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  1. a.daniello

    Selecting language for admin?

    Paul, this task has been closed from 2015!
  2. a.daniello

    Quote for Resello module

    Hi, i would like to get a quote for Resello module development: i'd like sell at least "OX App Suite", "Slime Site" and "domains" but i don't want use Resello admin/billing system. Thanks in advance
  3. a.daniello

    What is the best cloud?

    Many thanks, guys. Seems that the competition is between Digital Ocean (that i use already for some small projects, with only one issue occurred) and Vultr (also i read good about it). Someone already tested Vultr? Its offer seems better (eg DDoS Mitigation System). Thanks
  4. a.daniello

    What is the best cloud?

    Hi, simply i'm thinking to move to a new cloud and my options are: Digital Ocean, Linone, Upcloud and Vultr. What's your opinion? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Achille
  5. a.daniello

    Something To Watch

  6. a.daniello

    Record Payment Doesn't Respect Regional Settings

    Also for us... but i think that this is hard to fix (so many apps have same issue)
  7. a.daniello

    [Support Manager] Predefined Response In Multi-Languages

    Ok, i'll try to report some "language" issues or missing (as reported in our check-list; some already fixed with custom fix or plugin, but i report these for a general view): - Settings > Company > General > Localization: “Calendar Start Day”, “Date Format” and “Date Time Format” should be a settings in language file (otherwise i select a date format not correct for user language) - In Settings > Company > Invoice Customization, make “Terms” multi-lingual - Make email “signature” multi-lingual - Product description is not multi-language (maybe also product name) - Support Department name and description and is not multi-language (low priority) - Knowledge base - invoice in email in default admin language, no user language - Plugin name in menu - allow for a separate, translatable, name/description to be used rather than the gateway name (http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4061-allow-for-a-separate-translatable-namedescription-of-the-gateway-name/) ... (last but not least) frontend and url (as your http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4717-multilanguage-urls/)! Others maybe not really "multi-language" (more "localization" better than an "internationalization" issue): - In client contact “State/Province” question (e.g. in Italy we have State=Regions and Provinces, main cities in Regions, but select box enums all together) - format-tax-rate as in http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3564-format-tax-rate/#entry26484 Thanks
  8. a.daniello

    [Support Manager] Predefined Response In Multi-Languages

    Multi-languages in Blesta? Ahi, ahi, ahi.... This is an old request, maybe not highest priority for me (i'ld like to have knowledge base multi-language prior): we use categories "english", "italian" and so on to fix this. But i try another time with a +1
  9. a.daniello

    We Have Moved !

    Simply great! Only a thought: why you use "My Company" in "client login"? Very very nice! You're strong.
  10. a.daniello

    Next Eta For Update

    I'ld like to make a point about what we (as user) expect from next new major release, but i think that a forum is not a good place to communicate with developers and/or to submit issues. Personally, i lost the "pleasure" to sharing on this forum my opinions, suggestions, doubts, ... because i see that Blesta is going to a great direction, but this is not mine. We're european users and there are so many differences and needs between Blesta's market and our; i understand that Blesta devs think for their bigger market and i appreciate so much their attempts to come with our needs. In same way i think that Paul & co could share their programs, also if they are a small firm. And i would love to see, before next major release, an action to make order and update documentation and this (or better another) issues repository. Now i wait a response "Blesta works fine for me" or "All you want is in dev.blesta.com", but this is not what i try to say. Thanks and sorry for my tedious thought. Achille P.S.: sorry for my poor english
  11. a.daniello

    What Do You Think About My Last Work ?

    @naja7host enjoy your work! I'll stay tuned, waiting your news.
  12. a.daniello

    What Do You Think About My Last Work ?

    Great work! But where's Blesta? Only a point for me: i agree with Licensecart about "...The colours look a bit to dark, and maybe the side nav full to the bottom...", but it's only a taste question. And a question: what's new frontend? Is it always http://www.naja7host.com/?
  13. a.daniello

    [Improvement] Company Address Accepts Line Breaks

    New line is stored in db, so, where is necessary, it should use a simple nl2br() php method. Where you think to use address in new way?
  14. a.daniello

    [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    @naja7host, well done but... fix "Resend welcoe email" label in sidebar menu!