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  1. Paul, this task has been closed from 2015!
  2. Hi, i would like to get a quote for Resello module development: i'd like sell at least "OX App Suite", "Slime Site" and "domains" but i don't want use Resello admin/billing system. Thanks in advance
  3. Many thanks, guys. Seems that the competition is between Digital Ocean (that i use already for some small projects, with only one issue occurred) and Vultr (also i read good about it). Someone already tested Vultr? Its offer seems better (eg DDoS Mitigation System). Thanks
  4. Hi, simply i'm thinking to move to a new cloud and my options are: Digital Ocean, Linone, Upcloud and Vultr. What's your opinion? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Achille
  5. Also for us... but i think that this is hard to fix (so many apps have same issue)
  6. Ok, i'll try to report some "language" issues or missing (as reported in our check-list; some already fixed with custom fix or plugin, but i report these for a general view): - Settings > Company > General > Localization: “Calendar Start Day”, “Date Format” and “Date Time Format” should be a settings in language file (otherwise i select a date format not correct for user language) - In Settings > Company > Invoice Customization, make “Terms” multi-lingual - Make email “signature” multi-lingual - Product description is not multi-language (maybe also product name) - Support Department name and description and is not multi-language (low priority) - Knowledge base - invoice in email in default admin language, no user language - Plugin name in menu - allow for a separate, translatable, name/description to be used rather than the gateway name (http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4061-allow-for-a-separate-translatable-namedescription-of-the-gateway-name/) ... (last but not least) frontend and url (as your http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4717-multilanguage-urls/)! Others maybe not really "multi-language" (more "localization" better than an "internationalization" issue): - In client contact “State/Province” question (e.g. in Italy we have State=Regions and Provinces, main cities in Regions, but select box enums all together) - format-tax-rate as in http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3564-format-tax-rate/#entry26484 Thanks
  7. Multi-languages in Blesta? Ahi, ahi, ahi.... This is an old request, maybe not highest priority for me (i'ld like to have knowledge base multi-language prior): we use categories "english", "italian" and so on to fix this. But i try another time with a +1
  8. Simply great! Only a thought: why you use "My Company" in "client login"? Very very nice! You're strong.
  9. I'ld like to make a point about what we (as user) expect from next new major release, but i think that a forum is not a good place to communicate with developers and/or to submit issues. Personally, i lost the "pleasure" to sharing on this forum my opinions, suggestions, doubts, ... because i see that Blesta is going to a great direction, but this is not mine. We're european users and there are so many differences and needs between Blesta's market and our; i understand that Blesta devs think for their bigger market and i appreciate so much their attempts to come with our needs. In same way i think that Paul & co could share their programs, also if they are a small firm. And i would love to see, before next major release, an action to make order and update documentation and this (or better another) issues repository. Now i wait a response "Blesta works fine for me" or "All you want is in dev.blesta.com", but this is not what i try to say. Thanks and sorry for my tedious thought. Achille P.S.: sorry for my poor english
  10. @naja7host enjoy your work! I'll stay tuned, waiting your news.
  11. Great work! But where's Blesta? Only a point for me: i agree with Licensecart about "...The colours look a bit to dark, and maybe the side nav full to the bottom...", but it's only a taste question. And a question: what's new frontend? Is it always http://www.naja7host.com/?
  12. New line is stored in db, so, where is necessary, it should use a simple nl2br() php method. Where you think to use address in new way?
  13. @naja7host, well done but... fix "Resend welcoe email" label in sidebar menu!
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