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  1. Why suddenly, when it would confirm the payment "xxxx.com/admin/clients/recordpayment/xx/" appears comment "The xxx.com page is not working xxxx.com is currently Unable to handle this request. " and and it just happened, previously not a problem.
  2. Can you give a step that must be done? I have a copy of the files related to knowlegde base to support manager pro folder.
  3. Hello. I previously used support manager pro, but I need a knowledge base feature, and the feature is located in plugin (support manager) blesta native. how to import data (ticket) from the support manager pro to support manager? warm regards,
  4. Regards Ihave been looking at the forums and it seems no one has discussed, I want the payment module Gateways using netteler. may be added. Thank you Hamzah ** sorry payment Gateways
  5. each search domain, it always appears comment "That domain name is not supported" when previously no problem. I'm using version 3.5.3
  6. sedudohost

    Release 3.5.3

    updated... done..
  7. you can read at this link http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1064-affiliate-system/
  8. regards I want a feature import description from WHM / directadmin, so for instance we choose a package, then the amount of information bandwhit, hosting space, add on domains etc. can directly appear in the description form. regard, **sorry with my english
  9. I tried to order a domain, and succeeded. that was the problem when I want to activate there is a comment "The status of this service is currently In Review and must be changed to Pending before it can be activated. This can be done through the widget on the Orders Billing Overview page using the Order plugin, or by a third-party plugin responsible for managing orders. " how? or where a menu to change the status of an order? because I was looking at the menu / admin-> clients-> editservice not find it? http://prntscr.com/4x89dy
  10. regards, I have a problem. the notification, no tickets yet unrequited, but when I checked. it turns out none of the new ticket and there is a comment "There are currently no tickets with this status."
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