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  1. We want you! :)

    @Paul eheh my dauther dosent like to sleep she has now 7 months my son always sleep a night only the first 3 months was a bit dificult and now he has 6 years time passes fast lol @WebhostingNZ.com Thanks. I hope so but now I have a litle experience from my son, so is a bit easy to adapt eheh @Joseph H Being a father is the most wonderful experience in the world, for me anyway the first smile, the first walk, the first word, and its very quick the years pass @Blesta Addons eheh you have grown very fast im very happy to still find you here and with alot being done by you and your theme
  2. We want you! :)

    @BlestaStore Thanks
  3. We want you! :)

    @Paul Thanks it was because my new dauther that as born last year, cosume my free time eheh now with two sons the logistic is more complicated @Blesta Addons @activa After all plugin/modules updates i will see what can we do
  4. Hello I will make from scratch the new update and i like to add two important features 1- Import from Support Manager 2- Revert to Support Manager Maybe I will add more option Sure, if you could send me the modifications I can add on this update
  5. We want you! :)

    Hello blestars We want you to tell us, what do you need for blesta? to be able to start coding
  6. Support Manager Pro

    Hello I will try to upgrade everithing on Support Manager Pro next week
  7. @to all blestars Thanks, yes im alive but could not pay attention to blesta in the last 2 years Im back and with full stamina eheh Let me read all the updates tomorow and then I will start to help blesta comunity Hope to change to blesta in the next months
  8. Hello everybody im back First of, sorry to all for not updating all my modules/plugins/extensions/etc Have been very buisy the last 2 years family and work eheh My first question is: WTF, Blesta didnt release the new domain system???? We are ready to major change from whmcs to blesta, and also to update all our free modules/plugins/etc but now we are thinking twice I hope to be rong @Paul Any feedback? P.S: @Blesta Addons Sorry for not testing or send anu replies
  9. Hello, What version of Blesta are you using? Its best to ask on main Suport forum or Beta Suport if your are using Blesta Beta 4.0 About Blesta dont show you the notification, its working OK here can you PM me the HTML Source code from your admin page to take a peak? Regards, PV
  10. Hello Sorry the late reply. Give me until tomorow to install Blesta 4.0 beta and make some tests to debug and fix it Regards, PV
  11. Hello, I Didnt have time to update the screenshots, sorry I will try to update them as soon as possible Regards, PV
  12. Functional Questions for Support Manager PRO Plugin

    Hello @turner2f 1- No, it dosent delet attachments from system. You have to manually delete. (I will add an option to delete on next release). To delete you have to go to your "Uploads Directory" then enter on you rcompany ID, for exemple "1/" and you will see the foleder called "support_managerpro_files" you can then delete the files. 2- Do you have "Debug mode" on on blesta.php ? Configure::errorReporting(-1); if so disable, Configure::errorReporting(0); 3- To edit the Fileds and/or options go to Settings->Plugins->Installed->Support Manager Pro->Manage-> (you will see a dield called "Custom fields"), and just add your options. To show the filed/options on a client ticket, just assign a service and update the ticket, then you can edit the Custom Fields. 4- - Realtime Open Tickets Re: It should show after you recive a ticket in "open" status - Highlight Selected Status Bar Re: Wen you select a "Status" it should hilight (change background color) - The Built in Auto Spam function ( how is it configured ) Re: Just Move a Spam ticket to "Spam" status and the next ticket from that email adress will auto move to "Spam" status 5- Its because the "Auto" save feature to quickly save the option witout manually "submit" 6- Notes are private, only Admins/Staff can see them Regards, PV
  13. "Support Manager Pro" plugin gives a PHP Error

    Hello Many thanks @Blesta Addons very stange lol I have added your fix alredy to Support Manager Pro. Later on I will update the first post Regards, PV