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  1. I'm getting this error aswell. Did you find a fix catalysthost?
  2. If you can PM me nirays with any update that would be good as I don't check the forums as often as I should. Great plugin btw.
  3. votick

    Cacti Module

    Yes for for dedicated servers it would be nice to list graphs for traffic/bandwidth. I did have one from Host The Best on WHMCS. Which was quite good. Would be nice to have it also on Cacti.
  4. votick

    Cacti Module

    Would love for someone to create a Cacti module to display graphs in the client area. Would be willing to cover costs if needed.
  5. Mines stopped working. After the new Blesta update. Oh noes!Undefined variable: result on line 66 in /home/duplexho/public_html/billing/plugins/cpanel_csf/controllers/admin_main.php
  6. votick

    Release 3.1.2

    What I love about Blesta is despite problems occurring with our install (import from WHMCS) the guys do a great job of trying to figure it out. And then in the next patch it's been fixed. * [CORE-1065] - Edit Package fails to save email content for newly installed languages It's great to be able to help find these issues and get them sorted.
  7. Thank you very much Paulo V. Will get it installed now
  8. One of the features I miss from WHMCS was it used to give a bar on the main Admin area telling me how many tickets awaiting reply, tickets open etc. Would it be possible to have somthing like this added in? Not nessisarily a bar but maybe a notification next to the support menu. E.g. Support (5) Or even a red box with the number in (I liked the look of this as someone is developing a live chat with this look).
  9. Paul has given some useful info in case anyone else has this issue: The above did indeed work.
  10. Theres no option to select personal or limited etc. All it gives you is domain name and 4 name server fields. I've manually ordered it and I still can't assign it to the customer.
  11. We have just had a customer order a .com & .co.uk The .com went through fine but the .co.uk didn't register In Blesta Admin it says: User Defined Extended attribute: registered_for is required for registered_for "It means the client didnt enter the "registered for" field on the domain order" There is no option to select this in the Blesta client view, Anyone else ran into this?
  12. Perfect thanks. I don't know why but I thought that was to do with the company ID. Site is slowly getting there
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