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  1. LukesUbuntu

    The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    I just resolved my issue needed to add rewrite rule from https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/API#API-Authentication
  2. LukesUbuntu

    The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    Did you get this resolved? As i am now facing the same issue via curl.
  3. LukesUbuntu

    Locked Invoice Stuck In Loop

    @Paul the invoices were for the same service but i think it could have been something i done while trying to resolve the issue. @Tyson thanks looks like it is precision issue, just seen issue with currencies. Awesome you guys rock thanks for your time.
  4. LukesUbuntu

    Locked Invoice Stuck In Loop

    Currently i have a invoice stuck in a cron loop and can not clear, version of blesta is 3.6 only posting as bug as i have no issues on any version. But then also first time paypal subscription payment. The user had a monthly bill and decided to pay by PAYPAL Subscription (paypal module with usd currency) and now caused this loop, it has been stuck for 4 days I removed the service/invoice but its still stuck in cron he is getting 3 invoices every day and im not sure how to stop. I have looked over this solution of running and upgrade which didn't work, this also could be related to CORE-1827 but not 100% sure. Here is a dump of cron error and this is the full error back Attempting to run all tasks for *******.co.nz. Attempting to renew services and create invoices. Error: Undefined property: stdClass::$precision #0 /home/*******/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/models/invoices.php(1255): UnknownException::setErrorHandler(8, 'Undefined prope...', '/home/*******/d...', 1255, Array) #1 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/models/invoices.php(1186): Invoices->updateTotals('82') #2 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/models/invoices.php(136): Invoices->setClosed('82') #3 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/models/invoices.php(894): Invoices->add(Array) #4 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/controllers/cron.php(336): Invoices->createFromServices(1, Array, 'USD', '2015-09-30 00:1...', false, true) #5 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/controllers/cron.php(209): Cron->createRenewingServiceInvoices() #6 [internal function]: Cron->createInvoices('3f1c4a57fa6b43c...') #7 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/controllers/cron.php(135): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #8 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/app/controllers/cron.php(97): Cron->all('3f1c4a57fa6b43c...') #9 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/lib/dispatcher.php(121): Cron->index() #10 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/lib/dispatcher.php(24): Dispatcher::dispatch('/cron/', true) #11 /home/*******.co.nz/domains/billing.*******.co.nz/public_html/index.php(24): Dispatcher::dispatchCli(Array) #12 {main}All tasks have been completed. Attempting to run all system tasks. All system tasks have been completed. Not sure how to fix/resolve this or how to get more of debug dump as it cuts off code filenames any help in solving or getting more debug dump would be appreciated plus i don't really want to re-install.
  5. LukesUbuntu

    Table Structures For New Plugins

    i think you should create a basic ERD so it would be more clearer for your requirements
  6. just did some more reading up and wow looks pretty tasty, going to have a play this weekend have some apis that i would like to see some benchmarks on
  7. currently using PHP 5.4 , those benchmark stats from reddit are interesting, massive speed increase on php 7
  8. LukesUbuntu

    Var With Hyphens In Sql Record

    Sorry remove this post, didn't read question properly.
  9. LukesUbuntu

    Module Overhaul [Paid]

    this module is nearly completed, have only have a couple hours a week to smash out opensource stuff ill remove this off my private github repository soon ..... Anyway as others suggested added http & dns Authorization methods, implemented CRT generating couple screenshots http://prntscr.com/69x9az http://prntscr.com/69xcxf http://prntscr.com/69xpn3 http://prntscr.com/69xl37 I have to tidy up template's as its bit cramped, hopefully if my workloads nice to me ill have it up on github this weekend.
  10. LukesUbuntu

    Vestacp + Blesta = Awesome

    i have started a module for blesta but its couple weeks away
  11. LukesUbuntu

    Module Overhaul [Paid]

    @NickP Hey sorry for the delay been supper busy, so just making sure this is what the plugin does. When ordering on the order page it only request's for the domain name the cert is for, then after payment is made you can mange cert by then installing the certificate or if already installed re-issue cert. I just only have to clean the template file up for install so this Saturday i will send you link. Here are a couple screenshots of what the module does http://prntscr.com/66sygk http://prntscr.com/66svms http://prntscr.com/66suok http://prntscr.com/66sv5q
  12. LukesUbuntu

    Module Overhaul [Paid]

    Im abit behind on my schedule on my modules due to other paid projects but will see if i push time to clean up my modified GoGetSSL module & include a renew will try to do this week will PM you or post to this thread.
  13. LukesUbuntu

    Module Overhaul [Paid]

    i have done a modified version for myself to do the csr after payment. what where your other requests
  14. From when they are logged in you could get the clients info , something like this in your addService Loader::loadModels($this,array("Clients")); #update checked the client model and you can do something like this obviously some checking of client_id etc... $client = $this->Clients->get($vars['client_id'],false); $email = $client->email; $first_name = $client->first_name; $last_name = $client->last_name; //you may need to add something to check when addService is run from admin panel so your not passing the admin id im not sure check it out code is well documented its awesome.... Anyway there maybe a better way of grabbing the clients details i haven't tested this as ive only just started doing modules for blesta last week so don't quote me on it but it is one way....
  15. LukesUbuntu

    Virtualmin Module (Test Stages)

    hey thanks for the offer, have a couple of virtualmin sandpits to play with now. Have to say after stalking other modules on forum have to say there are some good coders here (borrowed some ideas), anyway it has helped me get off the universal module i use for virtualmin here is a couple of screenshots nothing fancy... (70% finished) Module Add http://prntscr.com/5new17 Package Add http://prntscr.com/5nete4 Client Panel http://prntscr.com/5neysm Client Panel - Mail Accounts http://prntscr.com/5ntek1 http://prntscr.com/5nk5be