.0-B2

    Beat you on first comment
  10. I agree with you. After posting this, I'm now beginning to rethink the entire idea.
  11. I know this has been mentioned in a couple cases through the forum, so I wanted to open a formal request on this. It would be great if Blesta used shorter/ prettier URLs. Some like /ticket/23 instead of /plugin/support_manager/23 (may be longer than even that). It would be great if there was an easy way in the system settings somewhere to shorten these URLs and set custom values.
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