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  1. Since I don't see a commercial forum or the marketplace just yet, I thought I'd post a quick announcement about my plugin here. Hopefully this is alright - moderator please move to where appropriate. -------------------------------- I am very excited to announce that J!Blesta is now available for purchase from Go Higher! J!Blesta provides for visual and user level integration with the Joomla CMS (Joomla versions 2.5 / 3.2). I have been programming integration solutions for Joomla! and WHMCS for over 4 years now including the J!WHMCS Integrator and Integrator 3. Now until the end of January 2014, purchase a license of J!Blesta and receive 15% off when using the promotion code JBLESTALAUNCH! In addition, all licenses purchased by the end of Janauary receive free branding removal automatically for their license - a savings of $80 To find out more about J!Blesta, please visit our web site at: https://www.gohigheris.com/products/jblesta To see it in action, please visit: http://jblesta.com/hosting
  2. If you are looking to use a plugin that you are developing, I just completed a method using a plugin to intercept logins and process them against Joomla in a preaction event... otherwise you could edit the clients model I believe it is and add some code in the login routine.
  3. I have a quick question - is there an official ETA for the release of Blesta version 3.1? I have a plugin product nearly complete for Joomla / Blesta integration but am hoping to include functionality for some of the events that are to be in the 3.1 release. Thanks! Steven
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