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  1. Hello @GosuHost Thanks @turner2F Just replace and upgrade like @GosuHost said dont forget !!!!BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!! always For the sub accounts emails, I will see how to implement Regards, PV
  2. Hello 1- Yes. I will add to the To-do list 2- Yes. I will add this next relase 3- =BACK BACKUP BACKUP FIRST EHEH 😛 =Just overwrite, dont forget to go to System->Plugin->Upgrade on Support Manager Pro 4- Yes, there some changes to the DB but you will not loose anything on the upgrade
  3. Hello, There is a simple fix that I have added to Support Manager Pro in my latest update Its because the CSS Position: fixed, has to be changed into Position: absolute The problem is the position of the box that will Drop to the end of the page but will always be visible in all browsers Hope that helps
  4. Hello To All Just to update that im still working, I was thinking that I could finish this week but there is more work to be done on the Plugin. Give me a few more days to finish Regards to all
  5. Hello Didnt test but im going to update also Regards,
  6. Hello . Yes, it will run on php 7.1 and MariaDB 10.1 1- After the release of the update I will look for a way to limit 2- I have to think the best way to implement and be able to retain the original contacts 3- The upgrade will be like always, smooth and will not loose any data
  7. Hello to all Just one more week to release the update to Support Manager Pro After the update I will add the option to be able to migrate to "Support Manager", and also an option to migrate from "Support Manager" to "Support Manager Pro" so in the future for blesta clients be able to continue using the oficial Plugin witout loosing most of the data (maybe only loosing custum fields and service id relation). Stay tune eheh
  8. Hello Paul If we multi select: -- Invoice #1234 -- Invoice #3456 -- Invoice #7890 Should merge all to the most recent open/unpaid, invoice/pro-forma, that is selected, in this case all into the Invoice/pro-forma #7890
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