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  1. Officially... after 2 years it can continue but at least we can ask the client if it renew for another 1/2/3 years terms... But it should be a way to do that for now, to set a cancellation in 2 years!
  2. Tyson, for the second part, what we are trying to do. it's let say you take Service #1 with us at 10$/month but we agree that you will take it for at least 2years... I need to have a place somewhere that will handle the 2 years without having to put a "note" in the client about Tyson took Service #1 for 2 years starting today and have to calculate manually the END of 2 years and have a reminder somewhere... so if we can create a service that will be billed 10$/month for the next 24 months that will help us! Worst case, we will probably need to create a custom "service" module here t
  3. @tyson at the same time... is there a way to create a "Service" that will be charge each month but will have a "term" of 2 years ?
  4. Ohhh yeah..... that's why! Is there something we can do for "client group" with 14 days before that some service will be renew with 0 days before ?
  5. @Tyson Yeah ok... but why... this service will generate a new invoice next Dec 02, 2019.... BUT This one will create a new invoice, not Jan 02, 2020 but 14 DAYS before ?
  6. HI, We are looking for a new plugin that will help us in our day to day. In our kind of business, clients never order by them a service, neither, add/modify or remove. It's our internal staff that add manually services for clients. Right now, for example, if we have a new client and we need to add a "domain", a web hosting and an email account, we need to add them 3 services one by one, and for the 2nd and 3rd services, we use the option to add to the same invoice BUT often we need to modify the start date to something in the past.. and it's a pain to do that manually one by on
  7. Hi, Having a strange behaviour about services renewing date... We are having some services that renew exactly at the "expiration" date and that's fine.. but some of them are renewing 21 days BEFORE the date, based on this "Invoice Days Before Renewal" in the settings... Where am I missing an option somewhere about that ?
  8. Will be awesome. 'cause looks like our team here need to play with that to upgrade let say jquery... Will help us a lot if you can attach here the blesta-4.1.0.min.js until you included it in your next release!
  9. @Tysonis it possible to have the blesta-4.1.0.min.js unminified ?
  10. Hey guys... Question, but I think it's for Blesta team... Is there any reason why we can't play with blesta.min.js ?
  11. Every morning, I need to unlock the task about the supportpro... 2018-06-27-08:05:02.282291 Tentative d'exécution cron pour support_managerpro poll_ticketspro. 2018-06-27-08:05:02.293021 Erreur: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent by (output started at /data/account.pointpubmedia.com/app/controllers/cron.php:3307) #0 [internal fu nction]: UnknownException::setErrorHandler(2, 'session_start()...', '/data/account.p...', 74, Array) 2018-06-27-08:05:02.293086 #1 /data/account.pointpubmedia.com/vendors/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/ErrorHandler.php(164): call
  12. We are using 4.x latest version and got the same issue before with 3.6... We are having this issue since a while... and I have nothing in the smtp log. Looks like the "function" is never triggered!
  13. Is it only me... or in supportpro, the automatic email sent to the staff is not working... Our clients receiving the auto-reply fine... but no emails are sent to staff about a new ticket/reply....
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